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    Stamps World Problem

    George has a collection of old stamps. Some are worth 29 cents, the rest are worth a quarter. Their total value is $5.02. How many 29 cent stamps does George have? Let x be the number of 29 cents stamps and let y be the number of 25 cents stamps. Then, 0.29x + 0.25y = 5.02 Multiplying by 100...
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    1200 stamps problem (with suggested solution)

    There is a collection of stamps where 68% are foreign stamps, 45% are issued more than 10 years ago and 30% are foreign stamps issued over 10 year ago. There are 1200 stamps in total. How many foreign stamps issued within 10 years? My solution is (look at the image below): 68% of 1200 =...
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    Postage Stamp Problem - Maximum amount of stamps

    The postage stamp problem is a mathematical riddle that asks what is the smallest postage value which cannot be placed on an envelope, if the letter can hold only a limited number of stamps, and these may only have certain specified face values. For example, suppose the envelope can hold only...
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    Induction for postage stamps

    I've read a few articles but its not doing the trick. can you show step by step how a postage of 12 cents or more can be formed using 4 cents and 5 cents stamps
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    stamps problem

    hello we bought 100 stamps with total cost of 100 dollars the stamps are priced at 5, 3, and 0.5 dollars how many stamps of each price do we bought? can you solve it with equations and with logical/practical calculations? thanks
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    Sum of two postage stamps: Part One

    This is an academic question that is a little tricker than it appears to be. Joe has a big box of 5-cent and 6-cent postage stamps. He wants to determine the amounts of total postage he can create using ONLY 5-cent and 6-cent stamps and the amounts that he CANNOT create using only 5-cent and...
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    Setting up and solving equations to finding the number of stamps

    Peter has 35 stamps. Some are valued at 2 cents, others at 5-cents, and the remainder at 10 cents. he has three times as many 5-cent stamps as he has 2-cent stamps and the total value of all stamps is $1.89. How many of each stamp does he have?
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    Postage Stamps Problem

    You have an unlimited supply of 5 cent stamps and 11 cent stamps. What is the greatest amount of exact postage you cannot make by using these stamps?