1. B

    Calc Sudoku

    I have this 1/4th done on paper, just a bonus problem but i still want to complete it I am having a hard time making all the empty fit together the link is not a virus... its a word document
  2. A

    Sudoku as a mathematics teaching aid

    Despite the general notion that no mathematics knowledge is required to solve a classic sudoku puzzle, sudoku can be used as a teaching aid in mathematics. I have contributed a sudoku puzzle to the August 2008 issue of NRICH. The NRICH Project is based in both the University of Cambridge's...
  3. TriKri

    Sudoku solutiuons mathematics

    How many unique sudoku solutions is there? How do one calculate it? Besides, can every sudoku be generated by applying this technique (now they have forgotten to shuffel the different sets of alike digits with each other)? Or is there some solutions that will NEVER be produced? Is there equal...
  4. D

    Puzzle - Harder than Sudoku

    Puzzle--Help! Can anyone please help me to solve this puzzle?
  5. hpe


    Sudoku (Number Place) is a puzzle game that is currently driving Britain crazy. Here is an easy one. Here is a difficult one. Here is a Wikipedia article. In technical terms, this is a "partial Latin Squares" problem. There are mathematical connections to experimental design...