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    Exam tomorrow, urgent help needed.

    Hello, first, im a bulgarian student, my exam is in bulgarian and i translated it to english via google translate, if its not understandable but you are still willing to help excuse me and say so, so I can translate them using the right terminology. 1 task. / A group To build interval...
  2. M

    Help with probability query - exam tomorrow

    Hello. I have done my revision or a Maths Exam tomorrow but this morning I looked at a past paper and I couldn't figure out the Probability questions. The syllabus has changed but nevertheless I feel I should be able to do it. Qu) A fair dice is thrown 8 times. A throw is a success if it...
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    functions help please, exam tomorrow

    Okay. I've had so much trouble with my review because I'm doing it at home and I don't have my genius math teacher to stand by my side and help so this is the closest I can get to help, which is what i really need right now. Basically I'm in Year 11 in Australia doing Maths B and this is the...
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    HELP! Test Tomorrow Morning! (3 questions unsolved)

    Been looking everywhere for the answer to these three questions and have come up blank. My honors stat test is tomorrow. I'm praying someone here knows the answers.
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    Trig issues, exam tomorrow.

    Hello, I'm having issues with two particular questions. Find ALL the solutions: 1. 3sin(2Φ)=-0.5 2. 6cos(x+0.5)=1.2 I would like to know the method so I can apply this to other equations, and practice before tomorrow's exam. Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello Everyone! Need Some help with a Macroeconomics question.. Test tomorrow :(

    Hello everyone my name is Jess, I am 18 years old. Right now I am working towards a bachelors degree in computer science. I am currently taking a macroeconomics class from an especially difficult teacher. I am completely stuck on this question and I have a test coming up with a very good chance...
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    Need help in Non Definite Automata plzz help me out tomorrow is my exam

    Given L1={0^m 1 0^n/m, n>=1} L2={1^n 0 1^m/n, m=1} Construct a NDFA accepting all Strings in {0,1} of L1 U L2 Where u denotes the Union Of
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    TEST TOMORROW: Need help simplifying Trig Expressions

    Sin x + 1- cos x 1-cos x sin x cos x sec2x-cos x sin x tan x + cos x How would you simplify these two equations? (step-by-step) Thank you so much for help, Sean (Nod)
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    C++ help please it due tomorrow and i need help in these two questions left!

    Example 1 A “magic” number is an integer in which the number is equal to the sum of the cubes of its digits. Write a program to determine whether a three digit number entered by the user is a magic number. Example 2 (challenging) Write a program which finds the three digit magic number with...
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    Exam Tomorrow: Span vs. Subspace in Linear Algebra

    Hello, I cannot decipher the difference between span and subspace with respect to linear algebra and their definitions. I have an exam tomorrow, would anybody be able to thoroughly describe the difference? Thanks and take care, Justin
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    Exam Tomorrow: Span vs. Subspace Linear Algebra

    Hello, I cannot decipher the difference between span and subspace with respect to linear algebra and their definitions. I have an exam tomorrow, would anybody be able to thoroughly describe the difference? Thanks and take care, Justin
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    Given a PDF function, find the CDF! exam tomorrow! please give descriptive answers!

    Probability density function (PDF) is given by the expression fx(x)=ae-b|x|. Here X is a random variable whose values lie in the range x=-infinity to +infinity. Determine the following a) The relationship in between a & b. b) Cumulative density function (CDF) c) The probability that outcome...
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    can somebody help with this problem tomorrow i got test :S

    8x5-3x4+7x3-2x2+2x-1 the "x" is -1/2 as fraction
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    Please Help Need By Tomorrow!

  15. P

    Stats help please (exam tomorrow)

    I thought I got the concept below until I did another example the same way but got a different answer :(... The 8 observations of Black/1000 are a random sample from a list of 51 numbers, one for each state and the District of Columbia. The mean of the original list of 51 values of Black/1000...
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    Help in Differentiating :) Exam tomorrow so please help!! :-D

    Hi there i need to show that the the deferential of y=(3e^x^2) + (x^2) is equal to x(xe^x^2 +2) Thanks! i have an exam tomorrow so if you could be rly kind, please help me (Itwasntme) Vidhu
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    Algebra problem, Need help Urgent !!!!! I need it for tomorrow morning!!!!! Thanks;

    Hi; I try to do my best, but I have problem finish what I start and Im not sure that what I did is correct.C an anyone help me and correct what I did. This is do for tomorrow morning!!!(Worried) Thanks;
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    Please I really need help with these two problems due tomorrow my work just called me

    They are in the attached file since the word problem is to long to paste it also involves excel if someone does due this i thank You very much....
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    Help deadlne tomorrow! Forensic interpretation

    Hi, I'm having a massive stress! I have to interpret some glass evidence. The glass is of 5% freq in a database of 3500 samples and I have the following data.This data is for glass with a 10% freq. How do i calculate these values for a 5% freq but still have my probability of the column still...
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    Hi tomorrow is my Math exam i really need help

    Im really poor in math and i think im gono fail my math exam . oh god Can some one help me with these things that i have no idea what they are please PLEASE They are in my exam review paper Ex.1: Calculate the total surface area of a conical cup with base radius 7cm an slant height 14 cm...