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    Trigno problem. Expressing values in terms of and showing...

    Me again. (Hi) Okay, for this question that I'm having difficulty in, here is the figure: And as we know: sin30= under.root (1/4) cos30= under.root (3/4) This question is divided into 2 parts. i) express each of AC and BC exactly in terms of L, and show that AB=(1/2)L under.root7. (Note...
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    Stating the largest value of a constant. Difficulty with trigno in functions.

    Greetings all. :) I have a simple question but which I am unable to do. It involves both functions and trignometry. The question is in 2 parts. I'll post the data, then the question. Data: function: g(x) = 3-2sinx condition: 0 degrees <or= x <or= A degrees. A is a constant. The question (p1)...
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    Trigno formula error

    Guys ,i justed wanted to ask out something if the formula given in NCERT is right Tan(A+B)=Tan A+Tan B/1-Tan A*Tan B then dont u think { Tan(A +B) }(1-Tan A*Tan B)= Tan A+Tan B should be right too but if put A & B =45 then LHS=Not Defined(0)=Not Defined & RHS=1+1=2 whats wrong in formula then