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    Word Problem: Systems of Linear Equations

    Hi all, I have been trying to solve the following word problem for a few hours now. I think it's time to step in and ask for help after exhausting all of my resources to no avail. Three siblings Tommy, Susie, and Roland are 42 years old together now. When Susie was of Tommy's age, Roland was...
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    Solving Systems of Equations with Absolute Value Operators

    Suppose we have a line formula: Y = m * (X) (Eq. 1) where m is our slope and our y-intercept is zero. Let us assume that m is always positive. Now let us suppose that Y and X are actually functions of two hidden variables, P and Q. Y = |P + Q| (Eq. 2) X = (|P| + |Q|) /...
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    Basin of Attraction: Dynamical Systems

    I'm supposed to use the Liapunov function (1/2)x^2 + (1/4)y^2=1/9 to verify that this ellipse is included in the basin of attraction of (0,0) of the system. x'= -x + y^2 y'= -2y + 3x^2 Can someone please see if I did this correctly?
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    Systems of Linear Equations Word Problems

    1. An apparel shop sells skirts for 45 and blouses for 35. Its entire stock is worth 51,750, but sales are slow and only half the skirts and two thirds of the blouses are sold, for a total of 30,600. How many skirts and blouses are left in the store? So to solve this I would set up a system...
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    Systems of Linear Equations

    1. Solve by elimination or substitution. 2x + 5y = 8 6x + 15y = 18 Is there a solution for this problem? Both variables cancel no matter what I do.
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    Help with solving these systems of equations!

    Stuck on the last 3 systems on my worksheet, if someone could give me more than just the answer but also teach me how, it would be much appreciated! "Determine the nature of the intersection if it exists) between the following sets of planes. If it is a line, find the equation of it. If it is a...
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    Signals and Systems math help Could someone explain why, i, in problem one is equal to 0, 1, and -1?
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    Probability density functions in transformed systems

    Hi! Let's say that I have two random variables, x and y, with independent probability density functions, Pr(x \in [a, b]) = \int_a^b d\xi\:f_x(\xi), Pr(y \in [a, b]) = \int_a^b d\eta\:f_y(\eta). Now I have a transformed variables, x'(x, y) and y'(x, y), which I should be able to describe with a...
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    Linear systems: True & False

    Good evening, I'm having some difficulties working out if the following are true or false and why. 1. If A is an m x n matrix and Ax = 0 has a unique solution for x in Rn, then the rows of A are linearly independent. 2. If A is an m x n matrix and Ax = 0 has infinitely many solutions for x...
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    Systems of equations: what's behind the language "dependent, consistent, etc."

    So, I understand the following regarding linear systems: A system with at least one solution is said to be consistent. A system with exactly one solution is said to be independent. A system with infinite solutions is said to be dependent. A system with no solutions is said to be...
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    Linear Systems, stability, phase portraits and diagonal transformations

    Hi everyone I'm taking a linear algebra class at university right now and this is one of my homework questions . I am unsure how to even approach this task and was looking for any pointers. I apologize in advance for not showing any attempt at this problem but I am completely stuck and don't...
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    Chip based microprocessor systems

    Chip based microprocessor systems Monday Night Football Live Stream Jaguars vs Patriots Live Stream
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    Hello, need help with this algebra problem (Systems of linear equations)

    Hi, this is the application I have to solve! it's for Systems of Linear equations: Solving by the addition method. Jan has 2,000$ more invested in a stock that pays 9% interest, than in a savings account paying 8%.. If her total interest for 1 year is $860, how much does she have invested at...
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    systems of equations

    Hi I am working on solving eigenvector equations. The equations are x+2y+2z=0 -2x-4y-2z=0 x+2y=0 subtracting the 3rd from 1st equation gives 2z=0 z=0 subbing this back in gives the single equation x+2y=0 x = -2y the solution given is vectors in the form of (-2k,k,0) am i correct to...
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    Help with Problem

    I am new to this site and am not all that great at math but am trying to grow. I can't figure out how to work these equations. 1) x + y + z = 15 5x - z = 18 4y + z = 19 In this one i need to solve for the variables. the answers for x, y, z are 5,3,7 2) l1 + l3 = l2...
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    Need help in dealing with fractions in Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities

    I know how to graph linear inequalities and the same goes for solving 2 equations in system of linear inequalities (and do multiple shades in the graph), but when I try to solve for Y by converting into slope intercept form instead of using the intercept method to solve for both variables, the...
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    Trigonometry: Correcting discrepancy in two coordinate systems

    Hello! I'm conducting a study on 3D positioning of an electromagnetic sensor introduced into a cavity in the human body together with a catheter for pressure measurement. External landmarks so far has helped to align the pressure dome at same height as the cavity. I want to improve the precision...
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    Equivalence proofs concerning matrices and systems of linear equations

    Let $\mathbf A$ be the augmented $m × (n + 1)$ matrix of a system of $m$ linear equations with $n$ unknowns. Let $\mathbf B$ be the $m × n$ matrix obtained from $\mathbf A$ by removing the last column. Let $\mathbf C$ be the matrix in row reduced form obtained from $\mathbf A$ by elementary...
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    Systems of equations word problem

    Hello all! I am currently learning about systems of equations in Algebra and I have come across a doozy of a word problem which Im sure you all will find easy. "A golf resort offers two getaway options. The Mini Escape includes 3 nights' stay and 2 rounds of golf, and the Grand Escape...
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    Eigenvalues of piecewise linear systems

    Hi all, I am a theoretical ecology M.Sc student and I'm struggling with the calculation of the eigenvalues of a fairly simple system. I have a difference equations system where the following 3x3 state matrix: 0 1-x 1-x k1 0 0 0 k2 k3 is valid over x element of [0,k4] and...