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    Triangle problem to solve - please help!!!

    Iv'e been given a problem as part of my undergrad degree and I'm really struggling. Here's the question: Consider for an arbitrary triangle the possibility of cutting it with a straight line such that its perimeter is halved. Can this be done if we specify the direction of the line? What about...
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    Congruence and Similarity- Explain?

    Hello! :) I took this test a week or two ago and wanted to go over all my wrong answers in preparation for another test coming up, but this problem seems to have no explanation as to how they got the answer 1600. Now, I realize since this is a congruency problem I have to do some kind of work...
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    I understand Pythagorean Theorem ok, but can't figure this out

    The first picture shows the answers. I don't understand how they calculated "O" to be 39. I can't see how the given 63 and 24 lengths would give you the missing length of "O". I understand the formulas, but I must be missing something else.
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    Find the angle X

    Hi Please Help me to find the angle X with reasons.(Diagram attached) BD & CD points are on BE side of the ▲ABE. AC=DE. Find the value of angle X
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    Two triangles connected together ( Find four sides)

    Let me begin with, I found side a and b by using law of sines, however, when I do the same process with c and d, it does not get the correct value. For c they have : 2(sin50)(sin70)/(sin20)(sin(95) for d they have: 2(sin50)(sin15)/(sin20)(sin95) Why...
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    Applications of right triangles

    Hi guys, so i am stuck on how to set up the diagram for this question , "A hang glider is directly above the shore of a lake. An observer on a hill is 375 m along a straight line from the shore. From the observer, the angle of elevation of the hang glider is 42 degrees and the angle of...
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    Too long out of school, solving for some triangles

    I have a system of triangles that I am trying to solve. I need to be able to input some variable numbers and have an output of the angle. I'm pretty sure my issue is that i cant remember (or figure out) how to solve for the trig functions in the equations i am developing. The triangles are in...
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    Congruent Triangles Demonstration

    Here is the following demonstration: In the figure PQ=QR, Angle 3 = Angle 4. Show that triangles PQS and PRT are congruent. I have tried several things here but none seem to work. I know that triangle PQR is isosceles. But that tells me that Angle P is equal to Angle R. From the figure it is...
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    What am I not grasping about this problem?- Triangles

    Hello, I posted this about a week ago, yet I still do not understand it fully. What am I doing wrong here? Am I visually placing this wrong or viewing it wrong? I created this photo. So: A ladder 18 feet long leans against a building the ladder forms an angle of 60 degrees with the ground...
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    Isosceles triangles + quadrilaterals

    Hi there, this is my first thread so I hope I'm doing everything correctly. I have a question which I'm finding particularly challenging. ABCD is a quadrilateral and a line through A parallel to BC meets DC at X. If angle D is equal to angle C, prove that triangle ADX is isosceles. Any help...
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    Special Right Triangles

    Just as I thought I understood this lesson, I found a quadrilateral that messed me up. I need to find the variable of both t and u. P.S. The answer is written already because I got it from the back of the textbook but I don't know how to get to that answer. Thanks THE QUESTION
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    Special Right Triangles

    Delete Posts? Never Mind, I answered my question. If you read this I am still trying to delete this post. Thanks. UPDATE: How do you delete posts?
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    using angles to find lengths of legs in triangles.

    First, forget about the lower study card in the picture. I understand the answer now. For the upper card, the answer given is 3.5 and I'm not sure how this was determined. Could someone explain?
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    Trigonometry problem: can you help me find e please??

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me. I need to measure some windows, but can't measure the diagonals accurately. What I CAN measure accurately is the difference in length of the two diagonals. The windows are old and a bit wonky, so the corners aren't proper right angles. Hopefully my...
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    2/3D Trig Problem

    I attached the exercise problem.. Can't find the right answers to 4.2.2 and 4.2.3 Any help please Regards, Alexeia
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    Right Triangles

    please help me find y
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    More equilateral triangles

    This comes from another thread. Specifically, here's the problem:
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    Equilateral triangles...

    c a b d (look at it as A,B,C,D) A(8,16) and B(15,10) are given. 2 equilateral triangles ABC and ABD are constructed. So AB = AC = AD = BC = BD. Anybody got a relatively quick way of getting C's and D's coordinates? I keep needing a couple...
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    Triangles with maximum product of sin of all angles

    I need to find triangles for which is sinx*siny*sinz maximum when x,y,z are angles. Are those ones with all three angles 60°?