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    How to Calculate the Mean Effect size concerning a meta- analyses of five studies.

    How do you calculate the mean effect size for thesestudies. Use Cohen’s conventions to describe the mean effect size youcalculated. d= 0.67 d = 0.03 d = 0.32 d = 0.59 d= 0.22
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    Analytical studies practice paper help

    Hi all, got a bit of a problem, i cant get to grips with the lecturers teaching technique and i am really struggling with the work i need an in depth step by step solution for the practice paper, i no its a big ask but any help on any of the questions would be much appreciated. thanks
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    Hi Guys! algebra help needed for engineering studies!

    Hi there Im andy from Liverpool im currently studying for an engineering degree, but firstly have to complete a foundation course in maths. Its going well so far - until the dreaded algebra questions came along! Ive understood some of it so far but the assesment questions have tied me in knots...
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    What branch of mathematics studies the types of numbers? (Cardinal, Ordinal, Nominal)

    I ask this question in context of a question about the date. For example, what is today's date if today is Wednesday and last Sunday was the 20th (of January)? Rephrased, the equivalent question is: What is today's date if today is FOUR and last ZERO was the 20th. Four and Zero are used as...
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    Good universities for engineering math studies?

    Hi! I've studied engineering mathematics since fall and been thinking about studying abroad for a year (or for the whole the master). So I wonder, what universities are concidered good in mathematics / engineering mathematics? My university only offers exchange-programmas with universities...
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    Economics Homework Help - Replacement Studies

    Equipment purchased 2 years ago for $70,000 was expected to have a useful life of 5 years with a $5000 salvage value. Its performance was less than expected, and it was upgraded for $30,000 one year ago. Increased demand now requires that the equipment be upgraded again for an additional $25,000...
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    Case-control studies

    Hello. This is more a theoretical question.I've just start studying biostatistics and I'm having some doubts. I'm focusing in case-control studies. First, the classical result from Anderson (1972) and Prentice and Pike (1979) says that the case-control study when a logistic model is being used...
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    Independent Pre Algebra Studies Help

    Good Morning... I am a freshman in college going into my second semestar in September of 2008. I am in a 24 hour + major program. I left high school in 9th grade however, scored high enough to be placed in Basic College Algebra. I attempted to complete this course during this present semestar...
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    Probability of independent studies question

    The probability that Andy studies math over break is 0.3 and the probability that Betty independently studies over break is 0.4. Find the probability Andy studies math over break and Betty doesn't. P(B)=0.4 P(B)=1-0.4=0.6 P(A)=0.3 P(A)=1-0.3=0.7, Ok this is where I'm stuck do I add...