1. S

    Help solving this questions

    I have a math problems i am having issues with. I am trying to solve the following equation for y in terms of x. Cant leave a fraction in either the numerator or denominator of the answer and no repeating decimals.
  2. C

    solving y'=1/x

    Advance apologies for the lack of formatting--I'm new, but I'll learn quickly. So I'm looking to find a particular solution of y'=1/x, satisfying (-1,1). I note that this must come from the family y(x)=ln[abs(x)]+C, substitute x=-1 and y(x)=1 to get that C=1. So my desired particular solution...
  3. T

    Solving Systems of Equations with Absolute Value Operators

    Suppose we have a line formula: Y = m * (X) (Eq. 1) where m is our slope and our y-intercept is zero. Let us assume that m is always positive. Now let us suppose that Y and X are actually functions of two hidden variables, P and Q. Y = |P + Q| (Eq. 2) X = (|P| + |Q|) /...
  4. J

    Need help solving for part of fractional exponent

    Want to solve for x in equation: y =a^(1/x). Unable to isolate x on left side of equation so get equal values on both sides when replacing y & a with numbers. This is the orig equation with numbers: 0.01 = 0.67^(1/x) Thanks for any help.
  5. R

    Solving system of equations

    Please help me find a solution so I can guide my son. I will not solve it for him, but can raise a red flag if I see him go on the wrong direction. Find all values for which there exists an ordered pair satisfying the following system of equations: List only the values for Thanks a lot.
  6. D

    solving an equation using order of operations

  7. M

    Word problems/ Writing and solving equations

    I am currently reviewing for the ACT, and I want to be as prepared as humanly possible. However, I've been stumped by the following questions, and have no idea as to how they've managed to find their answers. If anyone could help me understand my mistakes, it would be greatly appreciated...
  8. C

    Looking for verification on a function and solving for different variables.

    logb(CL) = e # solve for L be = CL logC(be) = L # solve for C be = CL logL(be)= C I'm pretty sure L is right but what am I doing wrong when solving for C? Preciate any help anyone can provide. Thx.
  9. L

    Solving inequality

    Would someone mind showing me how to solve the following inequality? $\sqrt{10-x} - \sqrt{x} \leq 2$? The answer is supposed to be $x \in [1, 10]$. It's a bit confusing for me (Worried) Thanks in advance!
  10. X

    solving complex equations

    does anyone know to solve an equation of 1/ surd(x) = -2log( [(1.33x10^-3)/3.7 ] + [2.51 / (7.4x10^6)(surd x ) ] ) this is an physics equation , but i dont know how to solve it mathematically how to find the value of x ?
  11. B

    Solving for H

    My stepson has a problem that ask him to rearrange an equation to solve for h, a, b using this equation. A=1/2 (a+b)h Mathway solves it for "h" as: h=2A-1/2(a+b) see picture attached. How does the "2" get to be infront of the "A"? Thanks!
  12. F

    please help me solving this problem

    which of the following is an irreducible factor of (x^12) -1 over Q? 1. x^8 +x^4 +1 2. x^4 +1 3. x^4 - x^2 +1 4. x^5 -x^4+x^3 -x^2 +x -1
  13. F

    Hello, I need some help in solving this problem. Mind helping me?

    Given: y=ax^2 + \frac{b}{x} An open water tank is in the form of a circular cylinder having its base horizontal & axis vertical. The costs are: In terms of a for each unit area of base b for each unit area of curved surface c for total cost Given radius is x cm, express volume of tank in terms...
  14. L

    Solving For An Optimum - Mathematical Economics Calculus Question

    Hi all!! I'm an Economics student in my last year here at public university and have a question from my study guide that asks Solve for the optimum using the KT conditions Min f=4x^2+2y^2 s.t. 3x+y=8 2x+4y less than/equal to 15 Any help y'all could provide would be...
  15. T

    solving Ax=b

    I have a question in my textbook... the problem of concern is number 33. The question and picture are here: The problem I have trouble understanding is in the first line of the solution where they say b=(3, 5, 8) (Note: b is a vector but I cant seem to type it neatly with the spacing...
  16. P

    Compound Interest Word Problem - Help Solving Algebraically

    Hello, I had to take a math test recently and there was a challenging compound interest problem: Bob invested $1,400 in an account that earned 3% interest compounded monthly. Steve put $1,300 into an account and it earned 4% interest compounded monthly. In how many MONTHS will the value in...
  17. G

    Solving Complex radical.

    Hi guys so i had a question asking me to solve a complex radical, it was a very long question but i went through it and i think i made a mistake because when i check my solutions they don't check, can anyone see where i went wrong? i know it isn't the best to show handwritten work but i found...
  18. B

    Solving definate integral - trig subst I think

    Hi, I have an equation: Integral lim 2 to 1 (ie 2 on top of integral sign and 1 on bottom): dx/(4-3x^2)^1/2. I am not sure how to deal with the dx however re-wrote as: dx/sqrt (4-3x^2)dx. From this I looked at possible substitutions and saw: integral dx/sqrt(a^2-x^2) can be written as...
  19. F

    Problem solving for Damped Vibratory Motion HELP!

    Hello guys, I was assigned this Differential Equation problem, Im not able to solve it myself, can I get some help please? I would appreciate it. The problem was provided in spanish, I made my best to translate it into english, please help: "A mass weighing 4 lb joins a spring whose constant is...
  20. noface0711

    Help with solving for a variable

    I have what seems to be a rather simple problem, but my brain is just not quite working right on it. For the equation,Fb = Fs((v – va)/(v + va)) I need to solve for va but I can't quite work through the steps for isolating it to one side of the equation since it rests on both top and bottom of...