1. M

    What test to use?

    Hey guys. first of all it is a theoretical project, so no animals or something were hurt. So we have 6 rats. At the beginning we measure the pain-threshold as a baseline. After that the rats receive a chronic injury and a electrode in implanted in a certain brain area. Now we have three...
  2. K

    polynomials need ASAP

    construct a polynomial with the following properties: Third degree, zeros at 1,2,3, and passes through the point (4,12)
  3. K

    Current Grade After Test Grade

    I have a 88.4 average in my Algebra 1 class. I just got a bad grade on my test; 65.5. What is my current grade now...
  4. skeeter

    latex test ...

    $\displaystyle \int f(x) \, dx$ \displaystyle \int f(x) \, dx tex tags working, but dollar signs don't as of now ...
  5. M

    Primality Test for Meresenne Numbers

    How to prove that following hypothesis is true? Hypothesis Let M_p=2^p-1 such that p \in \mathbb{P} and p \ge 3 . Let S_i=S_{i-1}^2-2 with S_0=194 , thus M_p is prime iff S_{p-2} \equiv 2 \pmod{M_p} I have checked this hypothesis for all odd primes p below 10000 . Any hint will be greatly...
  6. K

    Chi square test doubt

    Good evening, I have this problem: I have several groups of type individuals, from A to F let's say. For a given condition, I have my observed values that comply with the condition (in a sample that sums N1 subjects) and a control value (the same type of group) but that does not complies that...
  7. X

    ratio test to test absolute convergence

    in this question , i tried to solve it using ratio test to determine whether it is absolutely convergent or not , unfortunealy , i keep on getting infinity/ infinity , what does it mean ? does it mean diverge absolutely or ration test is not suitable to test the series ? if it is diverge...
  8. L

    test of logistic regression

    Hello guys! I need your advice. I have done a logistic regression to estimate a probability of impaiment occurs or not. My indep.variables were different factors that can inflduence dep.variable. The data is taken from the stock exchange so it is not normally distributed. I got results from...
  9. A

    Test on a single proportion using hypothesis testing

    Do we use z or t distribution? My book only has the formula equaling to z. Some answers that I've seen on forums use t distribution and some uses z distribution. I was confused so I solved a problem using a z distribution and a t distribution separately. Below are my results. I ended up failing...
  10. H

    Passing the GED test, is Algebra II required?

    Hello, I am currently studying for the GED test, I scheduled all the test and my first is going to be Maths and it's a month away. I've already begun studying at Khan Academy and I'm almost done with Algebra I, going into Geometry in the next couple of days. I also bought this book...
  11. P

    P value range given t test and degrees of freedom

    Hey guys so I've been using online calculators to convert between the given values and I've only been getting one number, but the problem specifically asked for a range I have a calculated test statistic for a lower-tailed t test with degrees of freedom 15, which is -2.7. The p-value is between...
  12. P

    Help with test statistics

    1. If X1,...,X250 is a random sample from an unknown distribution. It has variance sigma2 = 3. We want to test the hypothesis Ho: u = 4 against Ha: u>4 with alpha = .01 when Xbar = 4.33 The numerical value of the test statistic is _______ and the critical value is ______ Any help is appreciated
  13. X

    ratio test

    can someone prove me that when p = 0 , it is said to be convergent , when p less than 1 , it is said to be converge absolutely ? http://math.illinoisstate.edu/hjordon/Math146/ratio_test.pdf in the link page 2 , the author told that when the series is absolutely convergent , it is said to be...
  14. F

    What is an apprpriate statistical test for this data?

    I have 20 subjects, split into 2 unequal groups (Group A has 5 and group B has 15) – the grouping is the independent variable and is categorical/nominal. Every day for 7 days (another independent variable?) I assigned each subject an ordinal score (0 to 7 in steps of 0.5) for an activity...
  15. J

    super simple stats question, but i'm stuck!! which test do i use?

    hello all :) basically i'm just finishing up a research project in which i am measuring whether a 6 week course of massage therapy was able to increase joint angle symmetry (measured at maximal flexion during walk) in 5 participants. i collected data at baseline, then weeks 3 and 6 i have run...
  16. J

    Which statistical test do i employ

    Hi all, I am looking to understand which statistical tests i should be using in the case of this work: I understand that the first is an ANOVA but i'm unsure of which kind. The second i am dumbstruck with. Any help would be sincerely appreciated! Q.1 [50 marks] FILE: Language.sav. This...
  17. B

    Likelihood ratio test of variance - mean known

    I´m familiar with LRT test, but I´m stuck with this one. It is a likehood ratio test where mean is known and we wish to test the variance. I tried solving it as far as I can, any help is appreciated!
  18. skeeter

    test ...

    $\begin{vmatrix} i & j & k\\ 0 & 2 &-2 \\ 4 & -1 & 0 \end{vmatrix}$
  19. X

    convergence of ratio test

    why when the p = 1 , the test is inconclusive ?
  20. X

    ratio test

    where does the 1(circled part) come from ?