1. K

    Unexpected turn in this pythagorean theorem equation

    Hi, I'm running into a bit of trouble with a question that requires me to calculate the distance between two points on a cartesian graph. The two points are (-5, -5.5) and (-8, 7). In the answer key of my book the equation goes (square root of)(-5-(-14))^2 + (-5.5-3)^2. That's all well and...
  2. G

    Strong correlation between x & y/ unexpected variation?

    True/false question on correlation? In context of regression... Is this true or false? If there is very strong correlation between x and y the amount of unexpected variation should be very large. Give examples and explain. Thanks so much!
  3. C

    unexpected expectation

    For a random variable X, find E[Y] where Y=(X-E[X])/(standard deviation of X). I've only tinkered with this a few minutes, and am working on it now but am not seeing it as terribly obvious. I'm just looking for a "Dude, its pretty straightforward, just keep tinkering" or a "Well, it ain't bad...
  4. D

    Unexpected behavior of Maple

    I'm getting some strange behavior in Maple, and was hoping some of you could help me find out what's happening. I type in this expression : y:=(x) ->(x^2+1)(x-2)^2 Now it seems quite straight forward that the roots of y(x) are i, -i, and 2. Now when I ask Maple to find the roots for me...
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    Equation Gives Unexpected Result

    Ok im not exactly sure where to post this as i am really bad with math lol(Giggle) ok to all you geniuses(Nerd) This Equation Works fine: 0+79*0/(0+1)+293*0/(1+0-(0/62)*62)+479 as it equals 479 This also works fine: 0+79*0/(61+1)+293*(61/1+0-(0/62)*62)+479 as it equals 3352 Unfortunately...