1. J

    Travelling along which one of these paths will allow me to maintain target speed?

    Hello All, I only have a vary basic understanding of physical concepts so please bear with me. Suppose I want to travel from point A to point B and maintain speed (magnitude of velocity) as close as possible to some target constant speed C for as much of the way as I can; I cannot stray from...
  2. G

    Drop time, Gravity, Target Speed

    I need to find the drop time of the ball, the gravity of the ball, and the speed of the target. I am not giving a formula to try and figure out the answer, just the information given.
  3. M

    Exercises and the reason being that bee’s exercise it target

    Exercises and the reason being that bee’s exercise it target multiple muscle groups and you can adjust the intensity and the rest based on your body type so you’ll notice when you log into the beyond bit like members portal we have all the exercise demos and they're broken down the videos are...
  4. E

    target international audiences

    As more and more businesses decide to target international audiences using online mediums, it's important to have a full understanding of the requirements of international SEO as this has an important impact not only on the overall SEO strategy but also on other elements such as the website...
  5. H

    Optimization: transformation of target function and conditions

    In a recent microeconomics lecture I was confronted with the following problem: maxx1, x2, x3 2*sqrt(x1) s.t. 2*sqrt(x2y)=64 y=2*sqrt(2x3) x1+x2+x3=112 the professor reformulated the problem without explanation to maxx1, x2, x3 4x1 s.t. 16x22y22=644 y2=8x3 x1+x2+x3=112 and then solved by...
  6. B

    Probability with dice and target numbers

    Hi, this is my first time on the forums and I am having a very hard time with some math questions. I have tried searching the web for my particular question but most sites are concerned with the sums of 2 six-sides dice not target numbers. What I mean by target numbers is I am trying to figure...
  7. K

    How to check if an object is moving in direction of a target

    Hi, I need a sanity check on a problem I’m trying to solve. I know where a number of moving objects are positioned at t=6 and t=7. I know where the destination is at t=7. So my goal is that I need to pick the “best” object i.e. the object moving most in the direction of the destination. So...
  8. A

    Finding a function's coefficients from inputs and target outputs

    Hi There, I have a mathematical problem and all I require is direction as to how to go about solving it. I have 3 variable non-linear function, x_1 x_2 x_3, whose values are either 0 or 1. The function f is as follows: f(x_1,x_2,x_3) = a*x_1 + b*x_2 + c*x_3 + d*x_1x_2 + e*x_1x_3 + f*x_2x_3 +...
  9. G

    question on aircraft bombing target using normal/gaussian distribution sampling

    assume the dispersion of 3000 bombs launched from an aircraft showed a normally distributed miss distance profile with standard deviation of 10 meters. if 80 bobmbs are dropped on a target with no systematic errors at launch , what is probability that 50 bombs are within 10 meters of target
  10. M

    How to analyze points on a bullseye?

    Hi, I'm doing an engineering project about Nerf Guns and for part of it, we're testing accuracy and precision, so we shot several dozen darts at a bullseye and measured the X and Y position away from the center. What would be the best way to analyze this data to determine the accuracy and...
  11. M

    Target Interception

    Hello, it's been a while since I did any real math so I'm having a bit of a hard time with what should be a simple problem. I need to find an equation for intercepting a target (Item A) that's moving at a constant speed by throwing Item B at it from a fixed point. What I'm really interested...
  12. I

    Distributing arbitrary values over a given range and target mean

    Hey folks, Forgive my lack of math nomenclature and probably ham-fisted notation/explanation; I'm very very rusty in this department. First post here, and I'm liking the LaTeX. Larger problem: I need possible approaches to re-distribute a set of positive real numbers \mathcal{S} such that...
  13. iva

    Stuck with probelm on Absolute values / target value - Grinding Engine Cylinders

    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me solve this problem. It is one of those that you get at the end of all the problems in a chapter, less intuitive and tougher. This one comes from Calculus by Finney and Thomas (first edition) probelm #47. The answer in the back of the book is | x -...
  14. S


    2 shooters, A and B, shoot at a target in the following order: ABBAABBBAAABBBBAAAABBBBBAAAAA . . . and so on until the target is hit. The probability that A hits the target is .7 and that B hits the target is .3. Each shot and shooter is independent of each other. What is the probability that A...
  15. Q

    Rotation toward target vector, finding orientation of object?

    Okay, I'm by no means a mathematics wizard. I was required in college to get a math minor and every course was pretty brutal so bear with me if this seems remarkably obvious to some of you. Here's my problem. I'm working on a graphics program. I'm doing a bit of 3D visualization programming...
  16. N

    Monthly margin increase to reach target

    Hi! Everyday we have a report which tells us our margin for the day. Yesterday it stood at 36.92%. So far this year the margin stands at 35.18%. I'm looking to find out what margin we'd need to reach each month and week to reach and maintain a margin of 36% by the end of the year. Any ideas?
  17. S

    Target Average Price

    If I have 100 apples at different weights, how do I share them out between a given number of people to a given ratio, so that each has as close as possible the same average weight per apple. For example - 3 people require 20, 30 and 50 apples respectively. There are 100 apples of various...
  18. S

    Distance to target

    Question: Distance to a target: A bullet is fired horizontally at a target, and the sound of its impact is heard 1.5 seconds later. If the speed of the bullet is 3300 ft/sec and the speed of sound is 1100 ft/sec, how far away is the target? I know that 0.25 of the 1.5 sec journey (0.375sec) is...
  19. S

    Calculating target capital and WACC

    Hey guys, I need some assistance with the following case. I need to work out what the firms cost of capital is based on the following changes. Obviously initially the target capital was 20 mil bonds / 2.5 mil preference shares / 5 mil ordinary shares, however what kind of calculations should I...