1. sakonpure6

    Brain Teaser

    I have no idea what to do... enlighten me if you can , please and thank you.
  2. C

    brain teaser optimization problem

    find the maximum length of the red ribbon around the present
  3. A

    Difficult brain teaser - mix of algebra, number theory and maybe s.o.

    Hi there, I put up an very interesting question from a mathematical magazine, but I was not able to solve it: There are n bottles arranged in a circle. You can start at any bottle and lay one litte stone inside this first bottle. Then you will go to the next bottle and lay a little stone in...
  4. A

    Brain Teaser Posted

    LOGIC: If you count from 1 to 100, how many series of 7's and how many 7's will you pass on the way? A friend posted this brain teasser and was wondering if someone here can explain it in Lamen's terms as if I was 7 years old. LOL I know the how many 7's i pass between 1 to 100. Its 20...
  5. K

    Help - Brain Teaser

    Hello fellow puzzle solvers I saw this puzzle the other day that grabbed my interesting but I have no idea how to solve it. Puzzle Name - Another Carton It has been reasonably argued that the treasure will NOT be found at any of the following coordinates 489655,128130 428381,114675...
  6. S

    a logic teaser!

  7. B

    Table of figures, finding new revenue, very short but difficult brain teaser

    Student discount price: $4 Normal price: $7 Multiple Choice Question: If the club offered no discount for students and consequently the number of students attending dropped by 10%, what would be the new revenue created for Jan? Choice of answers: A) $80,900 B) $92,000 C) $122,600 D) $104,000...
  8. P

    Conditional Probability Brain Teaser

    A sock contains 2 red marbles and an unknown number of blue marbles. Tom places a new marble in the sock. Jason puts his hand in the sock and pulls out a red marble. What is the probability that the marble Tom put in the sock was red? I've been trying to approach this with Bayes' Theorem...
  9. D

    brain teaser

    I'm totally lost here!! Your team has been called in to solve a problem encountered by a fast food restaurant. They believe that their coffee should be brewed at 170 deg Fahrenheit. However, at temperature it is too hot to drink, and a customer who accidentally spills the coffee on himself...
  10. S

    Well these are a teaser too..Trigonometry

    Solve the equation for solutions in the interval [0, 360). Round to the nearest degree. sin2theta = -1/2 This I dont think I have it right..but I want to make sure I have it right on the test. Better safe than sorry losing 10 points (Itwasntme) Oh and last one...if anyone can...
  11. I

    Probability Teaser! Binomial dist or what?

    Problem: A material is known for 20% breakage under stress. Five different samples of such materials are tested. A. What is the probability that the third sample resists the stress? B. What is the probability that the third and fourth samples resist the stress? I don't know how to approach...
  12. F

    Probability Teaser Question

    What is the average age to which a 90-year old man will live, given that the probability a person age x will die before age x+1 is (x - 89) / 5? A. 91 B. 91.5 C. 92 D. 92.5 E. 93 Thanks!
  13. C

    year 5 'brain teaser'

    Without using the same number more than once, put a number from 1 to 7 in each circle to make each line total 11. The zeros are where the numbers have to go and the hyphens and short lines just indicate that there are three sections to the puzzle. I appreciate your help! Here it is...
  14. C

    Mathematical teaser equation

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had a relaxing summer. Anyway, I have ventured again into a realm of math that is far beyond my abilities, in other words I am trying to solve some mathematical problems from the book Challenging Mathematical Teasers by J.A.H. Hunter The word...
  15. J

    Brain Teaser Help Please~!

    Hi guys, I have been solving some problems recently, but there are few problems on which i am stuck: 1) If (a/b)-a=6 what is the value of sqrt of ((a+ab-2b)/b)? 2) For positive interger p,t,x, and y, if p^x=t^y and x-y=3, which of the follwoing cannot equal t? a. 1 b.2 c.4 d. 9 e. 25 3)If...
  16. J

    Brain Teaser #2

    5.101001000100001.... he decimal number aboce consists of only one and 0 to the right of the decimal point. The first is followed by one 0, the second 1 is followed by two 0, the third 1 is followed by three 0 and so on. What is the total number of 0s between the 98th and the 101st 1 in...
  17. Megpup

    Brain Teaser

    What is the value of 3-4/3x + 5 =7 -4 + 3=x +4 3-4= -x+6+11x+4x-3 -3 1/3x - 1/6= 1 1/3
  18. K

    [SOLVED] Brain Teaser

    you have numbers 1-49 Use these numbers in groups of 6 so that you use each number in every possible way. Example: 1 15 28 46 8 33 34 17 29 46 48 20 Use number 1 with all the other numbers in all the different ways, and so on with the rest of the numbers. Make sure you...
  19. X

    brain teaser

    given that 2^x = 1/square root of 2 and 2^y = 4(square of 2), find exact values of x and y. calculate the exact value of 2^y-x thanks..
  20. D

    Help... math teaser

    hey all need help. :) 4+7+12+18=___*16-450*180=___-20000+1000*.01+5280.2=___ This is the equation my friend gave me. I am suppose to get a 4 digit number at the end I get -95053.8... that is not the correct number d