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    complement and supplement identities problem

    Hi everyone. I need help on the following problem: (1/sinx)-(1/tanx) = tan(x/2), where x is in degrees. How do you reduce the "left hand side" to the "right hand side" using trigonometric identities? Thank you.
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    Top Tips Of multivitamin supplement

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    Best supplement for body building

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    Best supplement for weight loss

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    Supplement for skin care

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    Best supplement for blooming face

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    Best supplement for skin care

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    Best supplement for blooming face

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    Best supplement for body builder

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    Supplement for body builder

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    BesT sUppLEmEnT fOr bOdy bUildiNG

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    Supplement and Complementary angle problem

    The ratio of the measure of the supplement of an angle to that of the complement of the angle is 5:2. Find the measure of the supplement. Not sure how to set it up.
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    Looking to supplement my learning, New and frustrated!

    Hello All, I am a second year B-Comm student focusing on an Accounting Major. I have done well in my classes up until this point, working on a pre-calculus class with a final coming up in a matter of weeks. I scored poorly on my Midterm, assignments have been going alright, and I have been...
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    Supplement & Complement Angle

    Hi, if anyone could help me solve this and show in some detail (if possible) the steps to solving it I'd great appreciate it! Thanks! The sum of twice the supplement of an angle and three times its complement is 595 degrees. Find the angle.
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    Complement and supplement of an angle

    Can -42 degrees have a complement and/or supplement? I do not think that it can happen. my angle is in the third quadrant. So I cannot make that a positive angle that I can add another angle to to make 90 degrees or 180 degrees. So I believe that this cannot have a complement or...
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    Complement and supplement of an angle

    Can -7PI/6 (-210 degrees) have a complement and supplement. Complement no because it has to be a positive degree. Supplement if I add 30 degrees to -210 it becomes 180 is this possible? It says that it has to be two positive angles whose sum is 180 degrees. So I think it can since the...
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    complement and supplement

    Find ( if possible ) the complement and supplement of each angle. A. 1 B. 2
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    Supplement & Complement

    I been out of school for a weak because I had a appendix attack. Can you guys help me with these two so I can do the rest. (Worried) 1) The measure of a supplement of an angle is 12 more then twice the measure of the angle. Find the measures of the angle and supplement. 2) A supplement of an...
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    Complement, Supplement, Coterminal and principle angles?

    Complement, Supplement, Coterminal and principle angles? I don't really know what these terms mean so i need help on their meanings and how to find them. Example find the Complement, Supplement, Coterminal and principle angles for each \theta a) \theta=92^o, for -720^o\leq\theta\leq720^o and...
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    Measure of an angle...and supplement

    If the measure of an angle is 23o17’18’’, what is the measure of its supplement?