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    I need to find the relative frequency but a sample size is not given

    This is the only information given and I am not sure how to find the relative frequency when it doesn't tell me the sample size.
  2. G

    Multivariate Probability Distribution

    Question: f(x, y) = 1, where x,y are between 0 and 1 OR = 0, elsewhere a) What is P(X - Y > 0.5)? b) What is P(XY < 0.5)? Honestly I have no idea how to go about this question. Can anybody point out how to get it started?
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    Expected Value: Carnival Game. Probability

    This is my first post here. I need help with my math homework. I had to create the problem, but I don't know how to answer it. At the carnival, there is a board with a spinner. It costs $3 to play this game and you receive $6 if you win. There are 4 green tiles on the board and 6 blue. Each...
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    really need some help solving this! probability

    There are 12people. Each person buys 1 present each andwraps it and puts it under the tree (each person will know what present theywrapped). All names of the 12people go into a hat. The first persondrawn has the option to pick a present from under the tree (whilst there are 12presents – you...
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    Central Limit Theorem

    Let X1,X2,… be a sequence of independent N(0, 8) distributed random variables. For n=1,2,… let Yn be the random variable defined by Yn=X^2(subscript)1+⋯+X^2(subscript)n. Use the central limit theorem rule of thumb to approximate P(Y25>216). You can use that E[X^4(subscript)i]=192. I'm...
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    Stats Proof

    Prove A ∩ (B ∪ C) = (A ∩ B) ∪ C Thanks in advance for any help! :)
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    Statistics proof help

    Show that if an event occurs with probability 1 then it is independent of all other events. I understand that if independent P(A) X P(B) = P(AnB) But proving this doesnt prove that it is independent of all events. Can anyone help? Thanks
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    Distribution Question

    The mean of a random sample of n observations drawn from a N(μ, σ^2) distribution is denoted by X-bar. Given that P( | X-bar - μ | > 0.5σ) < 0.05 a) find the smallest value of n b) with this value of n find P( X-bar < μ + 0.1σ )
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    A contact lens manufacturer is considering replacing its polisher . It requires that the new polisher , which is very expensive , produce less than 8% of lens whose surface defects behave - if it will keep the current polisher . It will use a confidence level of 2.5 % a) It produces 380 contact...
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    Need help with stats homework, specifically constant comparative method and deviant.. analysis. The question is as follows: On page 341 the researchers stated, “As hypotheses develop regarding the relationships between categories, it is necessary to determine whether the data support the hypotheses. This technique is known as verification (Strauss & Corbin, 1990). If the...
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    super simple stats question, but i'm stuck!! which test do i use?

    hello all :) basically i'm just finishing up a research project in which i am measuring whether a 6 week course of massage therapy was able to increase joint angle symmetry (measured at maximal flexion during walk) in 5 participants. i collected data at baseline, then weeks 3 and 6 i have run...
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    Help with this stats problem - normal distribution

    I have figured out parts a-c, but I wouldn't be opposed to someone checking my work. I unfortunately don't even know how to start d. I'm not looking for the outright answer, but I hint in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!! I have no clue how to start it :/ Metal balls for ball...
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    Stats Word Problem

    Hi, this is the word problem I was given: "The chance that the front light on your bike will fail is 0.2, the chance that your rear light will fail is 0.1 and the chance that both will fail is 0.04. What is the chance that both lights will work? (regardless of the answer you should do...
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    Video Game stats help.

    I play a lot of World of Tanks and I was looking at my battle statistics, more specifically battles done in different things like different nation, type and tier. A long time ago back when I was in high school, I remember having a test question about taking two sets of data, like battles done in...
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    Stats Advice

    Hi all, I'm planning on taking a stats course in school and I was wondering what kind of math do you need to know to be able to understand and do multiple regressions in matrix form? I know you'll obviously need matrices, but what kind of level of sophistication do you need with matrices (e.g...
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    Choosing a statistical test - 3 teams before and after manager sacking

    Hello, In its most simple form I have 3 people all performing 4 trials before and after an intervention - being assessed for over 20 variables. I would like to analysis each person separately and also analyse them altogether. Need more specific info? I am looking at a football team before...
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    Rolling dice Conceptual Stats problem

    Three companies are applying to the casino board to become suppliers of dice to the state casinos. The board received a sample set of dice from each company and rolled each set 1000 times. They obtained the data counts given in the table below. Which company will be most likely to be...
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    stats problem

    Hi, in my current study i have four conditions 1.Racial in-group/Minimal in-group 2.Racial ingroup/ minimal outgroup 3. racial outgroup/minimal ingroup 4. racial outgroup /minimal outgroup. It was a within subjects design. I also have another measurement in which we measured implicit attitudes...
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    Stats Help!!! Multiple choice

    Im thinking A, E,and D but im not sure help!!
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    Stats Help!!! Comments

    Any comments on the following statements...