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    Finding G(X) within a limit, need help please!

    We want to calculate the limit limx→∞ 4x^2/Sqrt3x^4+2 (square root is for the whole bottom function) Rewrite The limit as as 4/sqrt3+g(x) (square root is for the whole bottom function)where g(x)=?
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    Finding solutions to the equation y''=(y'^2-1)/y

    Hello, it's actually my first time posting a thread on this site so I hope you'll forgive me if I do not post as I should. Here is the problem I've got : Solve the differential equation y''=(y'^2-1)/y with y(1) = 1 and y(2) = 7. I tried different methods but none seemed to be a help in the...
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    Stuck on an Implicit Differentiation Problem

    Hello. I'm teaching myself Calculus and have hit a road block at Implicit Differentiation. I understand it conceptually but one of the problems in the 30 year old calculus book (Thomas and Finney, if that rings any bells) that I got my hands on has me stumped. I'm trying to differentiate with...
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    Division of Radicals Problem (Stuck)

    So here is the problem: \frac{1-(\sqrt{x+1})}{1+(\sqrt{x-1})} Now I had thought that the method to solve it was to just multiply the numerator and denominator by the conjugate of the denominator, but I keep getting answers that are different from the solution provided, which is...
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    stuck with two problems in inquality

    The first problem goes like this: "for this equitation x^2-(m+1)x+m+9=0 , find for what values of m one root is bigger than 2 and the second root is smaller than 2?" I've succeeded to answer that if x_1=\frac{m+1+\sqrt{\Delta }}{2} and x_2=\frac{m+1-\sqrt{\Delta }}{2} so x_1>2 and x_2<2 than the...
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    I'm Stuck

    A certain mountain on Earth has vertical drop of 1700 feet. (For the purpose of this model, neglect air resistance. Hint: The height of a falling object above the ground t seconds after it is dropped can be modeled by s(t) = −16t2 + s0, where s0 is the initial height.) Create a quadratic...
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    Implicit Differentiation - stuck

    Hi, I had a question: Use implicit differentiation to find the equation of the tangent line given by: x^2(y+1) +e^xy = 9 at the point (3,0). I assumed this meant I had to differentiate the equation using implicit differentiation first so I: 1. Rearranged the equation to a form I have seen in...
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    super simple stats question, but i'm stuck!! which test do i use?

    hello all :) basically i'm just finishing up a research project in which i am measuring whether a 6 week course of massage therapy was able to increase joint angle symmetry (measured at maximal flexion during walk) in 5 participants. i collected data at baseline, then weeks 3 and 6 i have run...
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    Help! Got stuck again.

    Write the standard equation for each circle. State the coordinates of the center and give the radius. x^2+y^2+6x=25 How can I solve this if there isn't a 'y' value?!
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    Help! Stuck on one single problem!

    Write the equation for the circle in standard form. x^2 + y^2 - 3x + y = 1 Can someone please tell me the answer to this problem and show the work too? Thanks in advanced!
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    Please help Im stuck with these problems ( Combining Functions)

    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=verdana]1) Cell phones begin to lose (resale) value immediately after purchase. After one year, an iPhone can be resold at 63% of its list price. Assume that each year after that, the resale value continues to drop to 63% of the resale price from the
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    I'm currently stuck on these problems Help would be very appreciated :)

    I've been currently stuck on these problems and would really appreciate some help if possible! 1. Solve triangle ABC if m<c = 23 degrees, c=5 and a=17 I've been trying to use the law of sines for this problem but I kept getting a domain error due to the arc sine of (17/5) being greater than...
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    Simple area question

    Im stuck on this question What is the total area of the car park, office block A and office block B in square meters (m2)? A. 3999.21 m2 B. 298.88 m2 C. 2780.75 m2 D. 1616.91 m2 E. 580.62 m2 I can't seem to get an answer that matches from one of the above, i have tried to add all the areas up...
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    Precalculus Question STUCK ON!!

    The number of bacteria in a refrigerated food product is given by N(T)=20T2−17T+2, 1<T<31 where T is the temperature of the food. When the food is removed from the refrigerator, the temperature is given by T(t)=5t+1.3 , where t is the time in hours. Find the composite function N(T(t))...
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    Im stuck...

    How do i find the integral of sinxcosx? Thanks!
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    Simple Trigonometric Identities Exercise - Got Stuck

    I was just browsing a textbook and try to solve this exercise quoted as follows: I started by thinking in it's full form that is, \frac{\sin \theta }{\cos \theta}=\tan \theta Secondly, I noticed this lacking\cos \theta is to be found using this identity \cos\theta =\sqrt{1-\sin ^{2}\theta...
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    Stuck On Assignment Question

    Find the function of f(f(x)) and state the domain. f(x)= x/1+x. So far I have X/1+X/1+X/1+X , im assuming i am suppose to solve and simplify this somehow but I am stumped.
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    Stuck on dividing an algebraic radical

    I am currently working my way through radicals, but this one really has me stuck. I can't figure out how to achieve the answer to this one radical. Here is the problem and the answer. I am supposed to show how the answer was achieved: fifthrt is my way of typing "fifth root of" $fifthrt(3a^7...
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    Operations on Matrices: I'm stuck on this type of questions

    Hi, new here. Hope I posted in the right forum category (Itwasntme) This is the question... Please.... Help me.... Help me with the technique.... Thank youuuu
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    integration by substitution stuck in the first question

    ⌠(4x+5/4x^2+10x) dx [use the substitution u=4x^2+10x] ⌠(5t√t^2+1) dt i know u= t^2+1 i got 5t^3/3 +t + constant