1. M

    Need Help! Have to submit my last assinment for this semester today, 3 left

    1) Prove If x^2+3xy+1 is a prime number, so is x+y an odd number 2) if 6^n - 1 is primenumber, n is oddnumber 3) Y(n) - SY(n-1)+6Y(n-2)=(4x3^n) , Yo= 13 and Y1=71. Thanks in advance :)
  2. R

    Today Best shows

    Hello Guyzzz I am rekha here Gionee's new Iris X5 sports a 5 megapixel front camera with Lava's latest smartphone offers dual-SIM Bates Motel Season 3 Episode 1 live stream Watch Unfinished Business Online Watch The DUFF Online Watch The Lazarus Effect Online Watch McFarland, USA Online...
  3. Z

    Second Done Today Salary

    Your pressure is now on the road ferry you're going to be tired if take a lot of work and I'm no you're not felt and easy to break just cannot believe you Sally call from the first second done today salary like this one ok right now spry I'm figures you know whether our Sundays you can't control...
  4. romsek

    anyone else having trouble with LaTex today?

    code strings that are interpreted just fine over at fail to be interpreted here. Nothing fancy. Just \frac ideas?
  5. F

    Need Solution Today..

    Question#1 _____________________________________________________________________________ Evaluate the integral. Question#2 _____________________________________________________________________________ Find the volume of solid obtained by revolving around the y-axis the plane area between...
  6. D

    Nice and Sunny in Edinburgh today!

    Hi everyone. I'm Dave and I'm from Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm 52 now, but when I was younger, I struggled with most aspects of Mathematics, apart from Arithmetic which I found straightforward. I was great at English and Economics, and have passed my exams in Physics, Chemistry, Biology...
  7. J

    Not able to write in LaTex today

    I write in LaTex frequently,so I don't understand what is going wrong. I'm getting compile errors. The first line works, the second errors out. Can anybody see what is going on? (note: I'm inserting a 0 in the math command so that it doesn't compile in this post) [m0ath]y=2x^2-8x[/tex]...
  8. V

    Had a test today.. Need to know if this is right.

    There's a right triangle with hypotenuse 5. I forgot what term it used, but they said something about it being in between 0 and \frac{\pi}{2} x is adjacent to theta. Find sin2\theta I already know that sin2\theta=2sin\theta cos\theta, it's just the length of the sides I was having trouble...
  9. G

    Wonder if anyone can help with something raised in further maths AS today?

    I was in further maths today, and came across an interesting situation within adding fractions. I wondered if there was any way you could have 2 different fractions a/b + c/d =a+c/bd where a,b,c and d are all integers. I would appreciate a response soon. Many thanks
  10. S

    Today's Putnam Problem of the Day

    Evaluate the sum S = \frac{1}{ \cos{0^o} \cos{1^o} } + \frac{1}{ \cos{1^o} \cos{2^o} } + ... + \frac{1}{ \cos{88^o} \cos{89^o} } Source :
  11. R

    trig assignment due today please help

    ive been tryn for abt an hour now nd cant seem to figure it out: if 2ptanx+1=p, determine the value of cosx in terms of p
  12. C

    Question from a test i had today about group proof

    Okay here is the question and ill give the answer i put i dont know if its sufficient or if there was another way. Given G is a finite group whose only subgroups are {e} and G itself A)Show G is cyclic 2 choices for G either G = {e} and G is cyclic. If not then there are more elements in...
  13. D

    (Apologies) Math exam today

    Hi guys, I guess my old post got closed cause I was asking for general questions. I don't mean to violate any rules so I will keep my questions more specific. Exam is in few hours. If it's ok I'll keep my queries to this specific thread as to not flood the forums HAHA. I'm working on this...
  14. I

    Stuck on something I have to finish today...

    I have a final assignment for my one precalc college class due today, and the one part of it is just killing me, and I can't figure it out. This is a screen cap of the problem: I don't know how to solve, well, any of that. Word...
  15. M

    another question about functions (last question today, I promise)

    f(x)=1-4x+6x^2 Calculate following values: f(a)= f(a+h)= Then simplify f(a+h)-f(a) _________(over) h I feel like this is just a rudimentary substitution problem, but my calculations are all incorrect
  16. billym

    Today's problem that I don't understand.

    "Show that there is a multiple of 2004 which has the form 22...200...0, i.e., a sequence of digits 2 followed by a sequence of digits 0." These seem so easy after I see the answer, but I never know exactly what is being asked.
  17. C

    A question from my quiz today

    Suppose two boys named Davis, three boys named Jones, and four boys named Smith are arranged at random in a row containing nine seats. -How many arrangements can be made so that boys wearing the same name will stay together? I think it's 3 nPr 3.
  18. D

    Final today at 6 - Eigen Values in 3x3 matrix

    | 1 2 0 | A = | 3 2 0 | | 0 0 3 | Find the eigen values and corresponding eigenspace. I know generally how to find eigenvalues but in a 3x3 matrix I get a cubic function that I cannot find the roots for. Thanks so much for the help!
  19. M

    Okay, last topic for today.. it's about expressing a sec as a sin..

    using the fundamental identities. Man, this stuff is easy yet for some reason my head doesn't understand it at all.. So I have to convert sec, into sin which I thought was simple but I must be over thinking once again. secx, sinx Process: 1 + tan^2 = sec^2 (One of the fundamental...
  20. S

    Operations Research , Please help me by today, please

    What type of problems where Assignment Model approach fails to optimize the solution? Give daily life examples (at least one). Please must post your views to improve the Assignment Model to improve in such type of problems