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    Prove the equation

  2. B

    Trignometry 11 Questions

    Hi, I have two questions that I am stuck on. I have tried but am stuck. Any help is greatly appreciated! 1. A plane takes off at a 15 deg angle and flies at an average speed of 660 km/h. How high will it be two minutes after its wheels have left the earth? Round your answer to the nearest tenth...
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    A boat sets off on a trip from heads towards B,a point 6km away and due north.At B it changes direction and heads towards point C,also 6km away and due east of B.At C it changes the direction again and heads on a bearing of 135towards Dwhich is 13km from C. a) Calculate the distance...
  4. V

    Parabola Trignometry

    Hi, could someone please help me with part (a) of this question. I understand everything except that part... Thanks heaps.
  5. E

    Trignometry - modelling and problem solving

    From a point A due north of a tower, the angle of elevation to the top of the tower is 45 degrees. From point B, 100M on a bearing of 120 DEGREES FROM A the angle of elevation is 26 degrees. Find the height of the tower. Please can you help with this problem
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    trignometry question

    Can someone please help me with this question.. I attempted it and got the correct ans for the first 3 parts but for the last part my ans was wrong, and I couldn't figure out why One end of a piece of elastic is attatched to a point at the top of a door frame and the other end hangs freely. A...
  7. J

    Matrices related to trignometry and vectors

    Hey guys! I am stack at this problem and not sure how I have to proceed, in the first part, when it says find the matrix for that rotation , does it mean from Q to P? do I find that by writing a trigonometric function of that and put it in an augmented matrix form? B clue.., C) is ok...
  8. P

    need help "stretching" a line and ending on a specific angle against axis

    Here's a problem I assumed would be easy, but it has melted my brain for a long time and I am not really sure anymore. So I am using cos and sin to draw round curves in a program (it's okay that it's slow). You specify an x length, y length, and angle1 and angle2 with the axises you want the...
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    how to solve the following using Euler identity .

    show that exp (i (x + y)) = exp (ix) exp (iy)
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    A problem involving Inverse trignometry.

    Solve the equation: Tan-1 [(x-1)/(x-2)] + Tan-1 [(x+1)/(x+2)] = π/4
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    Trignometry help with compass directions.

    A pilgrim travelling along a road, which at this point runs due North and is straight, observes a sign by the wayside warning travellers to the North that the den of Ali Baa Baa and his 40 thieves is located at a bearing of 49o T at a distance of 8km. Ali's gang uses a herd of camels in their...
  12. C

    3D Trignometry problem - how to calculate the Horizontal distance?

    Refer to the (very ordinary) 3d diagram below. Formulae required to determine HD. Slope Distance (SD), angles and dH are measureable. A 3d soulition is required with no approximations, if possible.
  13. P

    equality proof

    anybody knows how to solve this ? im reviewing for my test,any help is highly appreciated
  14. S

    Simpler way to graph multiple trig. functions?

    hey everybody, hope you enjoying maths :) so in class we are graphing functions like this: y = 3cos2x + 2sin3x + 1 and we are supposed to draw 3cos2x and 2sin3x + 1 separately than add their y-values at certain x-values to get the first function. This is sometimes painstaking and very...
  15. Y

    SOLVED Another simple trig identity

    This looks simple of paper but for the life of me I can't seem to figure it out (Headbang) LS=cos(x-y)cosy-sin(x-y)siny RS= cosx Greatly appreciated!
  16. Y

    SOLVED Solving a trig identity

    LS=(tanx-tany)/(cotx-coty) LS=-tanxtany If possible try to avoid use of the tan compound formula. Thanks!
  17. grgrsanjay

    trignometry confusion

    1]the equation1-\cos^ x + \sinx\cosx = k then there exists real solution when k belongs to A)0<k<\frac{1+\sqrt2}{2} B)2-\sqrt3 < k 2+\sqrt3 C)0<k<2-\sqrt3 D)\frac{1-\sqrt2}{2} < k < \frac{1+\sqrt2}{2} 2]let a,b belong to the set [0,\frac{\pi}{2}] if sin^6 a+3\sin^2 a\cos^2 a+\cos^6 b=1 then...
  18. P

    Problem with functions and Trignometry

    Hey all, I'am a university student doing first year differential calculas and unfortunately for me, I don't have a very developed base in some portions of this course. I'am currently doing chapter 1 & 2 and I'am having some problems with functions and Trignometry. Trignometric problem...
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    solve the eqn: 1/log(base 4) (x+1)/(x+2) < 1/log(base 4) (x+3) regret me the topic is LOGARITHMS
  20. U

    [SOLVED] Trignometry and Radians

    Here's the question I have solved the first part and got the following equation, which is correct: y=(6sin2x)+3 Now for part (ii) I have solved till sin2x=\frac{-1}{2} And don't know how to get the correct answer: Thanks in advance!