1. H

    A strategy question

    Hello everyone. I have a problem need to be solved, I do not know which catalog this question belongs to. But let me give an example to demonstrate this: Let’s say there is a stock. When the price is 100, I bought it, I am certain the price will go up, and at some point, I am not that...
  2. N

    How to describe a strategy on proving that A= ∅, etc.

    6. Describe strategies to prove the following: (a)A ⊆ B. (b) A = ∅. (c) A = B. (d) The set A has one single element. I'm stuck on how to describe a strategy for (b) and (d). I think that for (d) I just have to prove that A contains ∅. But for (b) do I have to prove that A contains a single...
  3. M

    Finding a specific solution for a general term in a sequence and a general strategy

    A problem says to: Write the nth general term of the following sequence: 1, 16, 243, 4096, and 78,125......etc The answer given is n(2+n) Is that the correct answer? Also, what is a general strategy for solving such problems? Is there anything better than just guessing a pattern?(Doh)
  4. T

    Series Sum/Convergence Strategy

    I am having some trouble knowing how to approach some series questions. So far my studies have been up through the root, ratio, and alternating theorem. As an example: From my understanding its best to try to determine if it even converges before trying to find what it converges to.... Sum...
  5. Jason76

    Finding 3X3 Inverse Matrix Strategy

    Basic Idea: Join a 3X3 matrix to a 3 X 3 identity matrix, and then change (via Gauss-Jordan elimination) the 3 X 3 matrix to reduced row echelon form, while changing the identity matrix from reduced echelon form to a 3X3 Matrix. Should you eliminate the 0s or 1s, or both in the identity matrix...
  6. Jason76

    Strategy for Limit Series Comparison Test

    What is a tip off to use the limit comparison test? What can we see that makes us want to use it? How do we choose b_{n}, given a_{n} is the given series? Example Converge or Diverge? Summation sign goes here with n = 1, infinity on top\dfrac{\sqrt{n +5}}{3n^{2} + n + 4}
  7. Jason76

    Strategy for Series Comparison Test

    What is the strategy? The online homework said that you should compare the series to a new series which keeps only the dominating term in the denominator. What does that mean? How about this example? Converge or Diverge? Summation sign goes here with n = 1 and infinity on top...
  8. Jason76

    Trig Substitution Strategy

    When the variable under the square root is not a square, then what is the general strategy? Any example? If the variable is a square then \sqrt{a - x^{2}} then a\sin\theta \sqrt{a + x^{2}} then a\tan\theta \sqrt{x^{2} - a} then a\sec\theta
  9. B

    phylosophy problem - proveing strategy

    Hi, I am reading this book and there is an attempt to prove a concept by describin it and it is pretty vague what technique the writter is using to prove it. I mannaged to break his "proof" into variables and statements. so i have 4 variables y_{c}, x_{c}, k, c and the statemant the...
  10. M

    Calculus Graph Sketching strategy.

    Hello all, I'm new here and I taking a course in calculus what is totally new to me, I having been work trough differentiation and now we got to do some graph sketching following 6 steps described in the book I have started this one but I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly so all explanation...
  11. A

    Using the graph sketching strategy

    Hi all I wasn't sure which forum to post this in but it does contain calculus so I hope it's in the right place. I have to use the graph sketching strategy to sketch the graph of the function (6x-5)/(4-9x^2) I know this is a long process and I've been doing similar ones with no problems but...
  12. G

    Game theory in Toads and Frogs game and its strategy

    So taking the game theory course on Coursera, I got interested in a game called Toads and Frogs (Toads and Frogs (game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) - in the course, it's basically just skimmed through in some two videos but I wanted to know if there's some winning strategy. I read on it...
  13. T

    Face down paper strategy

    Three pieces of paper each have one random number written on them. They are placed upside down on a table. The objective is to choose the slip with the highest number on it. The rules are: You may turn over any one of the three papers and look at its number. If you think it is the highest...
  14. A

    Using Polya strategy and the sub-goal or others

    Sarah has a blanket with a patch size of 9x12. She has cut eight of the affected patch with black ink. Sarah plans to cut the blanket into two pieces and sew back to form a blanket size 10x10 patches. How to solve this problem? Please, help me. How to cut into two pieces only?.
  15. P

    Rhombus side length 'n'. Who has the winning strategy?

    Chris and Michael play a game on a board which is a rhombus of side length n (a positive integer) consisting of two equilateral triangles, each of which has been divided into equilateral triangles of side length 1. Each has a single token, initially on the leftmost and rightmost squares of the...
  16. D

    Strategy games

    Here is a game I wish I had the solution to: A cuboid consists of 4x6x9 cubes. Two people play a game where they reduce the cuboid with flat cut. Every time you make a cut you can have one of the two pieces and then the turn passes to the opponent who shares the cuboid in the same way with...
  17. A

    Problem-Solving Strategy

    This strategy, while perhaps most applicable to physics problems that you can visualize, still has aspects that apply to many problems. I hope it will prove useful to you. 1. Write out the problem statement in full, converting all physical units to a consistent set in the process. (That way...
  18. N

    sampling strategy

    I have a map of presence - absence (raster 1 or 0). The area where the phenomenon is present is much smaller in area than where it is absent. What I would like to do is run a binomial regression using multiple independent variables and presence absence as the dependent variable. To do this I...
  19. Q

    The Mathematics in BlackJack Basic Strategy

    I am doing a school project about the mathematics involved in card games, and I thought the basic strategy of BlackJack would be a great subject to touch on. For things like the basic strategy charts, what kind of math was used to generate the best possible moves. Now, I know that these are...