1. N

    Calculate volume of irregular triangular pyramid using differences between prisms

    Here's a picture to better depict what I'm talking about: The red shape is the irregular triangular pyramid, the blue shape is the triangular prism. All vertices of the pyramid have different z-values (except the ones shared with the prism). I could of course calculate the volume of the...
  2. R

    Need to solve What is the area of P ∞

    Let P0 be an equilateral triangle of area 10. Each side of P0 is trisected, and the corners are snipped off, creating a new polygon (in fact, a hexagon) P1. What is the area of P1? Now repeat the process to P1 – i.e. trisect each side and snip off the corners – to obtain a new polygon P2...
  3. S

    Congruence and Similarity- Explain?

    Hello! :) I took this test a week or two ago and wanted to go over all my wrong answers in preparation for another test coming up, but this problem seems to have no explanation as to how they got the answer 1600. Now, I realize since this is a congruency problem I have to do some kind of work...
  4. B

    Triangle Circle Problem

    Hi, I have a small math problem I am trying to figure out, and as it has been a few years since I've done much trig I'm wondering if I could get some help I have 2 circles of radius=300m set parallel to each other that are bisecting. I know top bisection is 600m from a north side of a building...
  5. C

    Triangle Question Regarding Altitude and Segment Lengths

    RE is an altitude of triangle RST. Find the measures of MN, NE, and RT. I would appreciate it deeply if someone could help me figure out NE and RT. I already know that MN is 14, but I don't know how to find the two other segments.
  6. C

    Using Congruent Triangles (Two-Column Proof)

    In this exercise, there is one piece of unnecessary information. State what information you do not need for the proof. Then give a two-column proof that does not use that piece of information. Given: LM is congruent to LN; KM is congruent KN; KO bisects MKN; Prove: LO bisects MLN. This...
  7. E

    Math 111 College Algebra-Expressing the area of a right triangle.

    The vertices of a right triangle in the first quadrant are (0, n), (0,0) and (k, 0). Draw a picture that represents the situation described. If the hypotenuse passes trough the point (5,2), express the area of the triangle in terms of k. Please explain how you got your answer, this is the...
  8. K

    Finding rules of number pyramids

    Hello all, I have a problem with this number pyramids. I have to find what number goes in ①. And I need to know what rules have come up with such correct answers. I would be very grateful if you could solve this problem.
  9. mathspassion

    See and Solve in One Line....

    ABC is a Right Angle Triangle AB=3,AC=4 &BC=5 E is middle point D is altitude, find distance of DE=? In one Line........
  10. D

    Another triangle escapade

    A D B C E Looking at quadrilateral ABCD: angles ACB and ADC are both 90 degrees. BC and AD are extended and meet at E. Quadrilateral ABCD and the...
  11. D

    Triangle hunt

    Right triangle 135-352-377 and isosceles triangle 132-366-366 have same perimeter (864) and same area (23760). Above is lowest primitive case. Find the next primitive case.
  12. J

    inscribed triangle problem

    'ABC is an acute-angled triangle inscribed in a circle and P, Q, R are the midpoints of the minor arcs BC, CA, AB respectively. Prove that AP is perpendicular to QR.' I know that the lines from the midpoints to the centre of the circle are perpendicular bisectors of the sides of the triangle but...
  13. A

    triangle area

    I was sure i did this correctly but the answer is totally different and i cant figure why Lines K and L intersect at the point P (b) calculate coordinates of P (i did that using simultaneous equations) Line L y=2x-15 Line K y=-1/2x O(0,0) C(0,-15) P(6,-3) (c) given that line L crosses y-axis...
  14. X

    angle outside triangle

    this is actually mohr's circle formula, forget about the theory,let's focus on the mathematics part. I couldnt understand why the tan( 2 θs1) = -(σx -σy) / 2τxy ? 2θs1 is outside the triangle theorically, tan(180-α )= -tan( α ) , so tan( 2 θs1) = -(σx -σy) / 2τxy , the vertical staright line of...
  15. D

    Li'l right triangle escapade...

    D B A C Right triangle ABC. AB is extended to D such that BD = BC. Results in CD = 17136. Find dimensions of triangle ABC.
  16. X

    Triangle with Angle,Side,Ratio known

    Hello everybody, I've got a triangle with 1 angle, 1 side and the ratio of the other 2 sides known. But no matter what I do, I keep running in circles. Is there a way to leave the unknown "d" alone in one side of the equation?
  17. P

    triangle inscribed in a semi-circle

    somebody help me?
  18. B

    Triangle Problem using Vectors

    Hi I have a question regarding vectors and how to solve problems given a set of points forming a triangle. "For triangle ABC, with vertices A=(1,2,2), B=(0,-2,1) and C=(1,5,-1) find: (a) the length of side AB - I have done this; (b) the equation of the line that passes through A & B - we...
  19. C

    Perpendiculars are drawn from angles A, B, C of an acute angled triangle...

    Question : Perpendiculars are drawn from vertices A, B, C of an acute angled triangle on the opposite sides and produced to meet the circumscribing circles. If these produced parts be p, q, r. Then show that (a/p) + (b/q) + (c/r) = 2(tanA + tanB + tanC). where a, b, c are the sides opposite...
  20. Boss

    Cosines law, 2x

    Looking for solutions of these two