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    Find Perimeter of a Right Traingle w/ Hypotenuse & Area

    Hi everyone! I've been struggling with this problem recently, and don't really understand how I'm supposed to solve it: A hypotenuse of a right triangle has length 8. The area of the triangle is also 8 units squared. What is the perimeter of the triangle? Any help would be appreciated!
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    Traingle word problem

    Traingle word problem need help plzzzzz How would you do this: in triangle ABC, medians are AD and DC they intersect at P. PE = 1.5 PD=2 and DE=2.5 whats the area of AEDC Please tell me how you did it Additional Details A 13 B...
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    Right Angle Traingle - Area Problem The problem is attached as a JPEG image. Thanks in advance. (Clapping) Sincerely, Raymond
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    SOLVED tennis / height ?

    delete please please delete this post. thanks
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    Traingle from a set of points

    There are 10 points on a plane out of which 6 are collinear. How many triangles can be formed using these points as vertices. I have tried it in two methods, and i getting different answers, i am not sure what is wrong in my approach. first, 10c3 - 6c3 = 100 i.e , taking three points from...
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    Number of Traingle from octagon

    The number triangle whose vertices are at the vertices of an octagon,but none of the whose sides happen to come from the sides of the octagon. what i have tried is, Number of ways to choose three vertices from octagon is 8C3, and drawing triangle with any of this combination is possible since...
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    geometry (traingle)

    (Hi)A right triangle has an area of 48cm^2, and one side that is twice as the other side. what is the hypotenuse of this triangle?
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    Existence of a traingle that can be cut to 2005 conruent trianlges..

    Prove that such a triangle exists that can be fully cut to 2005 congruent triangles... Well, this is wht I first did, I imagined an equilatoral triangle, joined the 3 mid points and obtained a fractel like the MHF symbol, but the problem is, the total no. of tiranlges is always a power of y4 :(...
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    height of a traingle

    Hi, i have a question where as it tells me that i need to find the area, i know to find the area of a traingle its half the base times the height, just i don't have the height and don't know how to find it inorder to find the area. the triangle is isoceles and has a 8cm base two sides are 5cm...
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    Traingle Geometry Trig

    Geometry/Trig The sides BC and AD of a quadrilateral ABCD are parallel. X is the midpoint of AB and Y is a point on the side CD such that CY = 3DY. Find the area of the triangle XYA if the area of the triangle ABC is 120cm squared and the area of the triangle ABD is 160cm squared thanks a lot