1. F

    Need help, traffic light truth table

    Hello, so I have a project to do. I really need someones help to make the truth table from this: Traffic light is standing in standart two road crossroad. On the main road there is heavy traffic and green light on the main road for the drivers will be always on, when there are no cars on the...
  2. D

    Table of coefficients in R

    Using R ive made 7 regression models i want to know exactly how this answered (b) A table with the coefficients of the 7possible multiple linear regression models (3 with one input variable, 3 with 2 inputs, and 1 with 3 inputs). I have attatched an image with what i assume is table of...
  3. A

    Need help reading the t-distribution table

    The tittle should have been Paired t-Test... I've wrote my question in red ink. There are two questions that I have. Primarily I want to know why they concluded that "there is some evidence that there is some difference in mean circulating levels of androgens" even though the t-statistic...
  4. S

    Simple or challenging integral?, can't find table anywhere.

    I'm looking for solutions to the form \int \frac{cos(a/x)}{1-cos(a/x)}dx, where a is a constant. I've looked for tables that include that form but have found none. I've tried some guess and check functions but have found none yet. I don't have access to mathematica, maple, etc., atm to see if...
  5. B

    Contingency Table Conditional Probabilities

    Rest Play Swim Total Male 0.301 0.106 0.044 0.451 Female 0.398 0.071 0.080 0.549 Total 0.699 0.177 0.124 1 Now I'm supposed to find the conditional probabilities, for which I was provided the actual answers: Rest Play Swim Total Male 0.43 0.60 0.36...
  6. Jason76

    Contingency Table

    i. Find the rest of the values ii. If one student is randomly picked find P (male or not a high school grad). Do it in as many different ways as possible. iii. Find the chance that a randomly picked woman is a high school grad. iv. Find the probablility that a randomly picked student, who...
  7. J

    Extrapolation for Two Dimension Lookup Table

    Hello, I am writing a program for a two dimensional look up table. The idea is that the user will enter values for x and y and the program will look up the corresponding output value from the table. For example, consider the table shown below. For this table, if the user enters x = 2 and y...
  8. D

    Need Help With Table

    I have been working on this table for the past 45 minutes and finally decided to look for some help: x y 0 3 1 4.2 2 5.88 3 8.232 I need to find a function for the previous table. I found out that each y value is the previous y * 1.4 however haven't been able to find a way to put...
  9. B

    Bolean algebra truth table nand gate

    Hi, I wonder if anybody can help with this: from nand gate truth table I have the following minterms: NOT A * NOT B OR NOT A *B OR A NOT B I believe it should somehow simplify to AB Under Bar NOT (A*B) but how... ? Many thanks :)
  10. S

    Cayley table question

    Hello All, My task is to construct a Cayley chart for the two following groups. A={1,3,7,9,11,13,17,19} B={1,11} First, I know I need to find the left cosets of B in A -- I think this is right, btu I am open to criticism> Lagrange's theorem states the number of cosets = |A|/|B| = 8/2 = 4. If...
  11. R

    The following table shows total forest and timberland in the united states in million

    754-759 = -5 737-754 = -17 731-737 = -6 737-731 = 6 Second Differences: -17-(-5) = -12 -6-(-17) = 11 6-(-6) = 12 I am not sure where to go from here? Please explain. Thank you! Part two to this question:
  12. P

    How to make linear and exponential equation based off table?

    1. What is the equation for h(t) 2. what is the equation for k(t)
  13. R

    The table below shows the consumer price index (CPI) every two years from 1980...

    I got y=4.467x-8760.425 im not sure if that's right. Please let me know. Thank you!
  14. R

    Below is a table of value for the diameter D of a motor pulley (in inches) and the...

    Below is a table of value for the diameter D of a motor pulley (in inches) and the corresponding fan speed S (in revolutions per minute) Find a formula expressing S as a linear function of D and then use the formula to find the fan speed if a pulley having a diameter of 4.5 inches is used...
  15. R

    Use the table below to decide which of the following statements is true.

    This is my last question today. Looking at this one it looks like E. All of the statements are true? I say this because the x-values look evenly spaced, I think h(x) has a constant difference, h(x) 3.6, and I think h is a linear function of x. I just want to double check. Thank you!
  16. R

    Use the table below to decide which of the following statements is true.

    I think in order for T to be linear there needs to be a constant rate of change. So I think the answer would be C. The average rates of change are not constant. But I am not 100% sure, it may be all of them. Please explain. Thank you!
  17. P

    How to Make Equation Based off Table

    A company's pricing schedule in the table below is designed to encourage large orders. (A gross is 12 dozen.) Find a formula for: (a)q as a linear function of p. Answer: q(p) = ____ ? b) p as a linear function of q. Answer: p(q) = ____ ? Could you explain how you got the answer...
  18. M

    Help with an Integral using substiution and table of integrals

    I have the integral ∫x/√(3-x^4 ) dx to which the answer I am supposed to arrive is =〖sin^(-1)〖((√3)*x^2))/3)〗/2 I have tried multiple times using trig substitution and U substitution. I have come close to the answer but fall short each time. I have attempted this problem many...
  19. C

    Real life problem solved with Truth table or Symbolic logic Help

    I need a real life problem that can be solved with Truth table or Symbolic logic (Modus Ponens, Modus Tollens, etc), but I can't find any, nor can I think of one. I would really appreciate your help.
  20. A

    Table calculation doesn't match actual drawing dimensions

    How come a calculation worked through trig tables doesn't exactly match the actual drawing dimensions? For example, a distance calculated by the tables should come out to 63.3200 mm but actually comes out to 64.4345 mm when drawn to 100 per cent size on CorelDraw. That's an error of about...