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    Need help figuring out how much power I can make!

    Please see the picture I attached. i want to know how much power (preferably in watts) this will produce. I basically have a giant weight in the air on a beam. This weight drops and truns a pivot, and does so every 30 seconds. if put an alternator on the pivot how many watts would it make? Some...
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    Torque on Imbalanced System

    Determine the magnitude of the net torque τnet needed to keep the system turning.
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    Linear Speed - Torque

    Suppose the force Ft in the cord hanging from the wheel is given by the relation Ft = 3t - 0.2t^2 (newtons) where t is in seconds. If the wheel starts from rest, what is the linear speed of a point on its rim 8 s later? The Ft force is perpendicular to the wheel's (4 kg) radius = 33 cm. The...
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    cross product and torque

    There is an example in my online calculus course showing how to find the torque produces when a force is applied at an angle to a horizontal wrench with a length of 30cm. There is a sentence that says, The wrench is 40cm long, so |vec r| = 0.4. They don't have an explanation as to how they...
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    Constant Torque Mechanism

    Hi. I have a problem designing a mechanism intended to deliver constant output torque. One end of a tension spring is located at any of seven locations around a circular arc. The other end of the spring is attached to the start of a curved cheek. As the spring is relocated to more distant...
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    Frictional Torque

    A mass of 0.5 kg is suspended from a flywheel If the mass is released from rest and falls a distance of 0.5 m in 1.5 s, Mass of wheel = 3 kg Outside radius of wheel = 300 mm Radius of gyration = 212 mm calculate: (a) The linear acceleration of the mass. For this I got0.22ms^-2 (b) The angular...
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    torque problem

    How do I go solve this toque problem. (OP is the vector from O to P) Let r = OP = i +j +k. A force F = <20,0,0> is applied at P. Find the torque about O that is produced. The answer is <0,20,-22>
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    Moment of intertia, angular momentum and Torque

    Hi guys, I am having problem trying to get the last question in this interesting problem. Do I have to subsitute the answers that I find in a) b) and c)? And also for b) what kind of general formula do I use to reprsent F when I want to find torque t = | r x f|. Thanks so much!
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    Torque question

    I just started torque so excuse me for asking a stupid question but I'm stuck trying to do the following question: "A wheel starts from rest and rotates through 150 rad in 5 s. The net torque due to the motor and friction is constant at 48Nm. When the motor is switched off, the wheel stops in...
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    finding torque using differentiation

    hey guys, my first post on this site! i have this problem that i really have no idea where to go with, i know ive got to use differentiation turnining points but im just not sure how to apply it, any advice would be great, the question is this: the torque T of an electric motor is given by: T...
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    [SOLVED] Torque Problem

    Hello, the question I'm trying to complete states: A wrench 0.1 meters long lies along the positive y-axis, and grips a bolt at the origin. A force is applied in the direction of at the end of the wrench. Find the magnitude of the force in newtons needed to supply 100 newton-meters of torque...
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    [SOLVED] Vectors and Torque

    So the question asks: In each of the following diagrams, determine the magnitude of the moment of the force about the fixed point A. The diagrams can be found here: For question: a) I got 1.75 by using the torque formula T = |r| |F|...
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    Quick Physics torque question - Need a check

    So I've gotten an answer, but my percent error was huge, which is why I want to make sure that I did it right. Can someone do this real quick and tell me what they get? [not drawn to scale] Thanks!
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    Do "torques" (on a bar) work the same way as "weighted averages"?

    "Torques" (on a bar) vs. "weighted averages" For example, suppose that I have a solid, horizontal bar that is 10 units long. And suppose that the bar is pivoting about a point half way along the length of the bar. Now suppose there is a mixed/'random' collection of weights sitting on...
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    Physics easy torque question

    A beam is held in place by two wires, one at each end. A monkey with a mass of 50kg is hanging somewhere on the beam. There is a force of 180 N on one of the wires. Draw the picture, find the force on the 2nd wire and where the monkey is hanging if the beam is 2m long. Any insight? T = F(d)...
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    mechanics help, torque

    A uniform rod AB of length 5m and mass 6kg is pivoted at C. where AC=1.5m . calculate the mass of the particle which must be attached at A to maintain equilibrium with the rid horizontal can anyone tell me if my diagram is correct? because i keep getting the wrong answer! thank you
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    calculating moments (torque)?

    Can someone please show me how to do this question, thank you I have drawn the picture from my book on paint, hopeing somebody can make sense of my picture.
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    Magnitude of Torque

    Find the Magnitude of the torque about P if a 36-lb force is applied as shown. I'm not too sure what i'm doing wrong so i'll list the things I do know I need to use the Cross Product to determine torque. T = abs(r x F) From the picture, I decided to use sqrt(32) seeing as that is the...
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    Maximum torque problem

    Hi all, Can anyone help with this problem from my statics revision? It's the only one from my worksheet I am struggling with. A solid steel shaft has a diameter of 60mm. Determine the maximum torque that can be applied to the shaft if the maximum twist per meter is to be 1 degree. The...
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    Torque problem

    Er = la = l(w^2 - w0^2)/2*theta this is for Torque i believe A CD has a mass of 17 g and a radius of 6.0 cm. When inserted into a player, the CD starts from rest and accelerates to an angular velocity of 18 rad/s in 0.70 s. Assuming the CD is a uniform solid disk, determine the net torque...