1. B

    Solve for k

    P =(197.3e^(197.3kt))/(e^(197.3kt) + 1) Solve for k, assuming it is a linear function of P
  2. J

    Measuring effect - urgent

    Hi Guys, For my thesis, I am researching the influence of colour (IV) on product attractiveness (DV). Respondents in my experiment choose one of 7 products they like most. 129 people participated in the experiment. Outcome per product in frequency: A - 2 B - 10 C - 1 D - 6 E - 69 F - 6 G –...
  3. L

    Urgent! Two exercises of roots for 2 polynoms ...

    Hey, guys! I have 2 exercises, which I don't know how to solve it without Wolframalpha. 1. Find all \mathbb{R} solutions of equation: 4x^4 + 4x^3 - 11x^2 - 6x + 8 = 0. 2. Find all \mathbb{R} solutions of equation: x^4 - 4x^3 + 6x^2 - 4x - 3 = 0. I tried with formulas 4(x - A)(x - B)(x -...
  4. S

    Exam tomorrow, urgent help needed.

    Hello, first, im a bulgarian student, my exam is in bulgarian and i translated it to english via google translate, if its not understandable but you are still willing to help excuse me and say so, so I can translate them using the right terminology. 1 task. / A group To build interval...
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    Gauss and Stokes Theorem Problem!! URGENT HELP PLEASE!!

    In $(x, y, z)$ space is considered the vector field $V(x,y,z)=(y^2 z, yx^2, ye^y)$ solid spatial region $Ω$ is given by the parameterization: $\left[ \begin{matrix} x \\ y \\ z \end{matrix} \right] =r(u,v,w)=\left[ \begin{matrix} wu \\ wv \\ 2-2w \end{matrix} \right]$ Where $u\in...
  6. M

    (Multiple regression) Can I develop an F-test for zero-intercept?

    (Multiple regression) Can we develop an F-test for testing this hypothesis? RM : H0 : Y = e FM : H1 : Y=B0 + B1X1 + .... + BpXp + e (e : error term, r.v) As I learned, when we want to find the fitted regression equation, we should not neglect intercept part. It should not be considered zero...
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    long question , confusing , please check them for me,urgent!!!

    Same as the title, please figure out what is wrong for my working ,, questions: 1)A helicopter takes off from a point 120m away from an abserver located on the ground, and rises vertically at a constant rate of 2.5m/s.At what rate is the elvation angle of the observer's ine of sight to te...
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    please help,don't ask why

    Please evaluate the following limit(if exits) I am going to have exam next month and I am struggling with some past exam paper and I figure out there are many questions I have no ideas to deal with.Please help me and show the steps..... I know there are lots of questions but I really hope that...
  9. U

    URGENT help needed...

    anyone please tell me how to put all these pieces (1 - 7) into the grid???
  10. S

    find this limit urgent!!!

    limxm-1/xn-1 m,n elements of N x→1 the answer is m/n but i have no idea how to start or solve this!
  11. W

    *URGENT* Help with pre-calculus

    Theres no pre-calculus section so i guess this is where it goes. Need help really quick. Gonna be kinda hard to explain but essentially its a question where i have to find a forumla of a line, easy. Only thing is you have to put domain restrictions and one of the lines (theres three in total)...
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    Basic Calc Problem. Please Help Asap! Urgent!

    I am reviewing for a midterm and i am stuck on the problem that follows. Evaluate f(-3), f(0), f(2), for the piecewise defined function. Then sketch the graph of the function. f(x)= -1 if x</= 1 f(x)= 7-2(x) if x > 1 I plugged it all in and came up with up f(-3)=-1 f(0)= -1 f(2) = 7-2(2) =...
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    Need help, pretty urgent.

    Alright so the question is: if 2<x<6 which of the following statements about x are necessarily true and which are not necessarily true. Now, i understand what i need to do, but the problem is with a few of the questions. Namely d), e)which are 1/6<1/x<1/2, 1<6/x<3 respectfully. I know how to...
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    I need help with this, urgent.

    Please help me for my Pre-Calc class. Course started today and I've forgotten everything over past two years of not taking maths.
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    help urgent

    our convenience store in Zap, ND. Let s assume your friend says that the average sale of all her customers is $23.00. Your friend does not know the standard deviation of the population of sales. (I guess that is why she hired you as her consultant.) You setup a random sampling technique whereby...
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    Integration to Find Volume of Wine Glass

    Hi, Is anyone able to help me with this problem? I don't know how to go about it. Thanks.
  17. A

    Hi all, this is Alex with urgent message. Please take some of your time & help us :(

    Hi all, My name is Alex,(Cool) a father of a son have no talent of mathematics(Shake) (including me). and I'm here to beg you all helping him to solve these problems with your open heart. His final test is going to be two day from now and he is fighting with the book to try to figure them all...
  18. O

    Investigating a Parabolic PDE algorithm (Urgent please)

    Hi - this is my 2nd post today, the assignment is due tomorrow (I should have thought of using this forum earlier), I just have two exercises partly finished and being a bit of a perfectionist I would prefer to have them completed, appreciate all help. I am given a very basic fortran program...
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    Discretising Elliptic PDE in cylindrical coordinates (Urgent)

    Hi - I've been battling with this for weeks and the assignment is due tomorrow, I should have tried this forum earlier I know. Below is as far as I can get, I think I'm missing a crucial piece of knowledge. We are given an energy functional using cylindrical coords: $$ E=\int_{0}^{\infty}...