1. MechanicalPencil

    Arc length of cardioid using line integral techniques

    I've written out the question and my work thus far. If someone tell me if I'm on the right track or not, it would help a lot.
  2. RobertXIV

    Equivalence of Inductive Techniques

    If I wanted to prove that course of values induction and least-number induction were equivalent, how would I go about setting up such a proof?
  3. D

    cutting-edge techniques used by fitness pros

    tripping way your body fat at the same time and a while this part of all the seeker takes you exactly four minutes to do today a witness bizarre new cutting-edge techniques used by fitness pros and movie stars to pack on muscle faster and so-called muscle experts biggest possible I'm not talking...
  4. R

    Theory and Techniques of Data Assimilation

    Suppose we have a dynamical system for a vector x = (u,v,p)^T where u,v,p are scalar quantities. Let the dynamical system be represented by the equations u_(k+1) = u_k +v_k +2p_k v_(k+1) = 2u_k +v_k +2p_k p_(k+1) = 3u_k +3v_k + p_k where k indicates the time index. we wish to apply a four-...
  5. D

    Data Analysis Techniques

    Hi, This is a general question on data analysis techniques. I carried out some experiments on cell growth, where I changed the control level of one factor (5 levels) and took samples through a two week period. The data includes the cell growth, product titre, nutrient and waste concentrations...
  6. astartleddeer

    Techniques of integration: Trigonometric substitution

    Hi, I've solved this problem, but it's more of a nit-pick on something I tried previously in that according to the book was not correct, and now I'm just in need of someone's expertise on why I was not allowed to do this. Anyway, the integral and solution is: - F(x) = \int sin^3(x)cos^3(x)\...
  7. Z

    Approaching this integral

    Hello I didn't know which is the best approach to this integral. I think I need to apply the reduction formula but I don't know exactly how. I=\int_a^b (x+1)^4 (x^5+6x^3+2x)dx
  8. S

    Techniques and elements of Finance

  9. M

    Kakoru solution techniques

    has anyone discovered any interesting kakoru solution techniques? like for instance for a 4 number row of sum 30 you can only use 9876. 3 number row of 6 can only be 1 2 3. you can actually create a 'matrix' of possible rows and then rule out the ones that are logically impossible
  10. U

    Quantum computing calls for new encryption techniques?

    With the phenomenal speed to be expected from quantum computers in the future, todays encryption techniques such as RSA will be pretty vulnerable. A quantum computer could factorise 600bit+ numbers in a relatively short period of time. Aside from Shor's algorithm, are there any other...
  11. M

    Using Graphical Techniques to find values

    Hi there, was looking for some advice and assistance on a particular question if at all possible. I'm looking to solve the following: results were collected in an experiment to find the relationship between the luminosity (I) of a lamp and the voltage (V). The law is thought to be of the...
  12. ibnashraf

    Quadratic Forms - Reduction Techniques

    hi all, i am trying to do an assignment here and i would like to verify my answer to the following question: Let Q=x_1^2+2x_2^2-7x_3^2-4x_1x_2+8x_1x_3 Find a non-singular matrix P and a diagonal matrix D=diag(d_1,d_2,d_3) such that Q is transformed to Q'=d_1y_1^2+d_2y_2^2+d_3y_3^2; under...
  13. bugatti79

    Methods of Integration Query (acronyms for when to apply particular techniques)

    Folks, Does any1 have an acronym to remember the different methods if integration like substitution, by parts, reduction formula, inverse trig etc. Or a useful way to determine which is the best approach to solve a particular integral? Just a thought Thanks
  14. B

    Question about nonlinear techniques

    I'm not sure if this is the right spot to post this question, but I figured since this is the differential equations section and this question from from my differential equations textbook..I'd post here. The question asks: "For the nonlinear damped pendulum, show that for every integer n and...
  15. M

    Research Sampling Techniques - Question : Need some guidance

    A researcher discovers that in a particular city 10% of the households are headed by a single person and that 90% of the families are husband-wife families. The researcher tells interviewers to conduct 80 interviews. Ten percent of these interviews should be with families that are headed by a...
  16. S

    Binomial Question or Counting Techniques?

    Hi, I have a basic probability question that I just cannot understand.. Three of twenty tyres in a store are defective. Four tyres are randomly selected for inspection. What is the probability that at least one defective tyre will be included? I can think of two solutions but don't...
  17. E

    Which integration techniques would be used for integrating (2x+5)^2e^-3x dx

    Problem: \int (2x+5)^2e^{-3x}\, dx When i use integration by parts, it seems that i need to do it again? or should i be using u substitution?
  18. A

    Techniques For Solving Equations and Inequalities

    Okay, so im facing a little difficulty with some of this, for example: 5secx=-x^2, 0<x<pi So you have to make LS=RS using trial and error. Now thats all find and dandy except that the answer is 2.5. For this, one side is positive the other is negative... Another question is for the x must be...
  19. A

    Iterative Techniques: Studying the error

    Hello I'm trying to answer this question, but am completely stuck. Argue that in analyzing the error in a stationery linear relaxation scheme applied to Au=f, it is sufficient to consider Au=0 with arbitrary initial guess, (say v_0). Any ideas? I'm not even sure what the author is trying...
  20. I

    Study Techniques for Algebra?

    Hi. I hope this post is in the appropriate forum. If not, move it and I'll find it. Thank you. Anyway, I just took my final for Math 52 (introductory algebra). Frankly, I don't know if I'm going to pass the class or not. If I wouldn't have put in the time, I'd accept it and be okay. But I...