1. topsquark

    Spin Groups

    Okay...I'm scanning through my string theory text and I've got a problem. I'm trying to understand some notation; specifically groups of the form Spin(4, 1) (and similar groups.) I took a look at a Wikipedia article but it referred to Clifford Algebras and I'm not experienced enough to...
  2. G

    The holy grail or a dream?

    Hi guys, I am totally new at this forum and I hope somebody can help me. I have been studying the roulette for many years (developing and testing systems only as I do not like to gamble or to play at all, just interested in the odds and statistics). In all cases so far I have been able to...
  3. B

    spin solids. help integral

    hello. i have problem with spin solid to find volume. this is google translate of problem with help of math writing online program: find the volume of the area bounded by: x = 1-y^4, x = 0 around x=2 x = 1-y^4 is same as y=\sqrt[4]{1-x}, yes? so is ring method: \pi\int_{0}^{1}(x-1)^2...
  4. L

    Coin Spin Statistical Hypothesis

    I am having a really hard time with this problem because I have no teacher to discuss it with. I am hoping someone here can help me.(Thinking) The probability of observing heads is throught to be p=0.30. Three people spun a coin and recorded the number of heads out of the three spins, say x...
  5. M

    Spin Balancing Tires

    A spin balancer rotates the wheel of a car at 480 revolutions per minute. If the diamteer of the wheel is 26 inches, what road speed is being tested? Express your answer in miles per hour. At how many revolutions per minute should the balancer be set to test a road speed of 80 miles per hour?
  6. topsquark

    SU(2) spin 1/2 functions

    It's been a while since I posted a Physics question for y'all to ponder so here's another one. One of the deficiencies in learning Physics is that no one seems to want to explicitly write down SU(2) invariant functions for spin 1/2 systems. Usually one finds references to defined vectors...