1. R

    Finding the tangent to a circle equation given the circle equation

    Hi guys, first time poster here! There' this equation I don't quite understand. I'm given the following question: The tangent line to the curve (x^2) (y^2) − (2x^2) + (y^2) = 0 at the point (1, 1) is=? Not quite sure how to deal with the circle arranged that way? I really need to understand...
  2. D

    tangents in circles help

    can someone help me solve this problem? I have to find the value of x. It says assume the segments are tangents if they appear to be.. thanks in advance!
  3. A

    Tangents and the Derivate at a Point

    I believe I have done my arithmetic right, which pointed me to my answer highlighted in yellow. The computer's answer highlighted in green however is different from mines. What did I do wrong here?
  4. harpazo

    Law of Tangents

    What good is the law of tangents? Why is this concept not taught in most trig courses?
  5. nycmath

    Law of Tangents

    In high school over 30 years ago, I was never introduced to the law of tangents. So, what is it? Why do we need it? Why is this trig law not taught in a regular high school trigonometry class?
  6. S

    Another tough Geometry Question ( Pythagoras and Circles and Tangents)

    Hi guys, another tough problem thats giving me some trouble. I thought i might look to the geniuses on this forum for help. Anyway, i am attaching a picture, basically i have to find the radius of the circle using phythagoras. The smaller circle has a radius of 1cm and the angle between the...
  7. J

    Find the Angle

    Tangents AB and AC are drawn to a circle through a point A on the outside of the circle, which has center O. If AO = 36.72 and the radius of the circle is 15.84, find the angle BAC made by the two tangents.
  8. StonerPenguin

    Circle questions -- Secants, chords and tangents

    Hello again, just got a few questions pertaining to circles. I'll just post one to start with; "The radius of the earth is approximately 6371 km. If the international space station (ISS) is orbiting 353 km above the earth, find the distance from the ISS to the horizon (x). So solving...
  9. D

    Re-deriving Niele Approximation with Law of Tangents

    I am working through Niele's Rule regarding an approximation for elliptical motion (assume constant angular motion around the empty focus of the ellipse and use Niele's Rule to compute the approximate true anomaly). A screenshot of the relevant quantities is attached (with a couple edits)...
  10. M

    Equations and tangents!!

    A curve has equation y=7-2x^5 Find an equation for the tangent to the curve at the point where x=1.
  11. M

    Fun ol' Tangents

    Hi, Could I get some help with solving this. It's probably really simple but I'm not too sure how to approach it ______ 'Find the equation of the tangent to the curve y=x√2x² + 7 at x=3' Any help would be...
  12. K

    Slopes of Tangents - Help Please

    Hi there. So, I'm working on some pre-calc study, and Spring Break is coming up. I might not get a chance to work on this with my teacher, so I'm hoping that by posting this here, I might get an answer before I have to go back to school after Spring Break. So I'm working on finding slope...
  13. G

    Proving slope of tangents

    The question is: Let P(a,b) be a point on the curve √x + √y = 1. Show that the slope of the tangent at P is -√b/a. I really have no clue where to even begin. Could someone please give me a push in the right direction? Thank you!
  14. R

    Finding the angle between tangents

    Verify that the circles x2+y2 = 25 and (x−5)2+(y−10)2= 50 intersect at A = (4, 3). Find the size of the acute angle formed at A by the intersecting circles. You will first have to decide what is meant by the phrase the angle formed by the intersecting circles
  15. J

    Hi, need some help with tangents and asymptotes

    Hi all, I've recently bought a few maths books to study in my spare time and I'm stuck on the below question. I've found the point P and I think the equation of the tangent is y = (4rt3)(x) - 2rt3. I have no idea how to find the equations of the asymptotes. This question is about a Hyperbola...
  16. I

    Law of Tangents

    Hey MHF, today in class we took Melloweid's formula, then the teacher gave us this equation and only two students were able to solve it (Headbang) I'm 100% sure I'm going to have to use Melloweid's formula to derive it. Law of Tangents For any triangle, derive the Law of Tangents. Any...
  17. K

    finding horizontal tangents using d/dx of trigs

    What is going on in the last two steps? Is it that 2x must be the value that makes sin theta = sqrt(3)/2 and so it must be pi/3 or 2pi/3 or even integer multiples thereof and the second step we divide by two to get x?
  18. B

    Tangents and planes

    Find the points on the ellipsoid x^2 + 2y^2 + 3z^2 = 1 where the tangent plane is parallel to the plane 3x - y + 3z = 1 I have no idea how to do this, but i do have a knowledge of partial derivatives, its my first yr at university im 17.
  19. H

    How would you find the horizontal and vertical tangents of (x^2+y^2)^2=x^2-y^2?

    The way I understand it is that to find the horizontal tangents you equate the numerator to zero, and for the vertical tangents, I equate the denominator to 0. But, when I equate the numerator to 0, I get this: x = 0, and 2x^2 + 2y^2 -1 = 0, how do I go about solving this?Also, the funny thing...
  20. A

    locus of tangents

    RHS show that the tangents at the extremities of any focal chord of a parabola y^2=4ax intersect at right angles at directrix. My work: Consider ends of focal chord as P(at_1^2,2at_1)and Q(at_2^2,2at_2) . now point of intersection of tangents are(at_1t_2 ,2a(t_1+t_2).now we know t_1t_2=-1...