1. R

    Cancellation of terms to solve for a variable

    My teacher has this problem that I will illustrate below. I could probably solve it the long way, but he uses some unique cancellations to make it easier to digest. There are two things I do not understand about this problem: 1. How is it or why (rather) is it legal to cancel out all of the...
  2. J

    Approximating maximum speed of a particle in terms of angular speed

    Here is a rule that governs the motion of particles in my hypothetical Cartesian plane universe: - a particle can move a maximum distance of Vx units along the x-axis and Vy units along the y-axis per one unit of time. - the acceleration along the axes is also bounded. The limits are Ax for the...
  3. S

    Factor out the GCF of the three terms, then complete the factorization

    Ok, I don't even kind of understand this problem... Please help! (Cool) Factor out the GCF of the three terms, then complete the factorization of x4+9x3+14x2.
  4. B

    Proving a line is perpendicular to another line in terms of A,B,C...

    Hi guys, I'm really stumped with question 1 of this assignment and was looking for some help. All input would be appreciated. Cheers. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  5. X

    express the function in terms of step unit function and find laplace transform

    f(t) = (e^t) , 0 <t<3 0 , t>3 the formula of is L { f(t-a) H(t-a) = (e^-as)(F (s) ) why there's no need to transform (e^t)(H(t-3) ) into e^(t-3+3) H(t-3) ) ?
  6. J

    Area of Segments in Terms of r and θ

    I can express the area in terms similar to the equation, but not that. Here's what I end up with: -2θcos2θ -θ +2cos2θsin2θ + 2sin2θ = pi/2
  7. C

    I need to combine like terms for the expression

    I need combine like terms for the expression: 32x - 9y + 15x - 3y + y I tried but the book is telling me i'm wrong so i need some help i know this is simple but idk what else to do
  8. M

    Finding terms with given binomial?? Binomial Theorem?

    Hi, I forgot how to plug in the binomial Theorem. My two problems: 1) Find the 5th term of the given binomial. (a+ square root of (b))^9 2) Find the 6th term of the given binomial (p/2-q/2)^9
  9. Q

    Write cot(x) in terms of sin(x)

    I had to write cot(t) in terms of sin(t) and it was in the fourth quadrant. I got -square root(1-sin(t)) /sin(t). Do you know why that's wrong and what the correct answer is?
  10. Jason76

    whole derivative in terms of partial derivatives

    - using this equation - ??
  11. T

    Under which values terms of the sequence meet the inequality?

    Hey guys, Can you say under which values terms of the sequence (1.png attachment) meet the inequality (2.png attachment)? Thank you in advance!
  12. D

    Find x in terms of y

    The question asks to find an equation for x in terms of y a rectangle with a height y and and a length x is placed into a isos triangle, its base is 5cm and its height is 10cm, the rectangle stretches from one side of the triangle to the other like this (sorry for the small sized diagram)
  13. rjg247

    Reduce the rational expression to lowest terms.

    I'm so confused with this question and I have no idea what to do. Please explain in full depth so I know how to do this myself in the future. Reduce the rational expression to lowest terms. 21a^3bc^6/28a^2b^4c^6
  14. L

    Dividing Polynomials, missing terms.

    I have two problems: a.) When (x^4 + kx^3 - 2x^2 + x + 4) is divided by x-3, the remainder is 16. What is k? b.) If (2x^3 +Mx^2 + Nx + 6) is divisible by both (x-1) and (x+2), find the values of M and N. Help, I don't seem to get what am I supposed to do so I can answer this.
  15. D

    What is the idea behind defining taylor series in terms of derivatives.

    So the basic idea when coming up with a polynomial approximation for a function f(x) at some x = a, is to define a polynomial that has the same value as the function at a. The same value for first derivative at x = a as the value of the first derivative of the function, so on. That is if f(x) is...
  16. B

    Solving polynomials with terms of 3

    I'm having trouble solving the following question: "The specifications for a cardboard box state that the width is 5 cm less than the length, and the height the is 1 cm more than double the length. Write an equation for the volume of the box and find possible dimensions for a volume of 550...
  17. A

    How to underline seperate algebraic terms?

    Hello all, I'm doing my end of year math assignment, and it's my first time using Latex. My question regards underlining terms in algebraic expressions. In my textbook, they are underlined like this: Is there any way I can do this using Latex? I tried using \underline{+4a} \underline{+c}...
  18. A

    Simplifying the sigma notation to find the sum in terms of n only

    The correct answer is highlighted in yellow and my answer is highlighted in green. I've successfully found the formula for the Reimann sum but have trouble matching my answer with the given correct answer. What did I do wrong?
  19. C

    Rearranging an equation in terms of y = mx + c

    I have to re arrange the following equation and put it in terms of y = mx + c. it is in the format y = a/ 1-bx2. any help please??
  20. K

    Finding the error after the first 6 terms for a series

    Hi guys and girls. I have to estimate the maximum error for the series 1/(2+5^n) if the first 6 terms are used. It is not alternating, so I know I can not use this method, the ratio test gives me inconclusive, so I can not use this method - please can you help. There is an option for the...