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    last discontinuity i swear!

    it seems like all of the function is continuous? *srry guys this is the last question that i don't get! i have a exam tomorrow and iam worried :X
  2. J

    i swear i'm right but teacher's arguing with me, please help a wounded student )':

    (a) At a small clothing company, the estimated cost function for producing a new line of jeans is C(x)=(x^2-7x+30)/x, where is the number of pairs of jeans produced, in thousands. is measured in dollars. i) Calculate the cost of a pair of jeans at a production level of 3000 pairs. ii) Determine...
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    Last one I swear - word problem!

    In 1990, the number of births per 1000 people in the United States was 16.7 and decreasing at 0.26 birth per 1000 people each year. Write a function and use it to estimate the number of births per 1000 people in 2010. Help, I have no idea with this one!
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    Last Integration Problem...I Swear!

    \int\frac{x^2}{1+({2x})^2} dx I know that the bottom is going to end up being \arctan{2x} but how do I get rid of the x^2
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    Last basis q, I swear

    Find a basis B (fancy B) of R^2 such that the B-matrix (fancy B) of the linear transformation T(x) = [-5 -9 4 7]x (Where x is a vector) is B (regular B) = [1 1 0 1] They give [-9 and [0 as an example of an...
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    Last Problem, I swear

    Allright, here's the last problem I need help with, thanks to all those that have helped! Solve: [(3/x^2)+(1/x)]/[2-(4/5x)] Thanks! You guys rock! nerd (Hi)