1. J

    Energy required to transport fluid through tube

    We have a tube (rigid or compliant) filled with a fluid (Newtonian or non-Newtonian). We apply a pressure drop and mobilize the fluid. What is the amount of energy required to transport a certain amount of fluid. I am looking for a general answer which takes into account both the type of fluid...
  2. S

    Average Rate of Change of a Function. Instantaneous Speed of a test tube.

    I studied this for a while and I found I developed a question about c). I feel I understand whats being calculated at c to a good degree but I still wonder about why h(5) suddenly moves to the right when in the previous a) and b) the large h(+) is on the left. I see that in a) and b) this is...
  3. W

    Section Modules for Circular tube

    Section Modules will be used to compute the radii of a small plastic telescopic ball clamp I am designing. I am really stuck on this problem and appreciate you looking into it. Section Modules is the resistance to bending of a beam. Section Modules, S for Circular tube is given by: were r1...
  4. O

    Thermal expansion of liquid in glass tube

    A vertical glass tube of length L = 1.2800000 is half-filled with a liquid at 20.0000* C. How much will the height of the liquid column change when the tube is heated to 30.0000*C? Glass linear expansion co = 1e-5/K Liquid volume expansion co = 4e-5/K I don't really understand why I'm...
  5. G

    Tube lemma generalization

    So, here's the problem: Let A and B be compact subspaces of X and Y, respectively. Let N be an open set in X x Y containing A x B. One needs to show that there exist open sets U in X and V in Y such that A x B \subseteq U x V \subseteq N. Here's my try: First of all, since N is open, it can...
  6. A

    need help on impedance tube signal analysis

    Hello to all, I'm trying to learn, for the first time, to work on matlab (which I'm starting to find an amazing tool), because I need to analyze the two microphone signals of an Impedance Tube that I've built. Now, I have the ISO standard and I'm trying to start implementing the transfer...
  7. helloying

    help on finding the height of the test tube

    i know the vol of water is 8 \frac{1}{3} \pi the formula for vol of hemisphere is \frac{4}{3} x 1.5^2 x \frac{1}{2} x \pi then i add the formula for vol of cylinder 1/3 x \pi x 1.5^3 x height i found the height to be 2 \frac{19}{27} now how do i find the height of the...
  8. R

    Please Need Urgent Help With View Tube Experiment!

    Ok, if my y axis is going up by 20's and my x is goin across by 100 and my line equation is 1199.87=73.84/700x+7 then what is my x? thank you so much!!