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    I am trying to multiply the below but have came up with 2 answers. I'm getting into a right muddle. can anyone explain what I should do. I've read and read text but it not sinking in :(
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    solution of surds

    x=2 is a solution . i need others if there i any.
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    please solve please please

    make x the subject : 6x- √x = 12 Thanks
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    Surds problem

    This is a question from a local past paper. I am either having a mental breakdown or there is a problem in the question. As usual I need a sanity check please. I don't necessarily need the answer, but if you can tell me that it is solveable and there is not a mistake, then that is good. Using...
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    Simplifying surds and fractions

    Hi guys, How would one simplify the following? (2^n x 4^n+1) / 8^n-2 Also, if x = (√3) + 1 what is the value of x^2 - 1/x^2 with the answer as a simplified surd?
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    Solving equations involving surds 2

    Given that ( a + √3 ) ( b - √3 ) = 7 + 3√3 and that a and b are positive integers, Find the values of a and b. ANSWER: a = 2, b = 5.. But how does one derive those values?
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    Solving equation involving surds

    Hi, Any advice with the problem below would be greatly appreciated. X = √a + 1/√a + 1; X>0; express X - 2X in terms of a. btw, answer = a + 1 + 1/a; how do you derive it though? Thank you, Sean.
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    find the number of solutions in (5+2\sqrt{6})^{x^2-3}+(5-2\sqrt{6})^{x^2-3}=10
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    Basic Arithmetic and Surds

    (-5x)^3. This has to be simplified and I want to know if my answer is correct. Please can someone solve it for me to know if I correctly answered it.
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    Basic Arithmetic and Surds

    Simplify a^2 +1/a with a rational denominator where a= root5 -1 showing full working. Please if anyone can help, it would be great.
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    Basic Arithmetic and Surds

    Express (2root5 - 3root10)^2 in the form a+broot2 and hence find the values of a and b. If you can please help and explain the method and how to solve equations similar to this. :) Thanks
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    Dividing surds

    How do I continue and divide the surd? And is there anything wrong with my steps?
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    How do I continue and divide the surd? And is there anything wrong with my steps?
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    Trigo surds question

    (a) Prove that sin 3A = 3 sin A - 4 sin3 A. (b) If A = 36o, show that sin 3A = sin 2A. (c) Deduce that cos 36o = (1 + 51/2)/ 4. I've managed to solve (a) & (b), but I'm stuck at (c). I've figured out (c) has something to do with the fact that cos 36o = cos (63 - 27)o and that the angles 63o...
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    Surds: Which way round does a surd answer go. Read for more info

    Hi Guys, I am stuck deciding which way to put a surd answer. For Example: ("/" represents surds symbol) The Surd: /24 Simplified, is it 4/6 or 6/4?? and how can you know which way to put it?
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    Help with a surds problem?

    Please could someone advise me on solving this: If √m +√n = √(7+√48) calculate to the nearest digit m2 + n2 ? Thanks (Worried)
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    I'm having a bit of trouble with this one. Can anyone help me out? Many thanks. Q. Given that (a+\sqrt{3})(b-\sqrt{3})=7+3\sqrt{3} & that a & b are positive integers, find the value of a & b. Attempt: ab-a\sqrt{3}+b\sqrt{3}=7+3\sqrt{3} => ab-a\sqrt{3}=3\sqrt{3}-b\sqrt{3}+10 =>...
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    Measurable surds.

    The data are positive rational numbers A and B, for which the number √a + √b + √a√b is measurable. Prove that the number √a and √b are also measurable. please make a quick and detailed task Really thanks for all the answers
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    Simplifying fractions involving surds and powers

    Hello, I intend to find my way round LaTex as soon as I can, but hope that this makes sense for now... Can someone advise me on how I can get from ((root(8.pi.n).((4.n)/e)^4n.(root(2.pi.n).(n/e)^n)^2)/(root(4.pi.n).((2.n)/e)^(2n))^3 to (1/root(2)).2^(2n) ? I'm sure it's a...
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    Something to do with surds?

    x=√2+√2-√2+x value of x