1. S

    Graphing inequality type problem?

    Hiya. I was given this question on my test prep homework. I have no idea how to even start it. All help is appreciated. "Graph the region 1<x+y<2 in the x,y coordinate plane." Thank you for any help you can give!
  2. A

    Finding the probability of committing a type II error

    I'm not sure If I understand what (b) is asking. Does it mean that the alternative hypothesis will be p<0.3, p<0.4, and p<0.5??? And I have to find the probability of committing a type 2 error for each alternatives? If I am right then the setup that I have for p=0.3 in part (b) is correct.
  3. M

    Conjugacy Type Proof

    Let G be a subgroup of Sym(X) and ρ ∈ G. Prove that Gρ(x) = ρGxρ−1, where ρGxρ−1 = {ρgρ−1|g ∈ Gx} What I Know: I need to somehow prove the left is contained in the right and the right is contained in the left. What I Have Done: Well based on the definition of a stabilizer Gx I assumed that...
  4. P

    Need help with differentiation of a related rate type problem.

    Here is the problem: z(x,y) = (x - y) 1) R(x,y) = { (1/y - 1) / (1/x - 1) } 2) T(x,y) = { log(1 - x) / log(1 - y) } I need to find dT/dz & dR/dz Not sure how to do this given that z is a function of x and y I tried...
  5. Q

    Measuring the length of the sides of a triangle type problem?

    I can't figure this out for the life of me(Crying). King Kong stands on the edge of the roof of a 62 foot high building. You poke your head out of a manhole and measure the angles of elevation to the top of King Kong's head and to his feet as 60 degrees and 59 degrees respectively.
  6. A

    What type of question is this?

    What type of calculus question is this? I want to know so I can search youtube to see if there's any videos on it. Thanks!
  7. A

    Biostats - Type II error question

    outline the factors affecting type II error and the power of a test of the hypothesis that μ=10
  8. A

    ODE proof type question

    Hi, I am struggling with the following question: if yp1 satisfies y''p1 + p(x)y'p1 + q(x)yp1 = r1(x), yp2 satisfies y''p2 + p(x)y'p2 + q(x)yp2 = r2(x) and yh satisfies y''h + p(x)y'h + q(x)yh = 0 , show that y = yh+ yp1 + yp2 satisfies y'' + p(x)y' + q(x)y = r1(x) + r2(x) Usually I would post...
  9. E

    Determining Type of Equation

    2x+y/x-3y=4 I am to determine if this equation is linear, quadratic, cubic, etc...so I multiplied by the denominator x-3y and got (2x+y)(x-3y)=4(x-3y). This I then multiplied into 2x^2-5xy-3y^2=4x-12y. The book says this is a linear equation, but I was thinking that since it is of degree 2, it...
  10. A

    Please help with Property type problems!

    - by the division property If a=b, then for any number c, a/c =b/c. true or false. - segment ab+segment bc is congruent to segment ac (is congruent correct notation or should it be equal to) - If M is the midpoint of segment ac, them segment am is congruent to segment mc -Any number is equal...
  11. A

    z test: How does sample size affect type I error?

    I need help with the following: Suppose we have a population, and a sample X of size n from that population. I need to determine which of the underlined option is true, in each statement: 1. When the size of the sample n grows, if the null hypothesis H_0 is wrong, then the probability of...
  12. R

    Operations on Matrices: I'm stuck on this type of questions

    Hi, new here. Hope I posted in the right forum category (Itwasntme) This is the question... Please.... Help me.... Help me with the technique.... Thank youuuu
  13. I

    what type of questions are these? like which formula do i use if theres any. help?

    You want to buy a car at some point in the future. You expect to pay 21000. With an interest rate of 4 percent. You currently have $2000 for a down payment. 1. If you go to the dealer and buy a car with a 5 year loan, what is your monthly payment? How much did you pay for the car? 2. You can...
  14. C

    Compound interest type formula

    Hello I wonder if anyone can help me write out this math problem, my Algebra is a little rusty. Lets say I have a game where I score 600 points a day. At the end of each day 5% of my total points are taken away. How many days will it take to accumulate 10,000 points? Thanks in advance for...
  15. Y

    Curve Type?

    The left one is a logistic curve / sigmoid function e.g. y=1 / 1+exp(-bx) What would be the typical name for the curve on the right / typical functional form?
  16. H

    How do you solve this type of equation?

    x + x^4 = whatever solve for x The "whatever" part in my problem is all symbolic, so it could be any number. I'm supposed to find x as a function of all of the other variables. I apologize if this is not considered "advanced algebra."
  17. SheekhKebab

    Equation Type

    I want to know the equation type in the following question: 2y - x = 2xy and x \neq 0. If x and y are integers , which of the following could equal y ? (A) 2 (B) 1 (C) 0 (D)-1 (E)-2 We can get the value of y by manipulating the equation and expressing x in terms of y. My question is: Is...
  18. P

    How to determine discontinuity functions type algebraically?

    Right now we are learning discontinuous functions in functions trig. They give you a function for example h(x) = (x-4)/(x^2-5x+4); at x=1 x=4 I just need help with how to determine if this function is discontinuous, what type of discontinuity it is, and algebraically. I understand that at...
  19. D

    Type II Error problem in hypothesis testing

    I am trying to solve the problem given below, as follows P(type II Error) = p(z < (240-220)/10)) or p(z<2) = .0228. Please suggest me whether I am right or wrong (with explanation). If H0:μ = 240 is tested against H1:μ<240 at the α = 0.01 level of significance with a random sample of...
  20. G

    What type of math should i learn to solve problems of this algorithm book?

    I am self studying the book of introduction to algorithms third edition by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. leiserson, Ronald L Rivest etc. I am stumbling about these problems in the appendix A and i am unfamiliar with the math introduced here: (Big O notation, Bounded summation, Summation and...