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    Solving sysytem of linear equations of n variables

    suppose i have system of linear equations having n variables, equations are in the form of X(i,i,1)=bX(i,i+1,k)+∑c X(i,j,k) i[0,N] and in summation k[0,i] aX(i,j,k)=bX(i-1,j.k)+dX(i,j-1,k) i[0,N-1] ,j[0,i] i have not mentioned all the equations over here but the system of equation...
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    Sysytem of equation method

    What am i doing wronge? every time I try this problem i get x and y to cancel one another out. Am i doing something wronge or is there no real answer to this problem? y=1+4x 8x-2y=4