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    The Mathematical Universe

    Could anybody tell me why Western philosophy insists that the universe is based upon physics? The Eastern approach looks as the universe as based upon mathematics which agrees with what we observe. The base entities of matter can only be described by physics when they behave as an electron, but...
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    How many Rubik's Cubes = the universe...?

    Dear forum members, Firstly, I am new to this forum and a complete non-math person, so please forgive me if I posted in the wrong area. I am an artist and am working on a sculpture that requires some math that is way above my paygrade (I know my 7 times tables, up to 7x7!), so I am hoping...
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    The universe is flat, what does this mean for gravity?

    So physicists are 99.6% certain the universe is flat, not flat as in 2D but as in no curvature. If this is true does this mean that stars and planets ect do not cause a "dent" or curve in space-time? Much like the trampoline example describes gravity and the distortion in space-time? Einstein...
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    Set Theory - Godel's Constructible Universe (Kunen)

    Hi, I have a question about Godel's Constructible Universe. I think the best way to ask the question is to refer directly to the book that I'm using: Set Theory, Introduction To Independence Proofs by Kenneth Kunen. My question is about the proof of 1.9 Lemma on p167. In the second paragraph...
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    Computing in Universe of Discourse

    Let E = {a,b,c,d,e,f} be a universe of discourse. Let A = {a}, B = {b, c, d}, C = {f,a,d}. Compute the following: I'd like to know if these answers are correct. Thanks in advance (Wink) A (union) B = {a,b,c,d} B (intersection) C = {d} B^c = {a,e,f} A (triangle) C = {f,d} C\A {f,d}
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    Ord as a subclass of the universe of a model

    When a model is said to contain all the ordinals, what precisely does this mean? That is, what would an axiom (axioms) look like in order to insure that a model (or, more strictly, its universe) contains all the ordinals?
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    Poincare's Universe: simple Calculus question

    I have been reading "Prelude to Mathematics" by W.W. Sawyer. In it he describes Poincare's hypothetical universe. This universe is contained in the interior of a circle. The temperature of this universe is high in the centre and gets cooler as you move towards the circumference. The law for...
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    universe of discourse

    determine whether it is true when the universe of discourse to be R and using only symbols from the following list,, this question is about AND OR conjunction ,disjunctions,, details about question are in the attachment,, i can't type the symbols,, so plz read the attachments,, any help...
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    Mechanical Universe

    In New York, there is a channel called the "CUNY" channel made by my University. It is free and I think everybody gets it. Several years ago they had a program called Mechanical Univserse which I loved. It was a physics show (sometimes math) for 30 minutes of a reactment of the great scientist...
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    Zermelo Universe from Notes on Set Theory

    If I have some universe W and I say that it is closed under the Axiom of Infinity, what exactly does that mean? Does it mean that W contains the natural numbers and the set I that contains the empty set and the singleton of each of its members? I just need a little clarification. :)