1. P

    Need starting out tips for 3 questions involving "sets"

    I would like somebody to give me tips / advice that will help get me started when attempting to solve the three problems below. I realize this is a somewhat strange request, but I do not understand the topic very well and would like acquire tips that will help me learn how to solve these...
  2. I

    Give the starting value a, the growth factor for the given exponential function

    Q = 13 * 2(t/10)-1 has: a = b = Q = (1/7)*(cubed root of 8t) has: a= b= Q(t) = 0.0033(2.26)-4t The initial value is a = The growth factor is b= The growth rate is r = I'm at a loss as to how to solve these problems. Do I need to get it to abt form?
  3. T

    Starting Fresh

    Pope Francis is being treated to a cake, cards and a tango demonstration for his 78th birthday — and 800 kilograms of chicken meat for the poor. The Vatican said Wednesday the meat, provided by a Spanish producer, would be distributed to soup kitchens. Francis also greeted eight homeless...
  4. R

    If your starting salary were $35,000 and you received a 6% increase at the end...

    If your starting salary were $35,000 and you received a 6% increase at the end of every year for 15 years, what would be the total amount, in dollars, you would have earned over the first 16 years that you worked? Round your answer to the nearest whole dollar, and express your answer without...
  5. J

    Problem finding a continuous curved line given half of the starting curve...

    I found out a problem I posted earlier is actually a calculus problem, after plotting values on an x,y axis and finding out it is a problem involving calculus and plotting a line on a graph. I have three variables derived from any set 'x': x, e, and a. After the set X1...XN (where all members...
  6. A

    Starting value for a frequency diagram

    I have a list of average rainfall in inches, and I know the lowest value is 0.32 inches. I am told the following: A frequency diagram of the data is required that uses groups of width 0.5 inches such that, for instance, all the recorded values from 0.5 inches up to but not including 1 inch are...
  7. S

    issue starting a prrof

    trouble starting a proof So the claim is: If X^3+4X>0, then 5x+9>6 We are supposed to show our scratch work which generally means he wants us to figure it out algebraicly and then use our work backwards to form the proof. However, i'm not sure how to start. We don't have any theorems that...
  8. L

    Count the next five numbers in hexadecimal, starting with the following:

    a. 3AB7 b. 6FD c. B9E My answers are: a. 3AB7, 3AB8, 3AB9, 3ABA, 3ABB, 3ABC b. 6FD, 6FE, 6FF, 700, 701, 702 c. B9E, B9F, BA0, BA1, BA2, BA3 Are these correct?
  9. Paze

    Starting a mathematics degree next year

    As the title states, I am starting a pursuit of a degree in mathematics next year. What calculator does MHF recommend (let's pretend I'm rich)? Thanks!
  10. R

    Starting College Calculus

    Hey everyone, i'm a 2nd year econ student at UM, Ann Arbor. Never thought i'd end up in another pure math course, but calc is recommended for bunch of upper level econ classes so I decided to take it over the summer. Usually i'm pretty decent at getting stuff down during class but from time to...
  11. R

    parabola-hyperbola tangent point (a derivatives starting point)

    Hello I have this problem I'm trying to solve without much success, it says: The parabola y=c-x^2 is tangent to the hyperbola y=2/x. Draw and find the tangent point and the corresponding parameter c. Do I find the derivative of the hyperbola and then assume it is also the derivative of the...
  12. L

    Starting on a long road

    Hi everyone, new to this kind of thing, I am not into facebook etc so not sure what to say. I left school at 15 and went working on building sites and so, I am now 46 In the last few years I have begun to read and started reading physics stuff from the likes of Brian Green, Brian Cox and...
  13. B

    Material to review before starting DE courses?

    Hi all, I've been away from calculus for about 2-3 years (though in the interm have taken other math like analysis and algebra) and I'm preparing to start a course in ODEs next semester, to be followed next year with more courses on dynamical systems and PDEs. I have basically zero experience...
  14. moonman

    Find a power series for f'(x) by starting with the convergent geometric series

    a) Find a power series for f'(x) by starting with the convergent geometric series f(x) = ln(x^3 + 27) f'(x) = \frac{2x^2}{x^3 +27} b) Find a power series of f(x) and it's radius of convergence.
  15. M

    Starting Here..

    Hi everyone..It is my first time to join a group like this about mathematics world..It is just that I am looking for some problems that will best fit to my current subject which is the 'solid mensuration' and I had found this page..I am looking forward that this group including I as a member of...
  16. S

    Starting help with linear control theory

    Hey, was wondering if perhaps someone here had time to check my thinking and let me know if I'm horribly off the mark. So we have a really simple controller (I'm attaching a block and Matlab Simulink diagram) with no feedback and want to write a transfer function. T stands for torque in this...
  17. S

    Starting to learn

    Hi guys, im no good at math and i want to start learning it. It seems there is a lot of different types of math so i want to start out in the best order for a beginner because trying to learn all at once is very confusing. So now i have a shortlist, can you please tell me which order to learn...
  18. Adikz

    How far was the pilot from starting point?

    Please help me, I'm not really good with trigo..(Crying) A pilot flew for 210 miles at 21degree and then 147 miles at 162 degree. How far was he from starting point?
  19. L

    Starting to learn induction

    I started learning induction and was wondering if I'm getting it thus far. An example is given, with 2 questions based on it. Unary (Peano) numbers over the alphabet { 0, n, (, )} are inductively defined as follows: 1) 0 is an element of the collection, 2) If n is an element of the collection...
  20. B

    Calculate the starting point of my vector in relation to COS ???

    Hi im making a game and I am struggling to get the maths right for a function im writing to move a object/vector around another object/vector in a circular movement. I have the function working ok except for one thing, which is the correct value to set my increment variable to start my circular...