1. F

    Specific case of 5th degree polynomial equation

    I know that for the nth degree polynomial equation (where n>4) there is no general solutions. I wonder if it possible to solve special case of 5th degree polynomial equation which lacks linear and quadratic terms. a1x5 + a2x4 + a3x3 = b, where a1,a2,a3, and b are positive real numbers. any...
  2. N

    Inhomogeneous Linear Second-Order DE (specific question)

    Hello The question is to Solve the differential equation - y′′ + y′ = 4x. I worked out the complementary function as = C1 + C2e^(−x) but for the particular solution I believed it took the format Ax+B as it was a polynomial of degree one. However, In the worked solution x(Ax+B) is used. Why is...
  3. math951

    Expanding a binomial and finding a specific term.

    1) expand binomial (x-2y)^4 I got x^4+4x^3-2y+6x^2-2y^2+4x-2y^3-2y^4 Also is there any easier way to do this? I am using the binomial theorem, and it is hard to memorize all the formula. 2) (4x+3y)^10 Fidning term containing y^7 (210(4x^4)(3y^6))
  4. P

    Specific Gravity question and weight/ volume

    working with perfume oil in ethanol to get a 22.5% dilution: Ethanol has a specific gravity of 0.8 An oil I'm working with has a specific gravity of 1.0 using a 3ml vial what is the calculation to calculate the amount of oil and ethanol In order to get the oil at 22.5% dilution in ethanol basic...
  5. Z

    A specific problem on Sobolev's embedding theorem with its relation to Fourier transf

    I have recently encountered this problem in my studies of Sobolev spaces and generalized functions (distributions), on which I can say I might have some intuition but cannot stumble across a final solution, but first some notations: $ \mathcal{S} $ is the Schwartz class of functions and $...
  6. M

    Finding a specific solution for a general term in a sequence and a general strategy

    A problem says to: Write the nth general term of the following sequence: 1, 16, 243, 4096, and 78,125......etc The answer given is n(2+n) Is that the correct answer? Also, what is a general strategy for solving such problems? Is there anything better than just guessing a pattern?(Doh)
  7. M

    Primality tests for specific classes of N=k \cdot 2^m \pm 1

    Polynomial time primality tests for specific classes of numbers of the form k \cdot 2^m \pm 1 are introduced .
  8. I

    Questions about Jacobians (specific problems)

    I'm working through David Widder's Advanced Calculus. I've made it past limits, homogeneous equations, and implicit differentiation, and now I'm starting the subsection on Jacobians. Having no linear algebra experience—I'm pretty much only able to take determinates and dot/cross products—I'm...
  9. S

    Problem I saw somewhere about finding a specific angle.

    I tried to solve it but I cannot. The problem is finding how large a is in this picture: http://i.hizliresim.com/k1kvaA.jpg I made another picture showing how far that I got: http://oi60.tinypic.com/2sbjzhk.jpg Angles a,b ,c, and d are the ones that I cannot figure out. Also If I could...
  10. T

    Bingo style probability - chances of exactly specific number of balls released

    Hi all, I would like to simulate a bingo game jackpot, all calculations being made in Excel and I need help with the math. The game uses numbers 1 - 80. The player 'chooses' 16 numbers from this range. A win constitutes matching all 16 numbers for a 'House' I can currently work out the odds...
  11. M

    Specific Identification Accounting Math

    So I am having trouble determining the Units form Beg. Inventory, March 2 Purchase, and June 30 Purchase from the problem below: Here is the beginning portion it is referring to if it is needed: Can anyone help me solve for the 'x's? I don't know where to start. Ive tried many times but...
  12. S

    finding a specific topological group with specific conditions

    Hi; I have a question, it sounds difficult. The question is the following: Let X be a topological group such that the binary operation defined on it is *. For any two points a and b in X define a new operation by a(*)b=b^-1*a*b, [(*) is a new operation on X inherited from *]. By this (*), we...
  13. C

    How to find out the kernel in a specific vector?

    f: ℝ² --> ℝ² F((x,y)) = (2x+4y , x+2y) My solution so far: I) 2x + 4y = 0 II) x + 2y = 0 II) x + 2y = 0 / -2y x = -2y II) x + 2y = 0 / -x 2y = -x / :2 y = -0,5x So I have x = 2y and y = -0,5x What do I do now?
  14. N

    Proving that AUB is countable Infinite given a specific case

    (a) Prove: If A is a finite set and B is a countable infinite set and A (intersection) B = null set, then AUB is countable infinite. (b) Is 'A (intersection) B = null set ' a necessary assumption? For A, I understand that I need to find a bijection f:B to Natural numbers, then prove that it's 1-1...
  15. Bernhard

    Specific example of Eisenstein's Theorem using R = Z

    Eisenstein's Criterion is stated in Dummit and Foote as follows: (see attachment) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proposition 13 (Eisenstein's Criterion) Let P be a prime ideal of the integral domain R and let f(x) = x^n + a_{n-1}x^{n-1} +...
  16. A

    Finding total number of combinations which include some specific numbers

    My math is not good and I am not sure in which forum section I should post my question. Let's say I want to group numbers between 1 and 50 with 4 columns: 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 5 1 2 3 6 ... 2 3 4 5 2 3 4 6 ... 47 48 49 50 To find the total possible combinations,we do: 50*49*48*47 __________...
  17. A

    find specific points of a tangent line on a curve.

    Q: Find the coordinates of all points on the graph of y=1-x^2 at which the tangent line passes through the point (2,0) My solution so far: What I understood is that there is a point on outside the parabola/ curve (2,0) and another point is on the curve which is unknown and need to figure out...
  18. A

    I need help evaluating an expression under specific conditions

    Evaluate the expression under the given conditions.tan(θ + ); cos θ = −1/3, θ in Quadrant III, sin = 1/4, in Quadrant 4 Copied from my math homework, I'm not getting the right answer.
  19. M

    Hi, Im Mischal I have a specific question.. where to post?

    Hi, Im Mischal and im from the netherlands. The reason I am here is aws follows. I am a professional poker player and am currently writing a book on a stud varient called razz. I can do most of the calculations myself, but I have run into a problem that I ust dont know how to solve. I...
  20. T

    Plotting specific shapes for graphs.

    I'm interested in what shapes you can plot on a graph (cartesian co-ordinates) using an equation (1 line) like y=x...... I'm want to know if you can plot a cycloid on a graph with an equation....