1. O

    Would I use rations, or something else to solve this?

    Greetings, all. I’m not exactly sure how to word this, so hopefully this makes sense. I’m trying to figure out how to set this up, maybe a ration? P&L? Let’s say I’m looking at a REIT, or maybe a fund. However, instead of buying the full amount of the item, I’m looking at a part. To start...
  2. A

    Functions graph/ investments/ stock market questions

    Hello I need help with this. So this is the pic of the graph Question a ) I don't need help with this one but for the other questions I do. B) if an investor buys $1000 worth of shares from each company...
  3. I

    Stock Trading question - calc a virtual point on a curve

    Hi, I need to calculate an extended virutal point on a curve which is based on a simple moving average of a stock's price (Y axis). This is based over various time frames but for this example lets restrict the period to weekly data (X axis). The point I need to calculate is a virtual point at...
  4. U

    quadratic stock problem

    The initial price of stock is $20 per share. After 20 days the stock price is $30 per share and after 40 days the price is $35 per share. Assume that while the price of the stock is not zero it can be modeled by a quadratic function.Find the multipart function s(t) giving the stock...
  5. S

    Quantoing a call option on a stock

    A stock trades in the US market for $98. The dividend yield on thestock is 4.15%: The volatility of the stock is 35%. The US interest rate,continuously compounded, is 6.5%. I want to quote on quantoing thestock into a foreign currency that has a continuously compounded interestrate of 8.14%. The...
  6. M

    Interesting stock question

    How would you calculate the economic order quantity given that there is no holding stock?
  7. H

    Stock and price problem please help.

    A person has 3 percent stock which yields $240 a year. He sells out 1/4 of the stock at and invests the proceeds in Railway stock at $174.5. What dividend should the latter pay so that he may thereby increase his oncome to $40?
  8. Vinod

    Finding stock market index trend based on option analysis

    Let us assume that spot value of stock market index is 5670. Out of money call option for the strike price 5800 is trading at $8.15. Out of money put option for the strike price 5600 is trading at $24.How to calculate probability of stock market index going up or down?
  9. J

    Stock Terms - Glossary of Stock Market Terms and Definitions

    Finding an integrated glossary of stock market terms and definitions is only possible in the stock market section of a financial dictionary. This article attempts to create a list of stock terms, that will not require you to go and search elsewhere. This article gives to the point, elementary...
  10. Y

    Phi(Golden Ratio) and stock market price movements

    I'm doing this project and I have a few questions. 1) What should I be doing with these stock graphs? I should be standardizing the values right? Well when I do, they come out to around 1.49 thru...
  11. E

    Deciding Which Products to Stock in a Business

    At one time I thought I was pretty good with math, but this one has stumped me. Can you help figure it out? I run a small mail order business; Inventory is purchased from various vendors, stored in a warehouse, until it’s sold and shipped to the buyer. I have limited cash and limited storage...
  12. M

    Price of stock (present value)

    Ok, so the question goes like this: A company paid a dividend per share of $8 yesterday. Because of unusual high growth, the dividend is expected to increase by 20 % annually for the next two years. Thereafter a growth of 8 % is expected in all foreseeable future. Your required annual return is...
  13. P

    Help needed with pro-rata share allocation for sale of stock for clients

    Hi all, First time visiting this forum so I'm hoping someone can assist. I'm building a macro in Excel to handle the following scenario, and while my code is good, the math to arrive at the answer is wrong...which is where (hopefully) some of you come in. I have situations where multiple...
  14. V

    Accounting Help.. Did part of it but stuck... Stock Dividends and Stock Splits?

    A company would like to issue a 5% stock dividend this year. The company has 15,000 shares of common stock and no preferred stock outstanding. The stock has a par value of $2 and an initial issue value of $12 per share. Currently the stock is trading at $20 per share. I have to record a journal...
  15. D

    Formula for what parts to keep in stock

    Hi everyone, I've got what I think is a maths problem, however Im not sure if it belongs in this category. Anyhoo.. Here's the background to my situation: I've recently inherited the role of manager of a department that provides service on photocopiers. So I have a team of engineers who...
  16. G

    Standard Deviation on Results of Stock Trades

    I have calculated the expected value and standard deviation for a trading strategy for the financial markets, but think that my standard deviation is too low. Assume the following: A trading strategy has the folllowing possible outcome: probability of winning trade = 50%, win will be $1,500...
  17. R

    Rate of return on stock stock index

    Hello, I am stuck on this problem for my investments class. I do not know where to start. Can someone help me solve this problem for me so I can use this as an example to figure similar problems in the end of chapter? I would really appreciate the help. I attached a word document to this with...
  18. W

    CAPM, finding if a stock is over or under priced

    a corp. is trying to estimate if it's stock is overpriced, under-priced or fairly priced, the analyst assigned looked up the s&p index and it's 12%, and the t-bill rate is 3%. three other specialty auto dealers' betas are 1.2, 1.6, and .9 . the corps dividends are growing at an annual rate of 3%...
  19. W

    quick estimation of stock value

    if i only know the p/e ratio for a similar company and the shares outstanding in mine as well as earnings after taxes how do i estimate my stock price? would i just take my earnings/shares outstanding and then multiply by the p/e ratio? i'm pretty sure that's right anyone able to confirm?
  20. K

    Finance - Equilibrium Stock Price

    The risk free rate of return, Rrf, is 11%; the required rate of return on the market, Rm, is14%; and Schuler Company's stock has a beta coeffecient of 1.5. a. If the dividend expected during the coming year is $2.25 and the growth rate is a constant 5%, what is price should Schuler's stock...