1. R

    The following table shows total forest and timberland in the united states in million

    754-759 = -5 737-754 = -17 731-737 = -6 737-731 = 6 Second Differences: -17-(-5) = -12 -6-(-17) = 11 6-(-6) = 12 I am not sure where to go from here? Please explain. Thank you! Part two to this question:
  2. R

    The percentage of all households in the United States that had a dog as a pet is give

    I got this to be my answer: y=-.802x+1632.889 Use the regression equation from the previous problem (with constants rounded to three decimal places) to estimate the percentage of households in the United States that had a dog for a pet in 1989 and in 1999. Round the answers to one decimal...
  3. I

    Markov States

    Hi I have a question that I am given the answer for but I don't understand it. Could someone please have a look to see if the solution is correct? Q: A vending machine can be in two states, (1=working, 0=out of order). If the machine is working on a particular day it will be out of order with...
  4. A

    Euclid nowhere states an axiom (or postulate) of parallels

    I am sure that many among you have read Euclid's Elements of Geometry. If you have, you will have noticed that nowhere does he state an axiom (or postulate) of parallels. (That's why we call it Playfair's Postulate, not Euclid's Postulate). He gives a definition of parallelism - but of...
  5. G

    Mathematical Modelling ( steady states)

    non-dimensionalisation equation: \begin{equation} \frac {du}{d\tau}=\frac{\overline{\lambda}_{1} u}{u+1} -\overline{r}_{ab}uv -\overline{d}u \end{equation} where $\overline{\lambda}_{1}= \frac {\lambda_{1}}{\lambda_{2} K_{1}}$ Another non-dimensionalisation equations \begin{equation} \frac...
  6. H

    Online Casinos Will Continue to Accept United States Players

    The slot devices are among the list of popular part on the full casino knowledge. Much more than 2 hundred years old these devices are still attracting the large number of players for their effortless to understand actively playing model and ease of full transactions. The fascinating matter...
  7. M

    Is it possible that a Markov chain can consist of all absorbing states ?

    Is it possible that a Markov chain can consist of all absorbing states ?
  8. A

    Expected time until absorption in a Markov chain with two absorbing states

    Dear all In my discrete time Markov chain (figure attached as attachment) two absorbing states namely "Isolate" and "Reset". The processes start at state (1,0). I need to calculate the probability that the sate will be in either of the two absorbing states. All the states are transient. Please...
  9. B

    probability of molecular states and arrangement (PHYSICAL CHEM)

    my attempt to the question is as follow : W is the arrangement factor where N is the total number of states while n is the are the number of particles in energy state, Ei. the relationship between between the entropy and the arrangement factor is S=k ln W... I really didn't understand the...
  10. U

    markov process and classification of states

    a)classify each of the states for the following markov chain (ie transient, recurent absorbing) and state how many classes there are 0.3 0.7 0 0.3 0 0.7 1 0 0 i have that each state is recurent and there is a single recurent class. b)show that this markov chain is...
  11. E

    measure and states

    hi , anybody can help me with this : we know the positive linear functional is state. now as example for that i have in my lecture " probablity measures are state" why ? and what are the probability measures ?
  12. V

    Steady States

    What are the limits as k -> infinity of the following: [.4 .2; .6 .8]^k[1; 0] [.4 .2; .6 .8]^k[0; 1] [.4 .2; .6 .8]^k I think the first two go to [1; 0] and the last goes to [0 0; 0 0], but am not sure.
  13. S

    Markov Chains + Transient States Proof - Help

    Hi all, I am trying to proof that: P^n(kj) = 0 for all n when K is recurrent, where P(kj) is the expected # of time periods that a markov chain is in state j given that it starts in state k. I am totally lost and don't even know where to start. Please demonstrate how to tackle this proof...
  14. B

    United States Banker Rule

    A partial payment is made on the date(s) indicated. Use the United States Rule to determine the balance due on the note at the date of maturity. (The Effective Date is the date the note was written.) Assume the year is not a leap year. Partial $6000 Rate 6.5 % Effective Date May 16 Maturity...
  15. C

    Transition graph-4 states with 2 communicating classes

    Let X_n be a discrete-time Markov chain on state space S. Draw the transition graph of a discrete-time Markov chain on 4 states with 2 equivalence classes of intercommunicating states. I can't get the rows of my matrix add upto 1. Can please help. Thanks
  16. F

    Physics Density of States problem

    I realize that this is primarily a math forum, but I decided to post this here in addition to the physics forum, as that forum is quite a bit slower than this one, and this question is mostly math anyway. I have this question given to me in my physics course to help with studying, but I'm a...
  17. W

    Solving for homogenous steady states

    Wasn't sure where to post these questions.. 1. In simple diffusion, concentration c(x,t) obeys: dc/dt = D(d^2c/dx^2) Show mathematically that if a chemical is diffusing inside a closed container that it eventually reaches the same concentration everywhere by solving for the steady state and...
  18. BrooketheChook

    Classifcation of Markov States, Convergence

    A markov chain X has the state space transition matrix P (see attached image) where q = 1-p and 0 < p < 1 Classify the states of X and give the stationary distributions. Show that P^n does not converge, but P^{2n} and P^{2n+1} do converge as n approaches infinity.
  19. A

    Property that states (x - x) = 0

    Hi, Is there a formal property of mathematics that states: For any number x, x - x = 0? I know this is true, but I can't remember whether there is a property that defines it. Thanks.
  20. masters

    Anagrammed U.S. Capitals and States

    These anagrams result in a capital and a state in the United States. Answer with the capital followed by the state. 1. Only as Mandarin pal 2. Secondary vain cat 3. Rode red volcano 4. Anneal hot name 5. Amalgamate my boron 6. Horsetail flea salad 7. Actuate hilly task 8. Go solemn era...