1. A

    Find the slope of the tangent line on f at x=1

    So I'm studying for my first calculus exam, and this problem has me stumped for hours now. I've used the formula of lim h-->0 f(x+h)-f(x) / h It becomes so complicated and confusing as I try to multiply by the conjugate to remove the radicals in the numerator, it just never simplifies to a...
  2. O

    Quadratic function slope

    Hi, I hope someone can give me some rationale behind why quadratic functions have a slope difference that is the same throughout the whole function? e.g. the slope between f(1) and f(2) is 3 and the slope between f(3) and f(2) is 5... and 5 - 3 = 2 (which is the same slope distance when...
  3. N

    Unusual pattern between R2 and Slope for standardized variables

    Hi – I have about a half million different time series that I’m trying to analyze for linear correlation with time. Since my x varies in single digits and y in millions, I’m standardizing both to z-scores and then calculating R2 and Slope. I realize that using z-scores limits the slope range...
  4. X

    tangent of slope

    Find the slope of tangent line to curve that is intersection to the surface z= (x^2) - (y^2) with plane x =2 , at point (1,2,3) The ans given by the author is only ∂z / ∂y = -2 Why there's also slope of ∂z/∂x ? Btw, i have sketched out the diagram .....The slope can be both ∂z / ∂y and ∂z/∂x ...
  5. S

    Slope of a Straight Line

    Hello, I am learning about the straight line and understand what the terms "rise" and "run" represent very well. I also understand how they are derived from the points positions in the plane. I really do not understand why the slope of a straight line is defined as "rise over run". How come is...
  6. S

    What is the slope of the line according to the equation

    Ok. I have been doing this all week long. However this problem has me stuck. Do I use the formula y = mx +b on this problem. I have a couple other problems like this, so if you could explain this problem on how you got what you did, I would appreciate it so I could do my other problems as well.
  7. M

    Linear Functions: slope and equation of line

    Hey everyone! I have 2 math tests coming up in the next couple weeks. The teacher provided us with some practice tests and i am having trouble with some questions. For now i will one and add more later on. Thank you in advance to everyone taking their time to reply. Question: Find the...
  8. A

    slope intercept form

    Hi; I know the form y= mx + c, but is this the same y = m(x + constant) + c.
  9. F

    Finding the slope

    I am in need of help with this process. Find the slope of the function y = ln{x/(x+3)} at x = 2 I am really looking at the process not the answer any help would be great. Thanks
  10. M

    Calculating Percentage of Slope

    I am looking for a formula to determine percentage of slope of a hill. For example If I stretch a string for a horizontal distance of 10 feet And the vertical drop is 5 feet at the end of the string What percentage slope do I end up with? Can someone provide the formula to calculate this?
  11. M

    Question on point slope formula problem

    it was my understanding that the point slope formula was: y-y1 = m(x-x1) Why then, in the solution book have they chosen to use y2 and x2 values in place of y1 and x1? Does it matter which points you choose, or is it meerley two different mathematical models. Thank you for help.
  12. B

    Functions and slope of tangent?

    Hello, For the function f(x)=2x3+3x2 , determine the point(s) on the curve where the slope of the tangent is 36. I am getting (-1,1) but I'm not sure if I am even in the ball park?
  13. A


    Please find missing slope. ( 2, y ) and (-7, 3) ; m = 3/4 ( -1, 5) and ( x, 4) ; m = -3 Any help will be appreciated
  14. R

    Slope = Gradient

    Why does slope mean the same as gradient? Why do math teachers use the word slope far more than they do the word gradient?
  15. R

    Variable m is a Slope

    Why is m in the equation y = mx + b called a slope? Why is m accepted by worldwide mathematicians as the symbol for slope or gradient?
  16. R

    Gradient = Slope = Derivative

    The derivative is the slope. What about when the derivative is a function? For example, y = 3x^2. y ' = 6x. Is 6x the slope or the general slope for any point on the graph of the given function?
  17. Jason76

    Slope and Partial Derivative

    \sqrt{4 - x^{2} - 4y^{2}} f_x = \dfrac{1}{2} (2x)\dfrac{1}{\sqrt{4 - x^{2} - 4y^{2}}} f_x = x\dfrac{1}{\sqrt{4 - x^{2} - 4y^{2}}} f_x = (1)\dfrac{1}{\sqrt{4 - (1)^{2} - 4(0)^{2}}} f_x = (1)\dfrac{1}{\sqrt{3}} ??
  18. W

    Can anyone help with finding the slope of a tangent curve?

    I have been studying the process and my instructor uses MyMathLab for homework. I have been stuck on one problem for almost an hour now because the "see example" section goes from the formula to immediately solve the portion that I have no idea how to get the answer they got and therefore cannot...
  19. maxpancho

    Slope in between m and -1/m

    How do I find a function of m to find this slope?
  20. S

    Is there a way to see if the slope is negative?

    Or do you just have to imagine it? I mean something like this: Line k passes through the points (2,14) and (50,-10), what is the equation? I find these things easy, but I don't understand one thing so my answer turned out wrong. I did it like this: k:y = mx + b and m = y2 - y1 / x2 - x1 So it...