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    Need help with a Polynomial Function Graph given the points

    I am really struggling with polynomial function graphs and was assigned the points and I am lost as too how to reverse engineer it to get the function. Image below are the points and graph shape.
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    Radical equation to be solved without logs

    Can anyone help me with this please
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    [SOLVED] Solving for inverse functions: f(x)=x^2-5x-6

    I'm trying to find the inverse function of f(x)=x^2-5x-6 All help is appreciated! Edit: Figured it out!
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    Can this be solved by simultaneouse equations

    The answer mentioned simultaneouse equations but I solve it using a differnt method. can this question be solved using simultaneouse equations and how?
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    Real life problem solved with Truth table or Symbolic logic Help

    I need a real life problem that can be solved with Truth table or Symbolic logic (Modus Ponens, Modus Tollens, etc), but I can't find any, nor can I think of one. I would really appreciate your help.
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    Combinatorics Problems solved by Pascal in 1654

    Players A and B play a sequence of games. The first one to win 10 games is the overall winner. A won 8 games so far B won 7 games so far. Assuming that each player wins a game independent of previous outcomes with probability 1/2, what is the probabilty of each player becoming the overall...
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    Which of the following problem types can always be solved using the law of cosines...

    Which of the following problem types can always be solved using the law of cosines or sines? Check all that apply. Please explain answers. Thank you!
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    Limits with tan

    Limits with tan [SOLVED] I was never really taught limits in any depth, so I'm not sure how to approach questions like this: Find the limit of the following equation when x is approaching pi (if it helps, it is approaching from the lower side): f(x)=...
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    Can this be solved?

    $x^y=y^{x-y}$ Can this equation be solved without using logarithms? I've simplified the equation to $(x\cdot y)^y - y^x = 0$ but I have no clue how to proceed $x, y\in \mathbb{N}$
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    Can this equation be solved ?

    I just wondered , is there a solution for this task ? Since no values for x and Ao are given... i really dont know from where to begin Aw and i just find the whole picture of it :D
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    How to mark thread as "Solved"?

    Not sure how to do this.
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    A question of how this problem can be solved

    Hi there you guys can see the problem here PicPaste - 20140824_105133-N1SKFQCV.jpg Actually when I solve it i get something else 16MC/1.5 + 15360 / 4*1.5 + 2MC*4 + (3*60*4^2) / 6 I later get 10,66 MC + 2560 + 8MC + 480 which gives me MC =-162 what have I done wrong if so,could someone...
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    Irregular Tetrahedrons... Can it be solved

    (see above) So I know the length AB, the angles CAB, CBA, CBD, CAD. DCA and DCB are both right angles. Do I have enough information to solve this system?, if not, what can I know? Cheers
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    Linear programming solved using graphical method question.

    I need help formulating this linear programming problem: I understand the first constraint is 175x + 208y =< 120000 But I don't know how to formulate the other constraints and how to solve them graphically. Thanks.
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    How was this solved?

    The question asks me to determine the intersection 3x-y=11 and 3x2-y2 = 47 This is the given answer. y=3x-11 3x2-(3x-11)2=47 3x2 -9x2 +66x-121-47=0 -6x2 + 66x - 168= 0 x2 -11x +28 = 0 ..... and so on The problem I'm having is in line 3. I'm not sure where the '66x' came from?
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    Can you tell me if i solved this right

    Got one more question; is this correct? can it be simplified further I just uploaded a picture quick because im not so good at writing equations outside of word The first line is the question. It justs says ' Solve'.
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    Finding all the Zeros of a Polynomial Equation (already solved for two zeros)

    Hi everyone, I cannot seem to figure out how derive the last two zeros of the equation. Directions read 'Solve' : 3x^4 - 4x^3 + 23x^2 - 36x - 36 = 0, given that one zero is 2/3 Using the given zero, I plugged -2/3 into synthetic division which resulted in a remainder of 0, so I changed...
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    Can this limit problem be solved?

    I can't solve this limit problem from my textbook and Wolphram-Alpha doesnt give it a solution course, although the answer it posts is 1. So I'm wondering if this perhaps can not be solved and the answer 1 can only be achieved by mechanically inputting values? The problem is...
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    Is this equation Correct and can it be simplified/ solved for Vmax

    Good day to you all, I have the following fixed values: -Acceleration = 1000 mm/s2 - (Aa) Deceleration = -400 mm/s2 - (Ad) Total Distance = 450 mm - (St) Time is totally variable/infinite and not a factor The object starts from velocity(u1) and accelerates a distance (Sa)to reach a...
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    3 dice probability (already solved but still having a hard time understanding)

    with a throw of 3 dice, what is the probability of getting a 9 or an 11? The answer is 52/216 Here is the solution posted I am having really great difficulty in understanding what all the table parameters mean. I also don't know how to get those values on the table. maybe you can guide me...