1. sakonpure6

    Hydrostatic Force on a submerged plane.

    Hello, I am having trouble with question 5, it reads (ignore the Riemann sum part) : Here is what I did, and where did I go wrong?. The answer the book gives is: $6.7\cdot 10^4N$. Thank you, -Sakon
  2. M

    force on a submerged object?

    a cylindrical drum with no top of height 3 meters and radiius 2 meters is half filled with water and capped. if the drum is turned to a horizontal position, what is the force on the cap? b. if the drum were completely filled before being capped and turned what would the force be on the cap? we...
  3. T

    Hydrostatic Force over submerged plane (should be easy)

    Hi there!!! First of all, It's been a long time since I read a Calculus book, thats mainly the reason I'm stuck here... That being said, on to the problem: Lets start by assuming that dF = P(z)*ds (as vectors, dF and ds) So, if we integrate over the whole surface, we get the result that |F|...
  4. P

    Fluid force on a submerged vertical plate

    "Find the total force against the rectangular plate submerged vertically in a tank of water. The plate is 2' (vertical) by 5' (horizontal) and is touching the bottom of a tank of water that is 6 feet deep." The formula for this is the integral from a to b of (strip depth)(strip length)dy, and...