1. T

    Bingo style probability - chances of exactly specific number of balls released

    Hi all, I would like to simulate a bingo game jackpot, all calculations being made in Excel and I need help with the math. The game uses numbers 1 - 80. The player 'chooses' 16 numbers from this range. A win constitutes matching all 16 numbers for a 'House' I can currently work out the odds...
  2. C

    Help Making "Flight Simulator" Style Movements (based on rotation along axes)

    Hi, I am working on a video game where the camera movement (in this case what the viewer sees) is controlled by a joystick. I want the camera movement to act like a flight simulator meaning the following: When the user points the joystick "down" (toward the screen) the camera points down (think...
  3. xlxc34

    Newton's law of cooling style problem with variable cooling coefficient

    Hi, I'm developing a code for analysing fatigue of polymers. The equation looks similar to Newton's law of cooling: dn/dt=(n0-n)Kb ------ n is the damage variable, n0 is the resistance to failure (analagous to the ambient temperature in Newton's law) and Kb is the bond rupture rate, which is...
  4. johnact121

    Monte Carlos Method: Particular Equation Style Required

    I require a numerical program to generate a random equation for me with the requirements listed below. This curve is for a velocity profile of an object, must have positive velocity at all times and has limits on the maximum acceleration and deceleration. I desire to create a slightly different...
  5. U

    [SOLVED] SOS: Chicago 15th edition Author- date style

    I need to format my reference list using the chicago 15th edition author-date style. I have searched high and low but I just can find this .bst file on the internet. As a last resort, I attempted to create a style file using custom bst. I'm new to latex/bibtex and finding it a bit rough using...
  6. J

    AP Style Question, Help?

    A particle moves along a line so that at any time t its position is given by x(t)=2pi t + cos 2pi t. a. Find the velocity at time t. b. Find the acceleration at time t. c. What are the values at t, 0<t<3 for which the particle is at rest? d. What is the maximum velocity? I would really...
  7. B

    Crazy AP style derivative problems

    Big homework assignment this week, and luckily i was able to do most of the problems. However, there are these 3 that i just can't go right. 1. Equation is 2(y^3) + 6(x^2)y- 12(x^2) + 6y = 1 a. Show that the derivative of the above equation is equal to (4x -2xy)/(x^2 + y^2 + 1) b...
  8. B

    AP style Calculus Questions

    1. Consider the differential equation dy/dx = 3(x^2) / e^2y (a) Find a solution for y = f(x) to the differential equation satisfying f(0) = ½. (b) Find the domain and range of the function f found in part (a). Justify your answer. 2. Suppose that the function f has a continuous...
  9. J

    Dice odds. Risk style.

    Ok, so you might know the game of Risk. If you don't here is a summary of the relevant rules. The attacking player may, if attacking with more than 3 armies, throw 3 dice to descide the results of a battle. The defender may, if the defending territory holds 2 armies, defend with 2 dice. The...
  10. E

    Prove By Induction (Sigma Style)

    \sum_{i = 1}^n i^3 = \frac{n^2(n+ 1)^2}{4}?