1. H

    Flexible math software that can run multiple processes together - suggestions?

    I’ve been looking for a certain type of software that can handle multiple things in the same file such as code (C or Python will do), diagrams (graphs, charts, instruments…), documentation (text editing), and mathematical functions. This format is very important for me because I need these...
  2. I

    List of Example Equations For Problem Solving Software?

    I'm currently working on an application for a class that will calculate: Intercepts Critical points Inflection points Asymptotes for an equation entered in by a user. So far, the following types are allowed to be entered: Numbers (Both integer and decimal) Addition/Subtraction...
  3. B

    Free statistical software for cluster analysis

    Hi there! I wondered whether anyone could tell me of a reliable, free, easy to use statistical software package for cluster analysis?
  4. G

    Software to Compute Parallelogram Law Summations

    Hi all. I am looking for a software that can compute Parallelogram Law summations the way I have shown in the image below. Can any one make some recommendations or help me point to a free tool online that makes these summations. The reason I am asking for this is because the orbits determined...
  5. C

    sophisticated graphing software online

    hi fellas, i need to graph an equation with large mathematical constants ranging from the order of 10^-34 to 10^34.. i tried with with desmos first but it seems to fail with the higher orders. can you suggest me other good softwares for graphing? or i would be more happy if anyone of you can...
  6. T

    Wanted: Online / Free Software Calculator For Limit Formulas. Create Tables-Graphs

    Can you advise of a website or free software application where I can access a scientific calculator the capability to solve a function such as f(x) = (x^2 -1) / (ln x + x+1 ) where I can enter the function and then enter any variable for x, without having to re-enter the function each time...
  7. E

    3D geometry drawing tool, CAD like (looking for-)

    I would like to draw geometric shapes and curves in 3D in order to get a better spatial intuition for the math describing such a system. If you know about Sketchup, that's how easy to use I'd like it to be. But with the ability to draw smooth and exactly specified curves, to specify and measure...
  8. A

    Best tablet+software to replace spiral notebooks+texts

    Hey all, I have a conundrum. I have a back injury and am in several math-heavy classes at once. Carrying all of the spiral notebooks and textbooks around is starting to hurt me. It's costing me a significant amount per month. I'm also dysgraphic, making my handwriting difficult to read and my...
  9. N

    Effective use of Antivirus Software

    If you look quality and effective antivirus software here so you are in perfect direction. Because here we provide the best and usable software with track version. Here you will find some branded software with reasonable price with technical use of this software. Our products are based on –...
  10. A

    Grapher [mobile software]

    Hello for all. I'm a mobile application developer, and I want to introduce you useful tool for Android phones and tablets - mathematical function grapher. It supports standard graphs y=f(x) and x=f(y), parametrical graphs x=f(t);y=g(t) and graphs in polar coordinate system r=f(φ) and φ=f(r)...
  11. I

    Gnu/Linux software: Calculus, Algebra, Graphing

    Hi. I'm taking Calc II right now. I haven't done anything more advanced like statistics classes or anything. I use my TI-89 ALOT, in particular for calculating derivatives and integrals, and to get simplifications of algebraic and trigonometric functions. (Usually to double check solutions I've...
  12. Paze

    Sketch software

    Hey. I've got a bamboo tablet and I've been using SmoothDraw to draw all my math so far. However I'm getting pretty tired of it since it keeps bugging and I can't draw straight lines (uncomfortable for geometry). Anyone got any good free sketch programs that are good for math? :)
  13. Kaloda

    Polyhedra Illustrator Software

    Hi. Does anyone know a software for illustrating 3D Figures , polyhedra to be specific. One that is interactive, that is to say, the figure can be rotated, zoomed, etc. I very much need it for my research study defense. Price is the least of concern. Thank you!
  14. Z

    Interactive Geometry Software Discussion

    I've been using GSP (Geometer's Sketchpad) for some time. There's a lot to like about it, but I find more and more shortcomings. I wish I could enter a vector in an input line or "algebra window," for instance, and see an arrow appear on the screen. I also wish I could work in 3D without...
  15. Paze

    Offline advanced math software?

    Hey. My first thread here so I hope I'm in the right spot. I've been using Mathematica for my assignments but for finals we cannot use the internet (connection shuts off) so I was wondering if there's any software like that or close that can be used offline? If not, what do you guys use for...
  16. O

    Formula Calculator - Free Math software for MacOSX.

    I have made a Formula Calculator for MacOSX that I am giving away for free for anyone interested in Math. I have made a short Video presentation of it: ​ (Best is to view in full-screen or larger view. Resolution at least 480p). Choose english captions on the "cc"...
  17. M

    Voip Billing Software

    VoIP Billing software is the backbone of any VoIP service provider to make their billing process smooth and easy for their clients. That’s why a advance technology in billing software is always required in a complete VoIP solution. VoIP call is the most cost efficient method to call...
  18. E

    Software for graphing

    Hi. Just wondering what people's favorite packages were for graphing functions, plotting etc. I usually use derive as it seems to be quite easy to use. Recently started using R also. I know its good for plotting points... Is it good for functions also? I'm new to it.
  19. Z

    what is Best software for math?

    hello! friend i want to know that what is the best software for math solving that shows stepsmatlab mathcad mathematica bagatrix mapple and some otheresi used just bagatrix and i found it good but someone told me about other softwares and now i m here to know what is best all among them?Whats...
  20. A

    What software to type here

    Hi; Like the title says what software do you use to type here. Thanks.