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    please can any one to give me the final expression of S p,R,t,u,v is constant Beta and teta is angle changes from zero to 90°
  2. B

    LORAN problem please help 3transmitters.!!!!

    Three LORAN radio transmitters are used by a ship to triangulate its location. Each transmitter, #1, #2, and #3, transmits signals at regular intervals, and the signals travel at the speed of 0.3 kilometers/microsecond (which is the speed of light). The transmitter #1 is located at the origin...
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    urgent math help in algebra 2

    Simplify the right handed side of the equation below and state the condition under which the simplification is valid. x=t^2+92-10/t+10 x= t with an equals sign with the line through it
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    Descriptive Statistics - higher level of risk/higher level of average return - urgent

    I have heaps of these questions to do, so please explain your answer as thoroughly as possible so I can carry on the knowledge to the rest. Thank you. Questions below are related to this data set: 1) Which type of 1-year investment (4-star rated or 3-star rated managed funds) appears to...
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    Urgent Help Required With Two "Intro to Probability" Problems

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. NQ
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    Urgent help

    If I may ask for help in the event of the following issue:
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    A newbee needs urgent help in Markov chain

    Hi people, I am a newbee in Markov chains and I have difficulty to solve some questions. I would appreciate very much if I get some help: 1) First question is about: I am given a sequence of U1, U2,U3,... of independent random variables, uniformly distributed on the unit interval (0,1). I am...
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    Urgent homework about vectors

    Hello guys, I just started my semester, but I have missed the first week and I have couple of days before the Deadline for my first homework... I need some time to get into the material and honestly I am not going to be able to do this homework and it is very important. Anyway I feel stupid for...
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    Somone Help ME OUT ASAP (URGENT)

    I need somone to finish my tasks on there please - How to access myimaths open up MyiMaths - Bringing Maths Alive in login : cairoes in pass : octagon then there will be a new page my login is 796 and my pass is yap please someone help me finish those worksheets cheers everyone :) my skype...
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    need urgent help.

    profit=((b1/f)^n-1)(V1-b1) d(profit)/db1=??? after differentiation need to isolate b1. hope someone can show me the step to get the answer.
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    Antiderivative problem

    A ball is thrown straight upward from the ground. Given that the standard gravitational acceleration is 32ft/s^2, find the speed at which the ball is throw if the maximum height is 25ft. (No formulas from physics allowed) So far I have a=32ft/s^2 v(t)=32t + C s(t)=16t + Ct + 25 and then I...
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    Finding the area of the largest rectangle in an ellipse (optimization problem)

    So the problem goes as follows: Find the area of the largest rectangle that can be inscribed in the ellipse (x^2/a^2) + (y^2/b^2) = 1 and verify that it is the absolute maximum area. It gives the answer as 2ab I've gotten as far as solving for y and plug it into A=4xy, which is...
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    Urgent. Need help with Limits problem.

    The problem: Find the Limit of sin^2(5x)/(3x^2) as x->0. What i did was i times both sides by 5/3 so i end up with 5/3 times sin^2(5x)/(5x^2). Wolframalpha tells me the answer is 25/3. Isn't sin^2(5x)/(5x^2) equal to one? Shouldn't the answer be 5/3? Hopefully that wasn't too confusing...
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    How to Show that an Ellipse and a Cubic Curve are Orthogonal Trajectories

    The problem is as follows: Show that the family of ellipses 3x^2+y^2=k (k>0) and the family of cubic curves x=cy^3 are orthogonal trajectories of each other. Now I know that to show this, just show that m1xm2=-1 and I've tried to find the derivatives of both, but I'm really lost with this...
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    Urgent factorial binomial expansion

    Find the coefficiants of x^5 in the expansion of (1+2x)^9 im struggling how to work out r? thanks
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    urgent limit problem!!

    lim x->-6 (2x+12)/|x+6| find the limit, if it exists, if the limit does not exist, explain why. is that we can solve this question by finding the left hand and right hand limit?? if i find it by this way, the left hand limit and right hand limit is not equal (one is -2, and the other is 2)...
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    Basic uni log trig sub questions

    I don't understand how ln(-1/9)-ln(-2/8) is ln(4/9) I didn't think you could have a negative log. I assume it's ln(4/9) because both negative cancel out? (-1/9)/(-2/8)? Also so when using the integration tables and you have u/sqrt(9-u^2) so you use integral 2 is u/sqrt(au^2+b) is a -1 or 1? I...
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    Urgent help please: Probability of exactly 81

    I have written out most of this problem, only I get a different answer than it says on mymathlab... I get .0676, though it says the answer should be .0603....what am I doing wrong? If anyone could please help, I would appreciate it!
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    Integration by trig substituion urgent

    S dx/(xsqrt(1-x^2)) between x=1/2 and x=1/4 x=sin(theta) dx=cos(theta)d(theta) S d(theta)/sin(theta) [1/2ln|cos(theta)-1| - 1/2ln|cos(theta)+1|] cos(theta)=sqrt(1-sin^2(theta)) cos(theta)=sqrt(1-x^2) [1/2ln|sqrt(1-x^2)-1| - 1/2ln|sqrt(1-x^2)+1|] [ln|sqrt(sqrt(1-x^2)-1)| -...
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    Log rule urgent help!

    S1/(1+u) + S 1/(1-u) ln|1+u|-ln|1-u| why is there a negative when integrated?