1. S

    Slope of a Straight Line

    Hello, I am learning about the straight line and understand what the terms "rise" and "run" represent very well. I also understand how they are derived from the points positions in the plane. I really do not understand why the slope of a straight line is defined as "rise over run". How come is...
  2. M

    In complex numbers - equation of straight line

    Hello everyone Please let me know what this say : "Show that the point representing (z1+z2)/2 is the midpoint of the line segment joining the points for z1 and z2" This means I should write equation of straight line of two complex number ? How can I do it and solve it , I'm little confused ...
  3. J

    I've been making straight Bs, but I had to drop Calculus II? How did I get so lost?

    Well, here's what I've done so far in Math. I took College Algebra last fall in 2014, and then took Trigonometry over Winter Term. I took Precalculus in the Spring, and then took Calculus I over the Summer. I passed, and I was set to take Calculus II this fall, but I had to drop it a week in...
  4. R

    General form of an equation of a straight line

    Ok this seems easy but I am little confused... I am trying to find the general equation of a straight line that does not pass through the first quadrant. Looking at y= mx +c , I realise m will have to be negative and c negative for sloping lines but I can't encapsulate the vertical lines and...
  5. H

    How to evaluate solid angle subtended by a finite plane bounded by straight lines

    How to calculate solid angle (in Ste-radian) subtended by a plane bounded by the straight lines x=-8, x=12, y=-6 & y=20 in XY-plane at the point (8, -10, -6). Any help is highly appreciated. thanks ................... (Flower)(Flower)(Flower)
  6. N

    With your knees walks out straight

    With your knees walks out straight donkey calf raises are standing calf raises done in a tent over position so that your hamstrings are stretched to the maximum them remain stretched throughout the exercise stretching the gas truck these as we’ve seen gives you more intense LifeForce T-2000...
  7. A

    Solving cubic equations using straight line?

    Hi, I'm having trouble with part c of this question. Solving algebraically I can see that the solutions are x=0, x=2, x=-2 but I can't see how find these solutions by "drawing a suitable straight line on the grid"? I must be missing something obvious here! Thanks
  8. D

    vector-equation of straight line

    can i do this question in both ways? since the question does not state which point is a , (r=a+tb ) , and how about the b , can i take (3,1, -2 ) minus (4, 0 ,2 ) and (4, 0 ,2 ) minus (3,1, -2)
  9. M

    The equation for a straight line

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section I am not sure what this is categorized as. I have a problem regarding the equation for a straight line. I have the following question and solution but im really not sure if I am right to drop the units. Could anyone help please? · The...
  10. V

    Straight Line through a Fixed Point

    I am not able to solve this problem Two fixed straight line OX and OY are cut by a variable line in the points A and B respectively and P and Q are feet of perpendiculars drawn from A and B upon the lines OBY and OAX. Show that if AB pass through a fixed point, then PQ will also pass through a...
  11. F

    Complex Analysis - Mapping of a straight line and Principal value

    I've done part a) I just simply cubed z and expanded, then seperated real and imaginary. I assume this is all that's needed? For part b) I have no idea how to do it.
  12. A

    convention in straight line equation?

    in most straight lines equations found in books i see that the sign of the constant is always kept positive even if it means keeping the other two coeff. negative. why?
  13. srirahulan

    Straight Line

    A straight line intersects x-axis and y-axis respectively at A(7,0) and B(0,-5).A straight line drawn perpendicular to AB meets x-axis at P and y-axis at Q.if AQ and BP intersects each other at R then show that the locus of the R is x^2+y^2-7x+5y=0..... I attached a image of the following...
  14. B

    locus of points equidistand to both a point and straight line(horizontal)

    P(x;y). Is a point which is equidistant to both point D(2;-5) and straight line y=1 Determine the equation of locuss of P(x;y) I drew horizontal y=1 and plot D(2;-5). Am not sure how to draw locus of points which satisfies given conditions? Thanks in advance!
  15. A

    straight line and function

    if a , b , c are odd numbers prove that the straight line ax+by+c=0 never intersect the function f(x)=x^2 in apoint its x-coordinate is rational number.
  16. L

    Creating a straight line equation from a logarithm equation?

    Show that the equation relating the magnetic force kx^n to the component of the moveable magnet’s component of weight along the incline is mg sin θ = kx^n, where m = 0.05 kg is the mass of each magnet, k is a constant, and g = 9.8 m/s2 is the acceleration due to gravity Ok so I have a set of...
  17. H

    Peruvian Virgin Straight Hair

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  18. S

    Straight forward inequality question

    Hi guys.. I would like a simple explanation as of to how to get the solution set of an inequality; Please explain using this example: 4x+5 < 5x-9 Thanks! :)
  19. S

    Pair of Straight lines

    If each of the equations ax^2+2hxy+by^2+2gx+2fy+c=0 and ax^2+2hxy+by^2-2gx-2fy+c=0 represents a pair of straight lines , find the area of the parallelogram enclosed by them . Please help
  20. S

    Pair of Straight lines

    The straight line ax+by+c=0 bisects an angle between a pair of straight lines of which one is lx+my+n=0. Find the equation of the other line of the pair. Please help