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    Statistical inference

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    statistical tables

    In this question for calculating the confidence interval why do they use the sample mean of 0.9986 instead of just one pint?
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    What is an apprpriate statistical test for this data?

    I have 20 subjects, split into 2 unequal groups (Group A has 5 and group B has 15) – the grouping is the independent variable and is categorical/nominal. Every day for 7 days (another independent variable?) I assigned each subject an ordinal score (0 to 7 in steps of 0.5) for an activity...
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    Which statistical test do i employ

    Hi all, I am looking to understand which statistical tests i should be using in the case of this work: I understand that the first is an ANOVA but i'm unsure of which kind. The second i am dumbstruck with. Any help would be sincerely appreciated! Q.1 [50 marks] FILE: Language.sav. This...
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    Best statistical method for choosing an element who has Multiple properties

    I am looking for the best method that allows choosing the best element from a list of elements where each one had multiple properties, My exact goal is choosing the best program (Prog01 or Prog02 ..) from a set of six programs based on their multiple properties, As shown in this Picture: To...
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    Which statistical method for thesis?

    I need to use a statistical method in my undergraduate thesis but I don't know what I can use. Let me explain first what it's about. The thesis tries to solve the problem where people have to waste time looking for a seat when they enter the cafeteria of my school. To address this a sensor will...
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    statistical problem

    Hellow, i would like some help.. i am trying to solve a statistical problem, but i find it difficullt enough.. The problem is following: Thanks a lot in advance!! A fluctuation in the prices of a share has proven to approximate experimentally from the normal distribution, when...
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    Choosing a statistical test - 3 teams before and after manager sacking

    Hello, In its most simple form I have 3 people all performing 4 trials before and after an intervention - being assessed for over 20 variables. I would like to analysis each person separately and also analyse them altogether. Need more specific info? I am looking at a football team before...
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    Free statistical software for cluster analysis

    Hi there! I wondered whether anyone could tell me of a reliable, free, easy to use statistical software package for cluster analysis?
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    Statistical analysis help

    missing data/multiple imputations Help Required - Using Correlation Factor to Estimate Missing Data Dear Gents/Ladies, I need help please, I have to sets of data, which are actually readings of temperatures in two different spots versus time, around 4600 records at each spot over a month, but...
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    Statistical analysis help

    I have a data set (attached) that I am trying to analyze, specifically I am trying to determine if the independent variables 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 is associated with the influence of dependent variable 1. In the spreadsheet - Green cells contain information Blue cells are demographic information...
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    Build statistical model for engines

    Hello everybody I need help to know what to do with the next problem. For a project in the university I need to predict the behavior of the power curves on engines based on the displacement (cc or total volume of the cylinders) using an statistical model. I have the power curves of different...
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    Appropriate statistical test

    A special education teacher has three study cubicles. One cubicle is blue, one is green, and one is yellow. Students can pick whichever cubicle they prefer. The teacher has noticed that the yellow cubicle seems to be the most used. He decides to conduct a study comparing student preferences. He...
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    Re: Question on odd ratio and its statistical significant P value?

    Hello, I have a question related to odd ratio and statistical significant that I'd like to get your help. I have two groups A and B . Its odd ratio is 1.09. Its Z score is 57.215 and the P value is less than 0.001. Since it has a small P value then there is a statistical significant between...
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    Which statistical variables used to differentiate?

    Which two tests or variables can you determine these two graphs?
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    Statistical questions

    21. A sample of size N is taken from a population with mean m = 20 and an unknown standard deviation (s). The sample standard deviation is 10. Assume the population distribution is normal. i. Write down the distribution of . (4 marks) ii. Calculate Prob(=...
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    Help on Determining Statistical Method

    Please help me determine what statistics should we use IV= Dimple Placement/location, 6 kinds of dimple placement EXAMPLE PIC of our questionair: DV= Level of attraction Our questionaire looks like this the Picture of the guy with diff kinds of dimple...
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    Which statistical test?

    Hi all, I am currently struggling to get my head around a study design and which stats test to use. Subjects in a trial experience two study periods. In the first period they have pre-dose lab samples and post dose lab samples taken without breakfast. In the second period they have pre-dose...
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    Statistical problem!

    Hi! I need some help with this problem. Can someone derive the answer? Best regards
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    Incorrect interpretations of statistical results

    There had been a case in the UK where a woman's two babies died one after the other. Then some apparent statistician concluded 'If the chance of that occuring is 1 in a million, then she must have killed her babies'. Later, a very long court of law had been doing research on it and she appeared...