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    Time Sample Space and Event

    A telephone call from a certain person is received some time between 7:00 A.M. and 9:10 A.M. every day. Define a sample space for this phenomenon, and describe the event that the call arrives within 15 minutes of the hour. The sample space is straight forward S = {[7, 55/6]}, but the event is...
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    Word Problem. NEED HELP!

    A hummingbird needs 10 grams of sugar and 8 grams of protein each day. One honeysuckle flower provides 20 mg of sugar and 10 mg of protein. One nasturtium flower provides 10 mg of sugar and 10 mg of protein. It takes 5 seconds to feed from a nasturtium and 10 seconds per honeysuckle. How many...
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    Finding speed with basically just distance.

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of trying to learn how to use quadratics to find out speed/distance/time etc. My program that I'm taking is often very unclear and skims over topics regularly. The example I was given to learn the process was fairly straightforward and easy to learn, however the...
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    Hi all first time in the forum, My problem is the code in vb.net does not work

    Hi everyone, I am a new programmer in vb.net, I am trying to make a program that calculates the track/bear from a given set of (latitude & longitude) co-ordinates to another set of co-ordinates, I got the formula from another website but it does not work. Please can anybody help me with this...
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    Very vague question about speed, distance, time

    It goes like this: "Ed goes 20mph in one direction, and 50 mph on the return trip. His average speed is?" I am just not getting the explanation in the book, if anybody could explain how this is done, I would be extremely grateful, thanks
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    Girsanov transformation in the Black-Scholes Modell with infinite time horizon

    Hello, I would like to use the Girsanov transformation in the Black-Scholes model with infinite time horizon in order to find an equivalent martingale measure. The problem is not the Girsanov transformation itself but the existence of the probability measure. Here is a more detailed...
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    Could use some help finding the Time complexity in Big Theta notation of some code

    sum = 0 ; for ( i = 0 ; i < n ; i++ ) for ( j = 1 ; j < n^4 ; j = 4*j ) sum++ ; How would I go about finding the time complexity in big theta notation in terms of n for this algorithm? Thanks, I appreciate any help!
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    Adjust Skewness of a Time Series

    Hi. Is there a method for adjusting the skewness of a time series without affecting other parameters (i.e. mean, variance)? The idea is to adjust a historic streamflow series based on assumptions on how climate change will affect the skewness of a series. For example the original skewness of a...
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    Thinking About Trimplex Elite? 9 Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop!

    O que é feito para ser é o seu recurso para propriedades de queima de gordura de modo que você pode experimentar a perda de peso mais cedo e por Trimplex elite mais tempo. O que é Trimplex elite? Trimplex elite é diferente de qualquer produto que você já tentou antes. Afinal, até mesmo o nome é...
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    Help Time Distance Rate question!

    Yeah I know. I'm dumb. I haven't been having a great time with math lately which is sad since I'm in Honors Pre Calc and going into calculus BC lol... How do I do this? I don't remember. Can you explain it to me? Wendy took a trip from Davenport to Omaha, a distance of 300 miles. She traveled...
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    Modelling Reflexivity with a Time Series Model

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum so hi to everyone! I would like to find a time series model that is capable of modelling two time series with following properties: 1) consider time series X and Y. X is influencin Y positively and vice versa so that they move in the same direction. However one...
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    now time to set the topic

    Supercross 2016 Live Streaming Texans vs. Chiefs Live Streaming
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    Capture the Inherent Variance in time series data

    Hi All, I was a bit curious to know that Is it possible to capture the inherent variance in the time series data. How can we decide what would be a good MAPE for a particular set of timeseries data. Thank Dinesh
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    SARIMA forecasting time series analysis

    Hello, This is a forecasting problem for an seasonal SARIMA(0,0,1)X(1,0,0)_4 model in time series analysis. I'll be very appreciated if you help me..Thanks.
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    Time Series ARMA (1,1) forecasting

    Hello, This is a forecasting problem for an ARMA(1,1) model in time series analysis. I'll be very appreciated if you help me..Thanks.
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    Displacement, velocity, acceleration and time question - Need to verify this

    "The height above water of a life jacket dropped from a 4 m boat is given by the function: h(t) = (-2t + 4) / (t^2 + 1) where t is time in seconds after it is dropped and h is the height in meters above water. a) When does the life jacket reach a height of 1 m above water? b) For how long is...
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    One Math Course At A Time

    In light of a response to my recent post, I must say that I agree with Dan. I am moving from one course to another and another and another. However, I have decided to stick with calculus 1. I am currently reviewing related rates. I will go through each chapter and post questions that are...
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    these harsher realities for the first time

    Falcons vs Saints Live Streaming
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    econometric time series.. any help appreciated

    Hi there, I'm a little confused :/ I have: yt = δ + θ1εt-1 + θ2εt-2+ εt where | θ1| < 1, | θ1| < 1 and εt~WN(0,σ2) . a) E(yT+i|ΩT) for i = 1,2,3,4 - where Ω is all information up to and including time T b) var(yT+i|ΩT) for i = 1,2,3,4 c)Derive an expression for a two-standard error confidence...
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    Time derivative Question

    Here's my question: Show that the time derivative of the logarithm of a variable equals its growth rate measured in percent. Use the following notation for a time derivative: dX/dt = Ẋ Variable = X Log of Variable = ln.X Derivative with respect to time = d ln Ẋ(t) / dt The growth rate of the...