1. A

    Modulus proof with factorials

    Hi everyone I'm having trouble with the following question: Prove that (2p−1)! ≡ p(mod p^2). Hint: p divides (2p-1)!. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Alex
  2. T

    Multiplying square roots

    Hey, So this: √(2t^(2)+1+2t)*√(2t^(2)+1+2t) is equal to 2t^(2)+2t+1 But I can't seem to understand how, and what rules... PLS HELP
  3. B9766

    2-part question involving the signs applied to square roots

    OK, please bear with me. This is my first post and perhaps it belongs more appropriately in some number theory forum. I'm taking an Algebra I refresher course. The first part of the question involves a statement made by the professor: "Remember that the square root of 9 is always 3 but when...
  4. I

    Mean Square Error help

    Can anyone please help me with this question and tell me how to solve it. Thanks.
  5. X

    domain of inverse square root

    I'm asked to find the domain for this question... My ans is (x-1)^2 + (y+1) ^2 >-1 , but the ans given by the author is different , from the sketch , we can know that the author ans is (x-1)^2 + (y+1) ^2 ≠ -1 , am i right ? Which is correct ? http://imgur.com/a/Kn68f
  6. M

    tricky magic square to solve

    I would like help solving this magic square. I can't find the pattern to it. And the symbols throw me off. The aim is to find the blank square in the bottom right corner. And sorry if this is in the wrong section, Thanks
  7. K

    Chi square test doubt

    Good evening, I have this problem: I have several groups of type individuals, from A to F let's say. For a given condition, I have my observed values that comply with the condition (in a sample that sums N1 subjects) and a control value (the same type of group) but that does not complies that...
  8. S

    NMF decomposition of a square matrix

    Hey all, Im looking for guidance on solving a factorization problem. I apologize if I butcher the terminology, Im a developer by trade. I am given an N x N matrix (Lets call C) composed of 2 factors(A * B) and I am Im trying to decompose this matrix into its two factors. It seems the common...
  9. A

    Same perimeters except square has larger area than rectangle

    I recently ripped put a brick walkway beside my house and I'm planning where next to place the bricks. The way the walkway was setup originally had a length of 37' and a width of 3' giving a total perimeter of 80' and an area of 111 sqft. I was thinking about what the bricks would look like laid...
  10. T

    Find the lower bound of the maximal 1x1 square in a 2x2 square

    My problem description is a little bit long, I'll try to state it clearly. Assume that we have a 2x2 square, namely $R$, containing many points, each of which has a positive weight. Let $r_{max}$ be the 1x1 square that is inside $R$ and covers points with largest total weights. It is easy to...
  11. A

    Square based pyramid vectored

    im kind of stuck on 2 questions The diagram below shows a squared based pyramid. Determine each sum. (d) -> -> KM+NK (f) -> -> -> KR+ NM + SK
  12. G

    Root Mean Square Deviation

    I am having trouble on a particular question in my Statistics book. I've attempted to solve it a few times, but my answer always differs from the one given at the back of the book. Please can I have help with this? "Jake, a local amateur meteorologist, kept a record of the weekly rainfall in...
  13. A

    Least square criterion

    Hello everyone Greetings, need help on the below question: Source Degrees of Freedom Sum of Squares Regression 1 236.54 Residual 28 136.99 Total 29 373.53 Coefficients Standard error Intercept (b0) 155.12 131.22 Size (b1) 1.13 0.234 a) Interpret the meaning of b1 in this...
  14. P

    Converting Square Units Word Problem

    Hello, Can anyone help me with this problem? I included my work in the attached photo just for my own reference in case my answer is wrong and I need to rework the problem. I got 1.4951 x 1014 Problem: On a particular map Kentucky is 7 cm2. The state's actual size is 104,658 km2. In km2 how...
  15. romsek

    square of a dirac delta function

    Putting myself through QM I and we have a problem set that has $\psi(x) = \delta(x-x_0)$ we are asked for example to find the expectation of the position of $x$ $<x> = \displaystyle{\int_{-\infty}^\infty}x |\psi(x)|^2~dx= \displaystyle{\int_{-\infty}^\infty}x |\delta(x-x_0)|^2~dx$ Now...
  16. A

    Square roots of a complex number

    Suppose z^2=-8i, by letting z=x+yi. It is easy to get the two answers, 2-2i and -2+2i. We know that for real numbers \sqrt{4} refers to the positive square root of 4 i.e. 2. But what is the value of \sqrt{-8i}? which one do we choose? Is there a reason why the calculator gives 2-2i only...
  17. D

    Square Root of One - sin(theta) cos(theta): Identity?

    In some recent work, I have manipulated an equation into the following form: y = \sqrt{(1 - (sin(\theta ) cos(\theta ))^{2})} Is there an identity to simplify this equation? Nothing is coming to mind. I suppose a temporary variable could be defined, say, B, such that (i) cos(B) =...
  18. topsquark

    Square root of a matrix

    I'm going not so quietly out of my mind. The process for taking the square root of a matrix, as I understand it, is the following: Given a matrix A, diagonalize it by finding a transformation matrix V: D = V^{-1} A V where D is the diagonal matrix. Take the square root of D (just take the...
  19. J

    Square Roots of Complex Number

    find the two square roots of , giving your answers in exponential form, where r > 0 and −pi < 1 ≤ pi. I understand how to get this: But this is the answer: Where does the 3e+- pi/2 come from and how does that equal the final answer?
  20. C

    square circles

    Combination of square root circles Liverpool vs Stoke City Live Stream Capital One Cup Semi Final 2016 Live Stream square circles - Chevy Spark Forum : Chevrolet Spark Forums square circles square circles square circles - Corvette Forum square circles