1. X

    berounilli eqaution suitable ?

    is it suitable to use berounilli eqaution for dy/dx + (y/x) = y^6 ? but , according to the notes i posted , the eqaution must have q(x) , unfortunealy , in the dy/dx + (y/x) = y^6 , there is no q(x)
  2. D

    integration suitable substituition

    for this question, the question only stated SUITABLE substituition, what substituition should i use? this substituion does not involve trigo functions , am i right?
  3. F

    Express the following equations in a form suitable for drawing a straight line graph

    Express the following equations in a form suitable for drawing a straight line graph, stating its axes, gradient and vertical intercept. 1. y = e^(ax + by) 2. y = (a / b)^(xy + 1)
  4. P

    Substitute suitable value of y to find 5^{1/3}

    Given the equation (1+3y)^{\frac{1}{3}} \approx 1+y-y^2 is valid for |y|<\frac{1}{3}, by substituting a suitable value for y, find an approximate value of 5^{\frac{1}{3}} . I found the answer by substituting y=\frac{1}{5} and the answer is 1\frac{21}{29} But I dont understand why, when I...
  5. L

    Suitable change of variables for this triple integral?

    Can anyone help me with coming up with a suitable change of variables for this triple integral? (last part of question) having trouble getting spherical polars to work, if anyone has any other suggestions it would be great! this is from here, not a take home test Course Material for Calculus in...
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    Suitable function H(H(x))=H(x)

    Hi just a question from the book I'm a bit puzzled with, probably fairly basic but I am very tired and can't make any sense of it :/ Find a suitable function H such that H(H(x))=H(x), and H(1)=36, H(2)=\frac{\pi}{3}, H(13)=47, H(36)=36, H(\frac{\pi}{3})=\frac{\pi}{3}, H(47)=47 Hint: Don't...
  7. J

    Unable to find a suitable substitution to integrate a function.

    Hi, I have the following function, but I really cannot find a substitution that helps me integrate it :-/. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could give me a clue on a suitable substitution. Thanks! (x^2)/(x^2-1)^(1/2)
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    looking for suitable statistical tool for low-frequency dataset

    hi, i have a problem for which i hope to get some help here. i have a time-series dataset that, say, runs from 2000 to 2009 (10 years). for each year, i have measured this quantity called T several times, whereby the number of T does not exceed 10 per year. what i wish to do is to find out...
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    Help with two questions using suitable estimation

    1) In star Trek, Mr Spock was always known for his precision with numbers. He would estimate/ calculate the probability of surviving an attack by a klingon bird of prey space cruiser as ‘1 in 15.789 Captain’. a) Do you think this degree of precision is appropriate? Give reason. b) What would...
  10. D

    use suitable substitution to integrate

    would be much grateful for help with the following 2 problems. use suitable substitution to integrate (a) f(x) = x^2 (x^2 - 10)^{20} (b) f(t) = t^2 e^{3t^3+5}
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    a suitable roughly scaling

    Hi there the folowing code is for training dataset (trPima) and testing dataset (tePima) I want to use k-nearest neighbours but first I need to scale the data so that the range of the 7 explanatory is roughly 1.I have tried to the ranges calculate but i don't know how to chose a suitable rough...
  12. V

    how to find a suitable probability distribution

    i have daily recorded rainfall data of 36 years. now i want to fit a suitable probability distribution but how? i calculate mean, variance, skewness, kurtosis but how to select a distribution?
  13. L

    Suitable model?

    Hi, can anyone suggest a suitable model for the following data? The data shows the number of radioactive particles detected per day near to a nuclear power station. Emissions occur at random. Number of particles 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11+ Frequency 3...