1. L

    How to solver this Taylor series?

    1. We have function and and we have to find Taylor series for at and find the derivative at .
  2. H

    Help with Solver

    Hi, I have the following information that I need to enter into excel to use solver. I have all the information, but I can't figure out how to set it up in the spreadsheet so the solver understands what it's calculating. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Define the decision variables...
  3. N

    Diophantine equation solver

    Hi! You guys may be interested in this app: It solves any diophantine equation, so it is very useful ;)
  4. P

    How compute the Exact of iteration numbers of the PCG solver

    Hi, The PCG algorithm is a fast solver for linear Toeplitz systems Tx=b. The solution x is reached after Niter (Number of iterations) How can I compute exactlt the needed iterations number ? Thanks
  5. Z

    puzzle solver?

    Hello! I m Searching for a software which can solve this type of puzzle is it really exists in reality? i have matlab begatrix mathematica! can one of them solve it this type of puzzle
  6. T

    log equation solver

    For any positive value of ,
  7. A

    Complex Solver

    Guys, Please I really need your help. (( Im trying do a complex solver of this equation : X^(1/3)= -1, does this quation have a solution or i'm just wasting my time on finding smthg !! Thank you for any help or ideas !
  8. S

    Production/Storage Linear Programming Question - Solver Excel

    Hi, I've cracked my head over this question but still can't get it, help would be GREATLY appreciated! Question B Company is involved in the wheat business. B buys and sells wheat in bulk. B uses a warehouse for storage which charges $10/average ton of wheat stored per month (based on...
  9. M

    1 unknown equation solver

    I've revamped our original equation solver to include inequalities and multiple variable terms and constants. Limitations are no powers are allowed, and only one variable [a-z] is allowed. This comes complete with a quiz generator, shortcut commands, and a practice problem generator. If...
  10. A

    linear programming question solver excel

    Hi, i'm having hard time solving this probem: " This is a multiperiod production problem scheduling problem. Plastic Molding manufacturer is planning the production storage and marketing of a product whose demand and selling price vary seasonally.The company is in the process of developing a...
  11. J

    Programming Question with Excel and Solver

    A cabinet shop produces and installs cabinets. Business is good, and the shop has an unlimited number of customers willing to pay $100 for each cabinet installed. However, for the next month, the shop has only 1750 hrs. of labor and 1032 units of wood that it can commit for cabinet production...
  12. D

    Matlab ODE solver issues

    I am trying to model a shock formation with two coupled ode's. I know the equations are right but the solver struggles with the shock and oscillates after it occurs. I have tried all of the solvers (ode45, ode23, ode23s etc.) to no avail. The best result I got was to use fixed time step 2nd...
  13. C

    Numeric Solver in Matlab

    Is there a way for matlab to solve equations? Example 2 = G + G I know it's a simple question but I can't seem to find the answer
  14. R

    MATLAB ODE45 in a for cycle

    Hi guys, As you can guess from the title, I want to have a for cycle that calls ode45 solver in each iteration, as ode45(odefun, tspan, yinitial). The differential equation that I define for odefun (in order to dy/dt, for instance) has some parameters that have to assume different values...
  15. M

    Cubic Solver

    This an update to the lesson I posted in an MHF thread a few months back. This calculator solves 3 types of cubics: Cubics with a discriminant = 0 which have 3 real roots, all equal. Cubics with a discriminant < 0 which have 3 real unique roots. Cubics with a discriminant > 0 which have 1...
  16. C

    Permutation Question - Solver for "n"

    Solve for n where.... b) P (n,5) = 42 x P(,3) -- out of 5 marks I know that you have to split up the equation into two sides (left side = right side) This is as far as I've come with the question.. LS = n! divided by (n-5) RS = 42 x n! divided by 2! please...
  17. T

    Solver for a system of nonlinear equations

    Solver for a system of nonlinear equations needed Hi everyone, I am trying to solve a nonlinear system of 12 equations for 12 unknowns. (For the purpose of verifying, all the exact value of unknowns are available) I have tried: 1. The function "solve" in Matlab. 2. The secant method...
  18. janvdl

    Anybody interested in a Quadratic Solver?

    I programmed one. Simple, i know, but it does the job :D Let me know what you guys think of it. EDIT: Download Math Tool 3.5 here ;)
  19. MathMan

    Differential Equation Solver.

    Filename: Description: Differential Equation Solver. Author: Jorge Costa Downloaded file size: 1897 bytes Size on calculator: 1 KB Platforms: HP48