1. A

    line with slope

    Line with slope of 1/2 passing through (2,-4)
  2. L

    Finding Coordinates of a Slope

    A lines passes through the point (1,-3). State the coordinates of one other point on the line so that the slope of the lines is: a. 4 b. undefined c. (3/4) Please help. What's the formula to solve this? Thanks.
  3. V

    slope of tangent line to polar curve

    Find the slope of the tangent line to the polar curve for the given value of \theta r=1/\theta; \theta=2
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    I need an idea to calculate the slope. A numerical value. See the attachment
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    Slope of polar curve

    Find the slope of the polar curve at the indicated point. r=8(1+cos theta) theta=pi/4 I must be doing it wrong because I took the derivative of r and got: dr/dtheta = -8sin theta= -4 radical 2. The answer is 1-radical 2 Whats my error?
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    Secant Line Slope Formula

    Im stuck on this problem and don't know what to do. Using the formula for the slope of a secant line passing through two points on a curve f(x+h)-f(x)/h determine this secant line slope formula for the function f(x)=3x^2-5x. Yu must simplify your result algebraically.
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    Slope of a secant line

    Hey guys im having problems with this question Consider the graph of the function f(x)=-5x^2+3x. Determine the slope of the secant line passing though the two points of the graph when x=1 and x=3. Determine the equation of the line passing through the two points.
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    Slope of a secant line

    f ' (x) 4 step process When you do the f ' (x) what exactly does this represent?
  9. M

    slope of a line

    what is the slope of a vertical line ? is it minus infinity or plus infinity??
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    Real World Problem - Integrating Slope Data!

    Hi, I am a bit confused on the meaning of "slope" and the first and second derivatives. I have an inclinometer that measures its angular orientation with respect to pure vertical, and it is traveling on a small cart up a beam that is compressed. The shape of the compressed beam can be...
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    How to get a slope?

    Hi all: I have a stupid question: can I get dy/dx from f(x,y)=c without solving it (c is a constant). Can I take partial derivative with respective x for both sides to get dy/dx? More specific, my equation is 1/xy+1/(1-y)=c. Or is there a better way to get dy/dx at two solutions? Thanks! Simon
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    slope problem

    given: A(2,-2) B (5,3) c ( -5,9) prove ABC i s a right triangle using the slope formula slope of ab = 3 - -2/ 5 - 2 and i got 5/3 slope of bc = 9 -3 / -5 - 5 and i got 6/-10 this doesnt look right can someone tell me what i did wrong?
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    slope of the tangent line?

    I am struggling with this problem: Find the slope of the tangent line to the graph of the function below at the point (2, -23). g(x) = 5 - 7x2
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    Finding an equation that is tangent to a curve and whose slope is a max.

    a) Find an equation of a line that is tangent to the curve f(x)=2cos3x and whose slope is a maximum. b) Is this the only possible solution? Explain. If there are other possible solutions, how many solutions are there? For a.. I know how to find the tangent of a curve at x=something.. but...
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    For what x value does the tangent of the graph of f(x) = xe^2x have a slope = 0?

    I said f'(x) = m = 0 = 2xe^2x ---> x = 0/(2xe^2x) = 0 Is this right?
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    finding slope

    Given that triangle ABC has points, A(8,2), B(0,6), and C(-3,2), point C can be moved along a certain line with points A and B remaining stationary, and the area of ΔABC will not change. What is the slope of that line? (It says the answer in my book which is -\frac {1}{2})
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    Differential Slope Field Help

    Consider the differential equation dy/dx=xy^2 A) on the axes provided sketch a slope field for the given differential equation at the nine points indicated [(-1,-1) (-1,0) (-1,1) (0,-1) (0,0) (0,1) (1,-1) (1,0) (1,1)] B)find the general solution of the given differential equation in terms of...
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    given that g is a linear function with slope =-4 and g (-2)=2, write the equation tha

    given that g is a linear function with slope =-4 and g (-2)=2, write the equation that defines g. need ur help guys...i'm completely lost
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    Finding the slope given X^5sin(x) when X=.58?

    So I am supposed to find the slope, m I presume. Anyways, I tried to get the derivative using the quotient rule. THat is: (f * 'g) - (g * 'f) So: X^5*Sin(X) (x^5)(Cos(X)) = (Sin(X))(5x^4) But when X=.58 I got a super tiny answer. I believe the answer was 0.3something...